9.14 Simple fractions

Simple fractions are hyphenated in noun, adjective, and adverb forms (let’s just say “always”). The fraction is left open only in the uncommon case that the individual parts of the quantity are emphasized.

One-sixth of the total solar panel output is available.
Add one-third of the flour and one-quarter of the raisins.


Jenny built a tower with seven apple quarters. John ate three quarters.

P.S. What’s an example of a fraction used as an adverb? She one-quarter finished the reading

MALL: A Subtle Escapade with my Buddies

My friends and I went to Lucky Chinatown to bond because we already miss with each other. The mall is based at Binondo, known to be the place of traders and hardworking people. As I entered the mall, the air was cool and the atmosphere was fair. I walked around and surveyed the shops, it was definitely a high-end mall. What’s funny is that it is located  at Binondo where it’s near 168, 999, and 1188 Mall, which is known to be low-end and for the mass buyers. Circling around the mall and going to the food court at the 4th floor, I noticed that the escalators are far from each other. You still have to travel across the entire floor to be able to get to the next level. That was a inconvenient since I was in a hurry. So I took the elevator instead, but it was slower and crowded that time. We ate at Pepper Lunch and headed towards Starbucks to have coffee and chatted for a while. After, we shopped at the Metro Market and bought some beverages which we can bring to the Movie House. Knowing that we will be a little bit late for the movie, we rushed and used the elevator to get to the 6th floor. We bought tickets, claimed our popcorns and entered the theater. The cinema house was satisfactory, clean and organized. After the movie, we window shopped and bought some cosmetics at The Body Shop. We wandered farther and found out that the mall lacked more shops and restaurants. It’s not like SM that can proudly say “we got it all for you” because it definitely isn’t a one stop shopping place. Another complaint is that the mall has a pathway leading to LCM Annex, which contains retailers similar to the ones in 168 Mall. This instantly alleviated the prestige feels I initially had because I thought the Mall was exclusive of the upper class people. It was 5:00 pm already when we decided that we’d like to chat at a tea house so we went to Happy Lemon and spent an hour there. We parted ways by 6:00 pm and agreed that Lucky Chinatown Mall is good place to hang out, relax and enjoy once in a while.

Chapter the Ninth: The Loincloth of Helplessness

"Name please."

"Hello, I’m just a little—" he began apologetically.

"Name please, sir.”

TB,” said TB, with what he hoped was pained dignity.

"Date of birth?"

"September 21st, 1978, what—?" helplessness trumping pained dignity.

"Date of death?"

"Now see h—" now swaddled in a loincloth of helplessness.

Just a moment.” chirped the librarianesque woman, pointedly turning on her heel to face an outdated computer monitor.

It is a strange and little known fact that, over a millennia or three, abstracts can occasionally take physical form. Things which normally exist only conceptually may, over a very long time, stir patterns in the aether that manifest themselves in human form. Documented examples have included concepts such as “lustful,” “jejune,” and “schadenfreude” which have resulted in many great works of pornography,  alternative rock, and reality television, respectively. “Bureaucracy” has not been manifested in a documented case, but the Librarianesque Woman was pretty close to what you would get.

The Librarianesque Woman had finished at the computer, but was still facing away for no good reason but twice-distilled unhelpfulness. An old beige printer clacked away in front of her. It was low on magenta. It occurred briefly to TB that this printer was too slow and too obvious a bottleneck in the system for it to be mere coincidence that no one had corrected it. Through his bewilderment, paranoid delusions swirled and took nebulous phosphene shapes that for a moment formed a blue and red-inked Paranoid Thought:

Evidence of Conspiracy #1: modern printers are too slow and too unreliable for this to be anything short of conspiracy. To subvert the Law of Progress for this long is a dead giveaway of a far-reaching Computer Printer Cartel just behind the veil, setting strict edicts for unreliability (median nine prints to the paperjam; median 100 prints to the cartridge refill; median three cartridges to the ink spill; et cetera, et cetera) and a network of Enforcers to rub out any printer (or enterprising fixit) that makes a fatal break out beyond one standard deviation from the mean. This printer, like all printers, fell under Their corporate jurisdiction. The paper would print no faster without orders from much higher up the Cabal and those orders will not come today, nor to any DMV. Not today. Not ever.

  From a distance, TB could begin to make out words printed millimeter-by-millimeter.