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Mark Gmehling on Behance

  Character Design, Graffiti Arts


If you like graffiti, you will definitely love Mark’s 3d graffiti designs. With some unique style of creating 3d characters Mark’s designs and animations will inspire you right away. Mark started with graffiti/street art and later studied art and communication design. Mark’s been working with Cinema 4d for about 8 years now and he’s specialized in Character design- animation and rigging. He keeps his sketchbook handy and scribbles handmade sketches and finally converts them into 3d renders. I bet you will love his designs and his 3d characters, so do visit his website markgmehling.weebly.com for more. Also enjoy some of his animations embedded in this post.

It was a life tainted by villainy and vice, but looking back, someone was always there for me. Gray, Jellal, Meredy… It was more happiness than someone like me deserved. And yet, i didn’t realize. I spent my time and my life on foolish things. But its not too late, I’ll sacrifice the rest of my time for those who are dear to me!

Character: The Doctor
Appears in: Doctor Who franchise
Commonly Interpreted as: Straight

But Really: In the new series of Doctor Who, the ninth Doctor was written as an asexual man. In fact, most of the Doctors have been written as asexual. The tenth Doctor was written as caring very deeply for his companion Rose Tyler. Arguably the two fell in love.

The tenth and tleventh Doctors meet a woman from the 51st century named River Song. She flirts with The Doctor a whole lot and he also flirts back. It turns out the two are married, though that marriage is also part of a larger plot.

In the episode titled “Boom Town,” the ninth Doctor flirts with Captain Jack Harkness. In the episode titled “The Shakespeare Code,” the tenth Doctor reciprocates when William Shakespeare flirts with him. In the episode, Time of the Doctor,” the eleventh Doctor mentions that he once “built himself a boyfriend.”

It seems quite clear to me that The Doctor is a biromantic asexual person. He clearly develops very strong emotional and romantic attachments to people. But he’s also generally quite uncomfortable around anything too sexual. When Madame Pompadour kisses him in the episode “The Girl in the Fireplace,” The tenth Doctor seems more surprised than seduced.

The eleventh Doctor is the closest the character has ever come to being written as sexual. He has a few quips here and there where he implies he’s had sex before. Though even then, some asexual people have had sex.

In conclusion: The Doctor is biromantic and asexual.

Disclaimer: I am not asexual. If I have used some problematic language or ideas, please feel free let me know in an ask. I might not see it if you add it as a comment and reblog this.

Also, I’m aware I may have left some things out. There is just too much Who to cover everything.