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How would Vern and his bf react if they met satan and natalie from satan and me the webcomic? :p I'm curious, or if they meet tobias and guy from the t&g webcomic

I think it would be on a situational basis but he would probably hopefully be off to a good start with everyone lmao

(oh man I love all these characters and now I am reminded of the fanart I was supposed to make for all of them THIS QUICK COMIC IS A DISGRACE I’LL COME UP WITH SOMETHING NICER-LOOKING NEXT TIME HHH)

(also T&G by tohdaryl, Stan and Nat by thisiskindagross and Belial and Reno by captainhanni)

“I live in a diverse area, and the few Pocahontas and Mulan items that are in stock at the Disney store (and Jasmine, Tiana, and Big Hero 6 items, to a lesser degree) sell out almost instantly. It annoys me, as Pocahontas and Mulan are my favorite characters. Why doesnʻt Disney make more merchandise for the POC characters when thereʻs such a high demand for it?”

So here’s a thing that’s been on my mind for a few days and I just really want to say it: Bioware may not be perfect and their portrayals may not be perfect either, but they at least put women in their games. They at least try. As a kid growing up I remember being perpetually disappointed in the fact that I could never play as a female character or that the female characters in a given game were either unrelatable or damsels-in-distress. Bioware’s games were seriously the first games I ever played that allowed me to choose my character and how I wanted to interact with others. And on top of that they gave me interesting and problematic female NPCs. Bioware still has a long way to go, but they are trying and I’m not going to fault them for that. Unlike fucking Ubisoft (I’m forever bitter about Assassin’s Creed).