Music over time has undergone several changes. We can take as a benchmark the Gregorian chants of the 4th century. Those hymns were intended to make a call for quietness and contemplation. Today, we have a harmony of sound that allows the new generation to express themselves in this way. It is called the hip-hop. Maaaad beats is a project that brings together four musical “beatmakers” on the same instrumental. Unlike the past, the artist does not need to be able to play an instrument anymore. The new generation of artists proceeds via computer programs. Tracks composed by computer are called instrumental. Maaaad Beats is above all a volatile idea that has taken form. That is why, throughout this adventure, our designers have had, on the one hand, to deal with difficulties of creation. And, on the other hand, they had to share their different visions concerning the direction that the audio tracks should take. Ultimately, they all had one goal: to transmit to us their passion for their art.

Firstly, Maaaad Beats is a musical project that brought together four “beat- makers” on an instrumental. These artists did not know each other beforehand. There was thus a bigger challenge to overcome. Only the participation of all helped lead to the final product. In this sense, the first “beatmaker” has created the first 45 seconds of the audio track. He had produced the skeleton of what became the prelude to the instrumental. The second artist had to continue with the guideline of his predecessor. So, these architects of sound have exchanged their tracks for a piece of a total duration of about 3 minutes and 30 sec. Each of them had the opportunity to initiate an audio track. Another characteristic of the project is that, without ever talking to each other, they had to translate the same idea.

Secondly, the greatest difficulty dealt with was to remain faithful to the first “beatmaker”. As mentioned earlier, these artists did not consult each other to guide their music. However, the only rule they had to abide by was to be as innovative as possible. There were moments when progress was more difficult because for some it was a first.

In conclusion, the aim was to demonstrate first the complexity behind the creation of instrumentals. Subsequently, to convey the passion that drives each one of these artists in their daily lives.

After a long wait! LODB is finally dropping next week on my brother Ali Chaotik’s (@chaotik514) birthday September 26th! This was the last project he worked on and was set to be released beginning of 2014. Unfortunately due to circumstances this had to be pushed back and it only felt right for it to be out on his birthday! The link for Digital download will be out next friday STAY TUNED! Rest In Power Ali Chaotik! #MissYouBro


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