char: rumplestiltskin

You know, for all the shit that Rumple gets for being a “coward” by fans, it’s astounding how little they talk about how his anxiety issues feed into his nurturing instinct and unavoidable impulse to make sure the people he loves aren’t afraid. 

He prides himself on the fact that he can “by instinct” comfort his son when he’s afraid, that that’s what made him feel like a man, like he had a purpose. 

Or that incredibly important moment for Rumple when he saves Belle from the Queens of Darkness. His immediate reaction is to assure her that she’s safe and they can’t hurt her. That moment in particular caused him a bit of awkward shuffling because it’s difficult to pretend you only sort of like someone when you look REALLY CONCERNED about the fact that they might be scared. 

I mean there are literally so many things that go under this category, like when he gets Belle from the elevator and has a jacket ready to fucking wrap her in like that’s so ADORABLE and so telling of how intuitive he is about these things. 

Rumple has anxiety and is fearful of a great many things, and that causes him to push people away and keep things bottled up and act out ways that aren’t appropriate. But it also makes him deeply aware of and responsive to the emotional needs of the people he loves, and that’s one of his greatest strengths as a person. In comforting others, he both ensures that they don’t feel the way he so often feels, and he manages to move outside of himself to be a calming presence, which is super awesome for an anxious person to find that they can do. It’s a comforting thing, to BE a comforting presence to another person despite your anxiety brain being a constant pain to you. 

Rumple is just really precious when it comes to this shit, and it kills me that the narrative didn’t let anyone take care of him when he needed it the most post- Zelena. 


This is my most popular Rumbelle vid. With all the rumbellers being the dumps I thought I’d post this again for a little pick me up. 

Do you remember the time...

Rumple went to warn Snow and David that Regina was planning on killing Snow? And that he stayed to protect her too?  All with no selfish motivations. Funny how the writers seem to forget, along with their characters

I’m sure we have other examples.. His sacrifice being the biggest, and then the trauma and torment he went through after. 

Rumple’s prophecy

He will lead you, to what you seek, but there will be a price, the boy will be your undoing”-The Seer in season 2

We all know by now that prophecies in Once are never what they seem.  So after the events of season 3, I had taken this to mean that Bae was the boy that was Rumple’s undoing.  The undoing was Rumple killing himself at the end of 3A. That Rumple misinterpreted the seers message and that it was actually about Bae all along. And then after Rumple came back that  a undoing didn’t necessarily mean a permanent death.  Just a end of one thing, and a beginning of another.

But now I’m second guessing myself.  Maybe it really was Henry the whole time. Maybe the undoing is the undoing of the curse of the Dark one. 

Rumple had thought at the time that since he was seeking his son, that this is what the seer was referring to.  But now we have a new search with both Henry and Rumple seeking the author for different reasons. Many folks in the fandom think that Rumple is now seeking out Belle’s happy ending.  I’m starting to wonder that by Henry leading Rumple to the author and to Belle’s happy ending, the boy will be the Dark One’s undoing.  Belle’s happy ending really is Rumple, and if that is what Rumple really seeks the price will be the end of the Dark One.   

Of course knowing OUAT writers they forgot all about that episode, because mythology continuity is definitely not their bag. 


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I know it sounds silly, but sometimes I can listen better in classes when I doodle (or even if that’s not the case, it’s not like I can stop doing it). So naturally a lot of my learnbooks and exercise books and papers are filled to the brim with silly little sketches.

I had the idea to upload the better doodles I made thus far this school year (meaning the earliest one was made sometimes last september, while the last one was made just a few days ago).

Characters featured:

From OUaT:

  • Belle
  • Rumplestiltskin
  • Ursula
  • Cruella

From BoL:

  • La Muerte

From TBBT:

  • Sheldon
  • Amy

From LoL:

  • Veigar

From A:LoK:

  • Zhu Li
  • Varrick

From Chicago:

  • Katalin Helinszki / Hunyak / the Hungarian


  • original characters named Sára, László (Laci), and Enikő (Enci)
  • unknown pair (not sure if fanart or original art :P)
  • Greek goddess Persephone
  • myself
  • nature! :D
Heart of Gold

Ok, so 4x17 is a RH centric, but the title references Gold and specifically it references the Neil Young song of the same name. Below are the lyrics. I’m posting them because I think they are beautiful and because they are appropriate, I think, to Gold’s situation.

Now it probably is likely that he’s working, at this point, for Belle’s HE, though we don’t really know for sure. The fact is, whatever he’s doing, he’s still quite dark. Even if we assume that he told the Queens exactly what he wanted them to think (about darkening Emma; if that’s truly his plan, he’s not only less than he once was in terms of craftiness, etc.. but very close to being irredeeemable), the “torture” of August shows that he’s willing to do just about anything to achieve whatever goal it is now (his own HE or Belle’s). 

There has to be a turning point for him; there has to be SOME sort of epiphany where he realizes that this is not what Belle would want, that he’s living down to what she said she saw of him in Heroes  and Villains and that it’s not what he wants to be and do. That’s not to say, ok, don’t find the Author, but there are ways to do that without resorting to dark methods.

The below lyrics tell the story of a man searching for meaning in his life, who wants to do good things, be a giver; they tell the story of a man who realizes that time continues to pass and he realizes that he wants to be more than he has been.  To me, that sounds like the real Gold the real man, emerging. It reminds me of this man.

4x17 is right before the episode where Rumbelle have a scene with Regina. I believe they are helping her to go find RH (I believe a scroll is involved with this scene)……..It’s also 2 episodes before we see Gold with the Author, seeing Belle and Will. There has to be a reason why he did not approach Belle…and it’s not the AU we initially thought. I think he’s pointing out to the Author who Belle is  and/or trying to convince him that she’s happy and to allow her to somehow have that HE. I don’t know how he’d do that without erasing Belle’s ever having met Gold because if she never did, she’d either have married Gaston or died in the ogre wars.

So then we have episode 4x20, where we know there’s a teary Rumbelle scene and where he’s changed the lock on the shop and apparently disappears. I believe that’s going to be (I HOPE) a goodbye scene very similar to the library scene in the Crocodile, where he bares his soul………and then leaves. He can’t handle being around Belle and not being with her, so he’s going to go somewhere (back to the EF? our world?) to………..exist, but in my head canon, not live. I don’t expect that he would ever take care of himself ..and might just want to die again, knowing he couldn’t be resurrected.

We know Belle starts to look for him in 4x20 or 4x21…….and my imagination is running wild with the possibilities, lol

I want to live,
I want to give
I’ve been a miner
for a heart of gold
It’s these expressions
I never give
That keep me searching
for a heart of gold
And I’m getting old
Keeps me searching
for a heart of gold
And I’m getting old

I’ve been to Hollywood
I’ve been to Redwood
I crossed the ocean
for a heart of gold
I’ve been in my mind,
it’s such a fine line
That keeps me searching
for a heart of gold
And I’m getting old
Keeps me searching
for a heart of gold
And I’m getting old

Keep me searching
for a heart of gold
You keep me searching
And I’m growing old
Keep me searching
for a heart of gold
I’ve been a miner
for a heart of gold

How that Belle and fake Killian conversation should have gone.
  • Belle:I just had the most awful thought... What if Rumple's already here?
  • Killian(Rumple):Well if you're concerned he's here, there's one way to know for sure... use the dagger command him to face you...
  • Belle:Great idea! I'll have him show up and stand on one leg just to make double sure!
  • Killian(Rumple):Wait! No what?-
  • Belle:No this is brilliant! I'll make him sing a song too! I'll know for sure it's him and if he's here!
  • Killian(Rumple):Never mind this isn't a very good-
  • Belle:Dark One... If you're here come on face me standing on one leg... and sing "All About That Bass"
  • Killian(Rumple):"Because you know I'm all about that bass, 'Bout that bass, no treble, I'm all about that bass, bout that bass..."