• <b>Grantaire:</b> Enjolras, I have decided that love is not just an open door and it is greater than just a door.<p><b>Enjolras:</b> That is very thought provoking Grantaire. If love is not an open door to you, what is it then? A free country? A plate of pork? An open bottle?<p><b>Grantaire:</b> My love for you is not an open door, but it is an open barricade.<p><b>Enjolras:</b> I know that you might have a metaphor going on, but an open barricade is no use. You would get shot or the enemy won't have to climb over the barricade to get into it, they can go through this 'open door.' Is this your way of telling me that the revolution isn't going to work?<p><b>Grantaire:</b> Just let it go, Enjolras.<p><b>Enjolras:</b> This is Combeferre's doing isn't it? He just wants to have that revolutionary coffee morning instead of a barricade. Maybe he just needs a fixer upper to change his attitude on the revolution, there are more important things than 'health and safety,' of a revolution.<p><b>Grantaire:</b> Why don't you just build a snowman instead of the barricade? For the first time in forever, why don't you just listen to Combeferre?<p><b>Enjolras:</b> Because Combeferre has no right to decide to have a bake sale in the name of the republic, because he can't bake and he uses store bought cakes.<p><b>Grantaire:</b> The horror of it. I don't know how Combeferre can live with himself after committing that crime.<p><b>Enjolras:</b> Thank you for being understanding.<p>