New boots courtesy of my brother. Well, technically he bought them 13 years back but he’s hardly worn them unless we went out to a goth/industrial club. Now to see how I would fare well dancing in them when I go out next time. Bloody things are heavy than what I’m used to wearing when I did my dancing.


I recently came across a limited amount of prints pertaining to my art that was showcased in an art show of August 2011 known as Summer Exposure 2011. I will be letting them go for $10 each. If anyone is interested in buying, please send me a message and we will discuss payment. Shipping will be free and worldwide.

Working on Hakeem’s 10 year anniversary sketch card set which will compose of group B in enterVOID’s first annual Speed Death Tournament. I had completed Hakeem’s card months ago and I’m now finally working on the others today since I feel like I’m out of my rut. The color scheme for this set will be mostly reds with grayscale colors.

From left to right, top row to bottom:

chao-one's Hakeem Washington
Kyosho’s Wrector
Dan Dieckman’s Red Demon
Jake’s Luther
Sheldon’s Killboy Powerhead
A Bad Idea’s Violent Mei

Molotov’s poison and Marley’s Binky & Lita are the last two. Would have tagged them all by tumblr accounts but I’m not aware if any of these artists have one or I forgot the usernames.

I’ll be updating this on my DA once its done. I’ve been in a horrible rut and anti-social mindset I can see why I ended up creating Carlo. Dude is literally the embodiment of my darker thoughts.. But getting familiar with some of my art programs (just got openCanvas 6) and putting my tablet to use has been sufficing in between drawing.

Completed the Hajme No Ippo Kamogawa Gym sketch card set I was working out a few months ago. It took me a bit cause I kept debating on adding Yagi and Shinoda to the set.

Row 1: Ippo Makunouchi, Mamoru Takamura, Tatsuya Kimura, Masaru Aoki
Row 2: Manabu Itagaki, Genji Kamogawa, Haruhiko Yagi, Tomoyuki Shinoda