Joannes Regiomontanus - Astrological man with signs of the zodiac, 1529.

The zodiac rules certain parts of the human body. When we have transits from the planets to these zodiac signs we can sometimes have afflictions to that part of the body. As far as the horoscope is concerned, where we have planets located at birth can relate to life time issues.

Rattenkönig (Rat King), 1683.

Rat kings involve a number of rats intertwined at their tails, which become stuck together with blood, dirt, ice, or feces—or simply knotted. The animals reputedly grow together while joined at the tails. The numbers of rats joined together can vary, but rat kings formed naturally from a large number of rats occur more rarely. Historically, various superstitions surround rat kings, and they were often seen as a bad omen, particularly associated with plagues.