"At the Barriere du Maine there are marble-workers, painters, and journeymen in the studios of sculptors. They are an enthusiastic family, but liable to cool off. I don’t know what has been the matter with them for some time past. They are thinking of something else. They are becoming extinguished. They pass their time playing dominoes. There is urgent need that some one should go and talk with them a little, but with firmness. They meet at Richefeu’s. They are to be found there between twelve and one o’clock. Those ashes must be fanned into a glow. For that errand I had counted on that abstracted Marius, who is a good fellow on the whole, but he no longer comes to us. I need some one for the Barriere du Maine. I have no one."


HI THERE! I am alive and well, even though it really didn’t seem anything like it for the past two months— it’s always so difficult to tell how bad the semester’s coursework will be until you actually find yourself knee-deep in the middle of it, and then you realize it is a festering swamp of responsibilities and assignments that is drowning you and also is probably giving you tetanus. Every day I was like “ugh but I really want to update with something!” and then I would get home at like 10PM and collapse with exhaustion.

So because I am rotting from the inside out with school, here is a sketch of Marius being very responsible with his theoretical frameworks, even in what ought to be pretty stressful circumstances. Enjolras is having none of it. YES all the jokes on this blog are forever going to be horrifying grad school jokes, NO I neither enjoy nor endorse it, but also I am slowly losing all ability to do or be any other way! Please send help. IT IS AS PAINFUL FOR ME AS IT IS FOR YOU

Les Amis Movie Headcanons

- Enjolras likes to watch political films that have a powerful message behind them and most (if not all) of them have won AT LEAST one Oscar. He’s also really fond of ‘Shrek’.

- Grantaire is all about Christmas films except when it’s actually Christmas. He knows every single word to ‘Elf’.

- Combeferre watches indie films like ‘Harold and Maude’ and anything directed by Hal Hartley. Courf calls him a hipster; he calls Courf an insufferable twat.

- Courfeyrac knows every Disney film by heart and arguably has the largest collection this side of France (He also may or may not have caught Enjolras watching ‘The Princess and the Frog’ and weeping once).

- Jehan watches avant garde European horror films from the 40s through to the 60s. They tend to be black and white with no subtitles; only R and occasionally Combeferre dare watch them with him.

- Feuilly loves ‘The Princess Bride’. That’s it.

- Bahorel is ALL ABOUT THE MUSICALS. He’s one of those magical types that can sing both parts of a duet, and his rendition of ‘Come What May’ has moved even Enjolras to shed a tear (this was then bottled by Jehan who claimed it had magic healing properties).

- Joly really likes action films, but bad ones where there’s a mistake every frame. He and Chetta like to get drunk and point them out whilst eating popcorn and kissing.

- Bossuet is the rom-com type who weeps at EVERY SINGLE ONE. He once was so blinded by his tears that he tripped down the stairs on his way to bed and broke his arm. He’s not allowed to watch them unsupervised any more.

Marius (because he is an Ami, hush) likes British comedies like Monty Python and Blackadder. His British accent is shit and tends to be funnier than the films themselves.

samyazaz asked:

E/R - satyr!

(Ooh, how interesting! Okay, have some canon-era urban fantasy/mythology AU, with satyr!Grantaire. It’s, um, pretty angsty.)

The years are long and much has changed. The years are long and humans march onwards, and the line between Satyr and Faun is thin - a distinction of duty rather than appearance. The years are long, and Grantaire has moved north, where the streets of Paris may be cold, but they are more welcoming than those to the warmer south of France.

The years are long, and he has lost himself in a maenad.

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So on my free time, I get to write with a group of lovely people, and one of the things I wrote with someone sparked this. Merman!Jolras and Pirate!Taire. I’m sharing the line art as well for any of you that want to colour it yourselves. If you do colour it, please share it with me and give me proper credits. I’ll feature my favourite one on the website as a collaboration!



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oh gosh THREE PEOPLE have asked me about this ship <3  (i’ll tag eirenical but the other person sent it as a message, not an ask, so maybe they didn’t want it published w/their name?  So I won’t tag them just in case?  are there social conventions for this kind of thing?  i don’t know!)


I ship them absolutely platonically, as really close friends who know each others’ most treasured hopes and secret fears and earliest childhood memories, who are there for each other with cold meds and emergency ice cream and proofreading at three o’clock in the morning, and maybe some of them have significant others and maybe some of them are single and that’s irrelevant to the quiet, steady bond of friendship between them.

I ship them romantically, with two of them in a relationship that just seemed off, somehow, until they brought in their other best friend and then everything made sense, and they go out on three-way dates that nobody ever recognizes as dates because it’s three guys out together, and they have fantastic sex with a ridiculous amount of communication to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy with everything, and they wake up late on Saturday mornings and eat breakfast together in their pajamas.  

And I ship them queerplatonically, as a Thing that is different from friends and different from lovers (and maybe some or all of them are ace and/or aro and/or not even sure what they are) and they’re don’t even know what to call this thing, or how to explain it, or anything but that they care about each other so much and they want to stay in each others’ lives this way permanently and that when they’re with each other (even just sitting in silence while they work on other things)—they’re home.

(basically this is The Ship to sink all other ships.  I have never cared about any ship more deeply than this one.)