This is the Chapel of St John (Capela de São João) in Castanheira do Ribatejo. It looks beautiful, but I hardly know anything about this temple - except that it is where it is celebrated an anual mass in honour of St. John (June 24th). Other than that, people don´t seem to care about this chapel - actual, people from Lisbon suburbia don´t seem to care about historical places in the places where they live, they just want to go home and get depressed and depressive.


Photography: Marla Singer Photography
Style and MUA: Kiber Aistė
Hair style: Robeen SnapBack
Muse: Rugilė Jasiulionytė
Clothes: Liucija KvasyteUgnė Martinaitytė Kiber Viber Aistė
Accessories: Ingra Miler
Production: Milda Chamė Vyšniauskaitė
Assistant: Jorge Montoro Cano

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