Mortal Kombat is one of my favorite fighting games (well, games for that matter). I’m really stoked about Goro and the newcomers to Mortal Kombat X, but the recent announcement of Tremor as a DLC fighter alongside Predator and Jason has me all giddy. He looks great and appears to be exactly the type of character I’ve always wanted in an MK game. I remember playing the Special Forces game when I was younger and always wondered why they didn’t do more with Tremor! Glad to see he’s finally made a comeback.

Watched the Return. Probably won’t have time for Jailbreak until after we go to the gym and Best Buy.

Yellow Diamond has to be alerted of Rose’s… ‘condition’. I guess that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s super high status - she’s probably important just because she led a rebel army. And Jasper thinks Steven is Rose. We’re taking this Heir of Heart thing very literally. 

Pearl is defective… maybe because her gem isn’t shaped right? Garnet’s an indecent display… I’m assuming that’s because she’s fused? Yet other gems fuse for battle. How would Jasper know they’re a longterm fusion? Maybe her lack of mutations showed the difference. And Amethyst is ‘overcooked’… I wonder if Amethyst gems aren’t common, since they’re irradiated. Which brings me to my last point.

Greg explained that the war was pretty nasty. Rose was only able to save a few people with her shield. That implies a pretty broad ranged and indiscriminate attack.

The monsters they fight used to be gems. Gems get funky when they crack, but Lapis just lost some of her powers, and Amethyst’s bodily distortions weren’t the same as turning into a beast. In fact, many of the gems they claim from slain monsters don’t even look damaged. Pearl called them ‘corrupted’. Maybe there was the Gem equivalent of a ‘nuke’ or something (like I mentioned earlier) that functioned by corrupting all the gems within the blast radius and turning them into monsters. (A low tech version of Jasper’s gem disruptor?) That same energy might have irradiated Amethyst and turned her from whatever she was supposed to be into what she is now, since it seems like she didn’t hatch until after the war. (She wasn’t at the strawberry battle, anyway.) Maybe the other gems lost interest in Earth because they thought it was a wasteland populated only by mutated gems, and Lapis’s info convinced them otherwise. I still think there must be something going on in the Homeworld to spark their interest in rebooting the kindergarten. The question is what. 

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Все очень просто, есть проблема - действуй, не можешь решить - попроси помощи, не хочешь решать - смирись и не ной.

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وش حيث الأنون يسألون وحنا لا ض1 .. سؤالي لك يا أخت العرب .. أبطال إنميات ( شخصيات رئيسية ) أعجبوك , سواء بإنميات طويلة أو قصيرة, مع ذكر السبب / السبب مهم ض1 .. يارب سؤالي واضح ذذ

تو ما نور الآسك *^* ق1 ق1

وسؤال جميل … كجمالك ^^ ق1


يب فيه كثير أبطال انيميات أعجبوني و بعضهم دخلوا الفيفروت

أببدأ باللي دخلوا الفيفروت

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So I guess I’ll give you guys a little background info on these two. Obviously they’re twins, but they were separated when they were young. Burnaby was taken to an underground dwarven city and lived there for the next 300 years. Haldir on the other hand, thought Burnaby had been killed and stay living in the forest. Then, after 300 years, something happened (still trying to figure out what though haha ^_^; ) and they somehow found eachother. Now Haldir does her best to look after Burnaby and make sure she doesn’t get into trouble. So the reason Burnaby looks so different than Haldir is because their race is prone to deficiencies caused by lack of sunlight. Living underground for 300 years caused her to develop a poor immune system so she’s almost always sick and much more fragile than Haldir. And that’s all I have for now 👍