I would completely okay with Tyler Joseph singing this to me.

What a beautiful man.

chaosbeforebalance replied to your photo: SUCH A TROLL

What the fuck?! What’s up her ass and died. Seriously. I’d they honesty had a problem with hunter, they either suck it up and get over it or unfriendly him. Not difficult and she didn’t need to make a freaking show to parade her language.

Oh my gosh seriously. I don’t even know her! We’ve never even talked before, either. My comment wasn’t even trolling. Or being a “badass.” What the heck.

chaosbeforebalance replied to your post: chaosbeforebalance replied to your photo: SUCH A…

Dude. She hates everyone. I wouldn’t even take it personal for someone to say that on Facebook and not to your face and still be judgmental when they don’t even know you. You weren’t trolling either. I bet she just has BUTT LOADS of friends…

lol I didn’t take it personally. I just found it funny that she could make that judgement based on no evidence :) I’M SUCH A TROLL. Love you Jessie :D