Can we take a moment to appreciate that, that bouncing blonde ball of cuteness was Emma Watson’s crush

Who wouldn’t love their own Quick Quotes Quill to write arduous essays? Or a Flying Ford Anglia to skip the traffic?  

We’ve been thinking about what our number one magical object would be, and the list below is our top twenty. Tell us your favourite and why, and let us know if we’ve left yours out!

1. Broomstick
2. Beaded Bag
3. Charmed Tent
4. Deluminator
5. Exploding Snap
6. Extendable Ears
7. Flying Ford Anglia
8. Invisibility Cloak
9. Marauder’s  Map
10. Magical Portraits
11. Omnioculars
12. Pensieve
13. Portkey
14. Quick Quotes Quill
15. Remembrall
16. Time-Turner
17. Two-way Mirror
18. Vanishing Cabinet
19. Weasley Family Clock
20. Wand

Hogwarts houses vs. Divergent Factions

I had such an interesting thought process about all this last night. So many people (including myself at one point) try to claim that certain factions line up with certain houses and vice versa. Sure, I believe there can be some correlations, but there is one big difference between factions and houses.

Houses are based off of traits and factions are based off of what you value or think is most important.

I will use myself as an example, because I have always had the HARDEST time figuring out my faction. At one point I thought I was Dauntless, then I thought I was Erudite, then I thought I was Dauntless again, but guess where I am now.. and it makes perfect sense for me. I’m Amity.

Now.. many people would look at me being a Slytherin/Gryffindor hatstall and be like.. what the hell… there is no way this girl is Amity.. but I am very much so Amity.

I am naturally resourceful, determined, brave, courageous, and selfless. I would fit Abnegation fine, but I know that I would hate that lifestyle. I have realized something about myself, and that is that I really just want peace. I want no drama ever. I use my traits of bravery, determination, resourcefulness, etc. to create peace in a NON-VIOLENT way. This is the huge thing for me. I thought I was Dauntless because I wanted to fight for peace.. but I don’t really want to physically fight. I am a dancer, but otherwise, I wouldn’t say I am normally coordinate, weapons sort of freak me out, and I don’t think I could actually physically harm a person.. This is the kicker. In a weird ass way, Dauntless and Amity want the same thing, but they just have a different way of getting there. Hell, the whole point of the faction system is for there to finally be peace.. but I think the way to gain peace is to be nice to people, to be accepting, to forgive. I am big on forgiveness, I have only held like two grudges my entire life. It is really hard for me to even try to hold a grudge.

I also think the Amity are incredibly free. I used to think Dauntless were, because they could be free with their physical expression (tattoos, piercings, etc).. but Amity are free in a different way.. in a way I crave. They are the only artists left in the Divergent world, and they are always happy. I just want to be happy. Drama stresses me out so bad. I know a lot of people crave it, but I don’t. I just want people to get along all the time. 

My whole point with this text post is this: You can determine someone’s faction just based off the sterotypes of their Hogwarts house.

Everyone in each Hogwarts houses uses their natural skill sets for different reasons. I know so many people automatically assume Gryffindors are reckless and impulsive, but I am not. I use my bravery and courageousness for different reasons. You can’t just think of the stereotypes all the time.. yeah.. The brave go to Dauntless, but it is about how you use your bravery, not the fact that you are actually brave. Think about what you value, not about your natural skill set when choosing a faction. Everyone in the real world is Divergent, so you are going to have a lot of traits.. I am just trying to say that you can have a brave Amity, but they are not going to act like a brave Dauntless. It is just like Dumbledore told Harry, it is all about our choices with how we handle things. It isn’t even about our natural abilities.

Houses and factions can correlate, but they do not define each other. 

I’m Bleeding, Love

Request for a one shot where Fred and George are like brothers to you (nothing romantic) and Draco uses sectumsempra on you for some reason and Fred and George find you and calm you down and take you to the hospital wing and just fluff please :)

Warnings: Sectumsempra is used

A/N: Characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling

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You were in a very cheerful mood this afternoon. For some magical reason, you didn’t fail that exam you took in runes. Not to mention your quidditch team was just starting to pick up the new plays.

“Alright guys, I want you to head off to the showers. Try not to go too crazy tonight as the big game is coming tomorrow,” Harry announced.

“Like that will happen,” Fred nudged you. “You still on for sneaking out tonight?”

“I wouldn’t miss it,” you smiled. “I am just going to shower quickly, and I’ll come right out.”

“Don’t keep us waiting too long,” George teased as you walked into the locker room. The locker room was surprisingly empty; perhaps everyone went to shower back in the castle. You started removing your shoulder pads when you heard a loud sound coming from the opposite end of the locker room.

“Hello?” you called, when no one responded you continued. “If this is a prank George I’m not falling for it.” You removed the other shoulder pad when you heard footsteps coming toward you.

“Well, fancy finding you here,” you heard a cool voice directly behind you and shivered.

“Draco,” you frowned. “Don’t you have somewhere else to be rather than spying on people in the locker room?”

“Oh I’m not here for that,” Draco chuckled. You turned around to face him. If only you didn’t leave your wand in your bedroom.

“I’m not going to tell you our plays,” you answered coldly. Much to your displeasure, Draco grabbed your arm and pulled you closer. You wanted to scream, but the wand pointed into your side suggested otherwise.

“Oh shut up Y/N. I don’t want to know about your bloody plays. I’m here to take you out,” Draco hissed. Your blood ran cold. “Oh I’m not going to kill you if that’s what you’re so afraid of. I’m just going to take you out of the picture, temporarily of course.”

“Please don’t do this,” you begged and you felt a sharp pain shoot through your body. Something was oozing down your legs, arms, and stomach.

“I already have,” Draco whispered before shoving you to the ground. The pain came full force now and you screamed out. You felt the life draining from you and your vision was beginning to blur. You were so cold.

“Y/N! Where are you? What’s wrong,” you heard a voice that sounded faintly like George. “Fred! Come quickly.” You felt your head being lifted up and could make out it was a face.

“George…Draco,” you replied. Your voice barely above a whisper.

“Draco did this?” you felt George tense then relax again. You heard another set of footsteps approaching.

“What did Draco do?” Fred asked.

“Draco did this to her. I’m not sure what spell this is,” George informed. “Will you help me carry her?”

“Y/N’s losing a lot of blood George,” Fred added as he cradled your legs. “I’m sorry that this is going to hurt.” The moment they lifted you up, the pain intensified so badly that you passed out.

You awoke to Fred and George sitting on your hospital bed. When you tried to sit up, you felt a light hand coax you back down.

“That would not be a good way to start the morning,” Fred joked. “Trust us. With all the cuts you have you don’t want to move.”

“I was out all night?” you inquired. “Oh, Harry is going to kill me for missing the game.”

“Nah the game got cancelled,” George shrugged. “Something about the Slytherin keeper getting a bad stomach ache this morning. He threw a nasty fit to postpone the game and here we are.”

You raised an eyebrow at them,

“What a coincidence. Well, I guess he got his just desserts.”

“You could say that,” Fred winked only to be elbowed by George.

“I wanted to thank you both for not letting me bleed to death in the locker room,” you smiled. “I was surprised George couldn’t lift me on his own.”

“ You almost died and you want to tease me? Look I was in shock,” George stammered.

“I doubt you could lift more than fifty pounds George,” Fred teased. George crossed his arms causing you to laugh for a brief moment before the pain of your cuts overwhelmed your desire to laugh. You let out a low moan in pain.  Fred and George took notice and ended their banter.

“We’ll continue this debate another time. We’ll come back a little later. You rest up for us alright,” George tucked you into your blankets.

“We’d normally hug you, but that seems like a horrible idea. We’ll just bring you some chocolate when we come back,” Fred reassured. You nodded in agreement and shut your eyes. What would you do without your little jokesters?

  • Operator:How can I help?
  • Me:Hi, yes I'd like to report a murder.
  • Operator:yoU SHIP THEM tOo??
Stressed Spelled Backwards is Desserts

Hello again! I was hoping you could do me another one shot… one of draco being an arse at first because he was angry about something earlier in the day and taking it out on y/n, and then making her upset on the verge of tears he tries to fix what he’d just done, and yeah .~.

Warnings: None

A/N: Characters from the Potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling 

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You heard the bell ding in the bustling Hogwarts kitchen and knew that your delicious cookies were ready. Nothing could brighten a gloomy, rainy day like your homemade chocolate chip cookies. After waving and thanking all the house elves, you made your way down to the slytherin common room. No one loved your cookies more than Draco, and you were positive he would want to be the first to have one. You were humming a happy tune as you made your way down the stairs and opened the door to Draco’s room.  

“Draco I made-“ you were cut off.

“Not now Y/N can’t you see that I’m busy,” Draco hissed. You took a good long look at him, he had bags under his eyes and his hair was wild. When you scanned the room, you noticed there were several odd objects strewn around the floor. His room was never this disorganized. What was going on?

“Draco, did you want to talk about what’s going on here,” you continued, trying to ignore his sour mood.

“Are you really that oblivious to the fact that I’m busy!” Draco shouted walking towards his desk and throwing the papers off. “I don’t have time for this.”

“I just figured that I would um,” you mumbled. Draco never acted this way before. Sure Draco could be rude to others, but he always had a soft spot when it came to you regardless of what was happening.

“You figured you’d just waltz in here, and I would make time for you?” Draco exclaimed. “The world doesn’t revolve around you Y/N. I can’t just stop and make time for-“ You didn’t bother listening and ran out of the room dropping your cookies in the process. The tears were starting to blind you as you ran up the stairs. How dare he talk to you like that. Didn’t he know how much you loved him and appreciated him? Just as you were halfway back to your common room, you felt a hand on your shoulder.

“Wait, Y/N,” you were surprised to see it was Draco. You wanted to pull away. You didn’t want him to yell at you again,

“I know that you’re busy. I got the message loud and clear.”

“Look I’m sorry for being a jerk to you. I’m under a lot of pressure right now, but that doesn’t mean I can be rude to you,” Draco confessed. “Can you forgive me, please?” You looked him over. He genuinely looked sorry, and you completely understood how stress could overwhelm your emotions.

“Alright,” you replied. “Just don’t do it again.”

“I promise I won’t,” Draco echoed. “You’ll be happy to know I salvaged your cookies.”

“You did?” you asked.

“Yeah, I wasn’t going to waste my princess’ cookies,” Draco laughed. “Sweets for my sweet.” You turned bright red as Draco put his arm around your waist and led you back to his room.

“Promise me after you’ll get some sleep,” you begged.

“Fine. Just promise me you’ll come back afterwards,” Draco requested.

“I’ll always come back Draco,” you kissed his cheek. “Always.”  

eclecticdetective asked:

I would love a wand analysis or two if that's ok with you! My friend is a Ravenclaw INTJ, and her wand is Elder with Dragon Core, 12.5 inches, unyielding. I am a Slytherin ENFJ, and mine is Cypress with unicorn hair, 10.25 inches, surprisingly swishy.


Elder: This wand always chooses someone who values intelligence. They are marked out for a special destiny. It takes a very special wizard to get this wand.

Dragon core: This core is the most powerful core, but it causes the most accidents. It is good with elemental and defensive magic. It is most common among Slytherins, and it learns faster than any other core. 

12 ½ inches: This means your friend is either average height with a larger personality, or they are taller with a more subtle personality. The larger the personality, the more dramatic the spell-casting style and vice versa.

Unyielding: This means your friends is very stubborn and not easily swayed away from their beliefs. This wand will take awhile to warm up to her, but once it does, it will remain extremely loyal.

How this relates to her house: This wand is super common among Ravenclaws, since it chooses someone who values intelligence over anything. This means that your friend might also have an ambitious streak, because this wand is one of the most powerful. She is probably very intelligent and determined.

Fun facts: Those with Elder wands are compatible with those who have Rowan. This means that if she finds someone with a Rowan wand, they might be her life partner.


Cypress: This wand always chooses someone who is brave, bold, and will die a heroic death. This person is very self-sacrificing, and is abnormally courageous. 

Unicorn core: This core is the most common core, but it performs the most consistent magic. It is good at healing magic and Charms. It is most common among Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws.

10.25 inches: This means that you are probably shorter or have a more subtle personality type (I’m imagining you are just short since you’re an extrovert). I doubt you would have a dramatic spell-casting style.

Surprisingly swishy: This means that you are open-minded. This wand will warm up to you quickly. You are very adaptable, just like your wand.

How this relates to your house: I find this to be an odd wand for a Slytherin, since they are stereotypically self-preserved and wouldn’t necessarily be self-sacrificing.. however, Narcissa Malfoy is as Slytherin as they get, and she was very self-sacrificing for those she loved. You might also have some Gryffindor tendencies.

Fun facts: Remus Lupin’s wand was made of Cypress. 

How Don’t You Know

Sequel to How Will I Know (x)

Warnings: None

A/N: Characters in the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling

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“Don’t you ever ask me out on another date again!” you shouted.

“Come on Y/N, it wasn’t that bad,” your date replied.

“I’m not just a pawn in your dating games. I can’t believe you used me like that,” you growled.

“Come on baby I didn’t mean it. How about we have one more date,” your date asked.

“No, I am done with this. Consider this crush over,” you slammed the portrait door closed and slumped to the floor. It was rather late and you sighed in relief when you saw that the common room was empty, all save one. “I’m sorry you had to hear that.”

“Hey, don’t be apologizing to me. I want to know what went wrong,” Fred offered you a hand to help you up and led you to the warm fire. Fred didn’t interrupt as you explained how the whole night went. Your date spent the whole time staring at another Hufflepuff across the room. He couldn’t focus on your conversation.

“He just didn’t even see me. He was so enraptured by her,” you groaned. “At the end of our date, he even had the nerve to go up to her. Serves me right for thinking that a girl like me could date a guy like that.” Fred gave you the oddest look,

“Y/N stop right that. No person is out of your league. Any guy would be lucky to date a fantastic girl like you.”

“Look, if you’re just saying that to make me feel better, don’t,” you sighed. “I just don’t want any false hope.”

“Y/N, I’m not lying. You’re funny, smart, and beautiful. You have this passion that I’ve never seen in anyone whether it is sports or a class you like. You never give up when life knocks you off your broom,” Fred paused.  “I know plenty of guys who won’t approach you because you’re the full package. I would know as I’m one of those guys.” Your mouth opened in shock.

“You like me Fred?” you inquired.

“I never said anything because like I said, you’re the full package. You were so head over heels for that hufflepuff guy, and I just wanted you to be happy,” Fred admitted.

“You make me happy Fred more than that Hufflepuff crush ever did,” you leaned into the crook of his arm.

“You aren’t teasing me are you?” he questioned. You could sense from the tone of his voice that he was nervous. You’d never seen Fred intimidated, let alone by you.

“No, why would I be?” you replied. “I feel like an absolute fool for not seeing it before.” Fred tilted your head up to face him.

“Hey, don’t get down on yourself. I want you to be happy remember.” Fred kissed your forehead gently. “Tomorrow’s a new day.” You yawned,

“Do you mind if I start tomorrow with you?”

“Sure,” Fred pulled a blanket and covered the two of you. “Anything to make you happy.”

“Fred, how didn’t I know?” you asked as you shut your eyes.

“How does anyone know really,” Fred replied flickering the lights off before wrapping his arms around you.

Another way the HP movies messed up Ron was that they didn’t show him playing Quidditch in Order of the Phoenix. So in Half-Blood Prince, when he was at tryouts, it seemed that the only reason he got in was because Hermione Confunded McLaggen.

When you take into consideration that Ron’s poor self-esteem was a crucial part of his evolution in OOTP, this is really a blow to Ron. He worked so hard at Quidditch in OOTP, and when he saved all those goals in the final, it was a true measure of how far he had come. Saying that he only got in because someone else helped him is confirming his biggest fears - those of being inadequate and inferior.

Ron Weasley put himself under so much pressure and criticism. But the movies only show him as the stupid friend, and place any of his good qualities on Hermione. He deserves so much more, and you know what? He got all that by becoming himself.