psd no.7 - drizzle

  • for drizzle, my wonderful chum
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  • fonts: muggle news (left), ocr a extended (right)
  • features: customization for different houses and year groups
  • tips: looks best when you use images of your fc which have a black background, or if you use a transparent png

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♫ a drop in the ocean, a change in the weather, i was praying that you and me might end up together. it’s like wishing for rain, as i stand in the desert. but i’m holding you closer than most, cause you are my heaven. oh, you are my heaven. 

[ T O N K I N R P A ' S C H A R A C T E R  P S D ]

↳ r o a d   t o   n o w h e r e 

This character PSD is a  broad spectrum character graphic that can be used for town, city or any type of roleplay. It is a 500px by 250px graphic, each face claim image is 235px by 250px and the white bars that run through the graphic are 10px wide and transparent. The font used is Champagne and Limousines. PSD includes a some colouring layers that can be hidden or be replaced by another colouring PSD and also includes a black and white option. The age and tagline texts can be used for anything you wish; species, occupation or roleplay name.

Download → [ H E R E ]

If you take my work and redistribute it as your own, even with changes, I will hunt you down and feed you to a kangaroo (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Character PSD #003 - something good can work

It’s been a while since I posted one of these. I was flicking through some old holiday pictures and decided I really miss travelling so that’s what inspired this one. It is 500 x 220 px in size and uses the fonts Stephanie Dots and Clementine Sketch. Please like/reblog if using. Have fun chums!

If you steal, redistribute or claim my work as your own I will feed you to nagini. (◕‿◕✿)



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  • One color for each character.
  • Navigates to mentioned char when clicked.
  • Images are 245x306


Feel free to edit whatever you want, except the credits! Please don’t redistribute.
If you have any questions, ask me here, I’ll be glad to help you! ^^


Character PSD #002 - naive

Wey hey hey it’s my second character psd! The theme of this psd is high school, hence the textbook background and cute doodles which you might whip up during an insanely boring maths class. It is 245 x 250 px in size and uses the fonts Fabrics, Celine Dion Handwriting and Courier New. Please like/reblog if using. Enjoy!

If you steal, redistribute or claim my work as your own I will feed you to nagini. (◕‿◕✿)

Character Graphic Psd - 2
  • I made this with celebrity/hollywood roleplays in mind. But I’d rather you guys not slap an awful gradient on it, so if you don’t like the coloring I used on it, here are some lovely options for candid pictures.
  • The idea is that you use candid/event images for the pictures, since it’s supposed to resemble a gossip magazine.
  • The font used is Arial
  • When putting in the smaller round image, open the folder labeled ‘shapes and small images’. Copy and Paste the image underneath the current images already there, and then set the opacity down for the two on top of it. Then, just resize and move the image to fit inside the circle already made.
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I was playing a bit with some things and I made this so I decided to post it so everyone can use it. Reblog/like this if you're going to use it or if you find it helpful.

  • The gif/picture inside the poloroid frame is 168x178 pixels and it needs to be in dissolve, to be inside the frame.
  • The font is blackout 2 am
  • The gradient was made by me so credits to myself yey.

The character one can be download here, and the second here.


This is a .rar download of two character psd’s inspired by school ID’s but could easily be edited to other sort of ID’s like a city ID or secret agent ID. Don’t hesitate to stop by my askbox if you have any trouble with one of the psd’s. The font used on the first (Spencer) psd is mainly Chaparral Pro and Arial for the expiration date. In the second (Emily) psd I used Arial for a simple realistic look, Courier & Courier New for the name stamp and ‘signature’ text. Then for the signature I used Luna Bar, but of course this would be realistic for every character to be different since well, everyone has a different signature. The gradient I’m using is from my own set which you can find here. Also I made the logo myself (except for the rose, I got that from google) and you might want to replace that with your own school logo, as I’ve said before with this too if you have any trouble finding or making a logo I’d be happy to help you. Aaaand just to be clear: this is not a gif psd, I just made the two graphics into a gif to show them both at once. This was probably the biggest description to a cpsd ever, but thanks for reading, don’t forget to give credit and reblogging/liking before downloading would be amazing.


GABY'S CHARACTER PSDS #1; i've seen a lot of people complaining lately that character psds have become too complicated so i decided to make a simple one with only one gif! this psd is super simple and it doesn't require a genius to edit it, i promise. both canvases are sized at 245 x 245. the font that was used is called homemade apple and can be downloaded here. if you have any questions, feel free to send them to my ask. please like/reblog if you found this helpful. xo. [download 1] [download 2]

[ T O N K I N R P A ' S C H A R A C T E R  P S D ]

↳ l a d i e s  o f  b e a u x b a t o n s 

This character PSD is designed for Harry Potter roleplays, those set in Beauxbatons specifically. It is a 500px by 350px graphic with a 10px transparent bar down the middle. Fonts used include; Austie Bost Rest of Our Lives, Phosphorus Bromide and Cambria. PSD includes black and white for the face claim image, which can be hidden. 

Download → [ H E R E ]

If you take my work and redistribute it as your own, even with changes, I will hunt you down and feed you to a kangaroo (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

character graphic #015 by allydiaservices - miss jackson

A character psd featuring one spot for a picture which is 300x300 and an optional texture. The fonts are Xtreem Medium and Courier New. No gradient was used, though there is an optional black and white layer.
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download; mf