Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

This moment is a really interesting one to me, where Loki dives to protect Jane when the Aether explodes, despite that they’ve hardly exchanged any words in the movie, they barely even look at each other.  Loki has no reason to care about Jane… aside from that she’s important to Thor.

I do think there’s some element of how Loki’s instincts are still good ones, to protect people, when he doesn’t have time to think about it, when he just reacts.  Not as much as there used to be, but it’s there.  That doesn’t mean he won’t still do horrible things, but you do have to hand it to him that he protects her twice, while Thor is turned away from them and wouldn’t have known if Loki had ducked the other way and let her face it or gotten killed.

You could argue that he did it because he knew Jane would tell Thor later (though, she doesn’t) or that he’s playing some other game, but I think that’s reaching.

Instead, I think he did it because he’s spent pretty much all of the trip to Svartalfheim needling Thor and trying to get reactions out of him and feeling the distance between them and finally getting called out on his bullshit, finally really feeling how distant Thor is from him, not just because of anger, but because he cannot trust Loki anymore, cannot allow Loki close to him anymore.  And, for all that Loki would never admit it, would push things all the harder because he doesn’t want to admit it even to himself, I think he misses Thor on a bone-deep level and so he instinctively dives to protect the person that he knows Thor cares about.

Loki’s gotten himself in deep emotional shit here, people are angry at him and he can’t just needle them out of it, he can’t make his “I’m a stinker, but you love me anyway, right? :>”  faces and skate out of it (despite that he would never let it end at that, either), this is where Loki works the best, I feel—when he actually has to work a little to regain some ground, when he’s not entirely trusted, but it’s clear that he’s still loved anyway.

And that’s why you see him dive to protect another person (twice!), despite that Loki doesn’t give a shit about Jane.  Because he wants to make it up to Thor, wants to do something to bring back Thor’s investment in him.  There’s no hard canon to what’s driving Loki in these moments, these are my interpretations, of course, but it makes absolutely perfect sense to me!


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TITLE: On his knees


AUTHOR: armadillo pie

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki calling you and asking you to bail him out of jail. Once you get to his cell, you tell him to bow and tell you he loves you. Loki blushes and refuses, but eventually does it. Little do you know he was so flustered because he actually is in love with you.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Some language

You groan and roll over in bed, arm flopping blindly around for your cell phone.  After knocking a few other things off the bedside stand, you finally find your target.  You sit up, rub the sleep out of your eyes, and attempt to focus on the brightly lit screen as your ringer continues to sound obnoxiously.

"Who the fuck is calling me at," you glance at the corner.  "Three in the morning?  You have to be fucking kidding me."

It’s an unfamiliar number.  You get even more pissed, which seems to kill the last of your sleepiness.  You finally answer the phone, determined to give them hell for waking you from a sound sleep.

"Who the hell is this?" You demand.

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Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

Jesus Christ, this fucking moment.  The actual and entirely real fear on Loki’s face always gets me, as he’s being sucked into that detonating dark matter bomb (or whatever it is) and there’s no way he can break away from it, it’s lifting him up off the ground and there’s absolutely nothing to hold onto and he absolutely would have been sucked into that thing and crushed if Thor hadn’t saved him.

And, ugh, I have approximately eighty different feelings about how Thor saves Loki, like… this isn’t like what happened on the Bifrost, the feeling of falling versus being sucked horizontally into something are completely different, but goddamn.

Thor was able to save him this time.  For all the tragedy that happens afterwards, Thor still saved Loki in this moment, he didn’t hesitate, he was fast enough, he got there in time, he knocked them both out of the range of that dark matter bomb despite its incredible power.

They don’t really have time to process it, Thor really only has time to glance over and make sure Loki’s okay before they have more enemies to fight, and he can’t really think much on it later, because Loki will be “dead” by then, but this was still a moment that gave me a lot of feelings because it’s everything they used to be!  They used to be a team, you’ll never take that away from me, so when Loki gets into something he can’t claw his way out of on his own, that’s when his big brother is there to save him.

Despite the scrambling, clawing, awful terror of that moment, to be sucked into a dark matter bomb and you can’t do anything to pull yourself out of it or zip yourself away or even dig your fingers into something to hold on, imagine the solidity of Thor slamming into you and knocking you to safety, so that you’re pulled free of that thing’s gravity. Imagine, in that moment, that Loki was saved by Thor in a way that must have happened a thousand times before so, even if they’re at odds for so much of the time now, in that moment, they were brothers again, Thor had his eye on Loki and just absolutely DOVE to save him because he never wants Loki dead, and YOU CANNOT TAKE THAT FROM ME.