Alright well here’s my official Whangdoodle reference sheet!

Since he’s by definition based off a character from a book written by Mary Poppins, I can’t really say he’s an original character, but since he’s the only interpretation I’ve seen, I will keep him under the OC tag for everyone’s sake

If I remember correctly, the slippers rarely come off, his tail is tied into a knot, and being the king of the land, he is a magical and wonderful creature who can change into any color, so don’t worry about straying from the reference’s color scheme; it’s just based off his initial description from the book

People have asked me numerous times what Marie would have as an occupation. I’ve debated many things for her, and two ideas were some sort of confections server or something of the sort, or some bartender. These would probably relate in derp hijinks from time to time. 

But looking back more on it, I think she’d also like to be a writer. She’s not really use to seeing all sorts of human stuffs and feeling the way she does towards certain people (like a certain eye-patched boy~), so I figured she would write about almost every emotion and experience she’s been having while outside of demon world.