The Darkest Minds Posters: Luke Mitchell as Cole Stewart.


 Eleanor Shepard had never been in a serious relationship before. That’s what she told herself so it’d hurt less. Either because of her career or clashing personalities, it never worked. She thought it’d never work. Married to your job, right? But somehow, even amidst the chaos the universe was going through, Kaidan stepped into her life. She had always sought adrenaline, danger, and her partners constantly reflected it. He was not like that. He was calm, in control. And yet she was drawn to him. How it happened, she can’t really tell; just that she doesn’t regret it one bit. 

 Nyreen Mahariel was always curious about humans. They had such odd customs, and she always wanted to know more. Yet by the time she actually had serious contact with them her feelings were quite far from curiosity. She was terrified, angry and miserable. So much was going on; she could never return home, never spend nights under the stars with Tamlen. She could never be Dalish again. When she first saw Alistair, he was just another tall, scary human. Once he spoke however, he didn’t sound that scary anymore. He made it easier. She still wonders how he does it, how he always brings a bit of sunshine when he speaks to her. But every time he does, she realizes it doesn’t matter.

 Marian Hawke never gave much thought to romance. Sure, she enjoyed reading and writing sappy love poems, but watching over the twins and their mother was constantly her first priority. Not that she ever had many suitors to start with. Meeting Fenris didn’t change how she felt. Not at first, at least. She never even realized when it started taking hold of her, a growing need to be around him. And Maker’s breath, she always messed something up, always said something she shouldn’t; Carver did say she was weak around elves. But Fenris didn’t judge. He was as awkward as she was; he was different from when he was with the others, kinder. It took her a long time to admit to herself that she was in love. And that she was loved back.

 Arya Lavellan took great care not to let her emotions get the better of her; it was something she always did, hide behind a cold face and controlled voice. Every now and then she’d change the tone, make a joke, flirt a little bit just to throw others off balance. Leave them wondering. However, after the conclave everything was harder. Cullen did nothing to help her focus; she’d find herself daydreaming, a tiny smile forming on the edge of her lips. Her thoughts were a mess, and it was outrageous. She could not allow it. She would not. But when she understood she had the same effect on him, that the usually collected and controlled commander stuttered and got flustered whenever she was close, then everything changed.

every time i see the word ‘nakama’ i get so angry

Niall has cancer, has for a bit now. ( possibly a flashback where he told his boyfriends? )Then, one day Niall falls asleep in Harry’s lap, and Zayn, Louis and Liam come home to find Harry hysterically crying, trying to wake Niall, and he just like won’t believe Niall die. The boys try to get Harry to let go of Niall, but no. He’s gone.


Meet Peter Wilson, Age 18

Bio: Essentially a newer and straighter Jonathan Groff, Peter has been a star on Broadway since the tender age of 8. He as since grown up in the (relatively dim) spotlight that gives him, and often skips class to go to auditions. His mother likes to tell him to keep his head on the ground, to stay humble and know his place in the world. He does, he knows exactly where he is. He also knows that he’s an attractive boy with a great voice who isn’t hurting for ladies. And with a successful career pretty much guaranteed for him, he’s not all that worried about school. He’s going to move to an apartment next year, and he’s been trying to get his girl to go with him. He’s not worried about a thing. Except, maybe he’s a little worried about his little sister, Nora. He knows how boys think, and he doesn’t want anyone thinking anything like that about her.

Best Friends: Grant Hughes, Hanna Flannery, Darren Sherwood

Girlfriend: Carmen Ricollo - they’re pretty perfect for each other. Like Galinda and Fiyero, really.

Enemies: Lizzie Grace - seriously, that girl’s just annoying, and she’s way too hung up on Darren

Crushing on: Hanna Flannery - Fiyero did always have other interests. She’s hot and flirty and why not? It’s not like he’s going to have Carmen forever, and eventually he’ll have to get serious and mature - eventually. But he could see himself settling down with a girl like her.

I’m watching BBC Sherlock on Netflix and I am reminded of how much I genuinely enjoyed Benedict Cumberbatch as an actor back in the beginning before he started *talking*.

Like his Sherlock is an unrepentant ass, that I never liked, but I admired BC so much and now… ehh I don’t particularly feel like consuming media that he’s in