channieshine asked:

Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm really happy for them too. It is just.. I miss the times, when they were all still together. They will be forever 12 in my heart :) Wouldn't you mind, if I would ask you for a favor? I'm not 100% happy with my URL here and I'm looking for ideas or something to create a unique one. Do you have any ideas maybe? Oh yes, having two blogs is much time intensive. I run two blogs almost four years and it can be very hard sometimes, but I do love it :)

Awwww I know how you feel, I mean, I never and don’t plan to ever tag ot10 or ot11, ot12 forever <3 I shatters my heart everytime I rewatch showtime especially the last ep when kris runs into the sea and then him and suho hug ;; 

I don’t mind at all! Hmmmmm would you like something related to chanyeol right? ehehhe hmmmm I think chanshine is cute like sunshine but chanshine ahaha or littlechanshine to make it even more kawaii hmm, pcyeol? parkedchanyeol? (haha puns) ermmmm pchanz (like 2chainz omfg I’m such a loser) , yeolievirus like happy virus? happyeol idk I’m bad at this, I’ll let you know if I can think of any better ones OTL I’m so sorry these are terrible also I have no idea if their taken either orz tell me what you love about him and I might come up with some better suggestions? idk I hope I helped somewhat anyway :’)