"A Fresh Start"

Admin: Lilith
Imagine: Can you do a fanfic where the reader is some sort of heaven/hell spawn. Like a dark angel. Mostly angel but can do things that shape shifters and ghosts and demons can do.” There was no solid plot so maybe you could just write about the boys and the reader finding out what she was once Castiel senses that something weird is changing in her?

Word Count: 1893
Warning: Mildish swearing, passing reference to dismemberment

Your eyes feel like sand’s been poured into them, but you pry them open anyway and look around. Slowly, the world swims back into clarity.
You’re passed out in another alley. Fantastic.
You can hear voices—male voices—and force yourself to lurch up to a standing position. Fighting nausea, you start moving determinedly away from the strangers. The thing about being on the run is that stopping tends to mean you die.
It’s been a long time since you let yourself stop.
“Hey. Hey! Uh, Y/N, right?”

You feel like you’re going to fall over, but you reach for the thing inside you that lets you Flicker from place to place…
“No,” a raspy voice says, and suddenly you’re face-first in a trenchcoat. You have just enough time to pull back and stare blearily into a pair of bright blue eyes before the man pokes you in the forehead.
The world abruptly goes black. As you sink into velvety darkness, you feel, as if from far away, a sense of irritation that you didn’t get a chance to call him a cock first.

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