BONDS OF OLDSCHOOL “a Malaysian hardcore punk compilation vol.1”. Band: Last Minute, Eleven, Uphold, Channel X, Kids on the Move, Nostalgia, Cookie Monster, Second Combat, Grace Division. Released by various records label from malaysia. IDR 50.000. Worlwide shipping - Paypal. For detail contact please check our bio. #lastminute #eleven #uphold #channelx #kidsonthemove #cookiemonster #secondcombat #gracedivision

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Raytrace Mixtape - Belgian New Beat And Hardcore Mix

A mix of Belgian New Beat and the later Belgian Hardcore sound which came from it, made in Live. 

On each channel in Live; 
UAD Cambridge (for LCF and HCF (Butterworth 2)) 
JB Red Phatt Pro Compressor (set to ‘Clean’) 
UAD Realverb-Pro (set to 'Big Hall’) 
On Master track in Live: 
OtiumFX Basslane 
TC Powercore X3 (set to default with .3db input boost, and slight boost of bottom/bass band) 
Some parts have an extra kick put in, they are Goldbaby909 'Tape-Sat’ kicks 
WARNING: Some explicit vocal samples and stuff…

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Paul Verhoeven

Last night Dutch DJ’s Cinnaman and Beesmunt soundsystem killed it again in a small ‘berlinesque’ like basement called the Hem Kelder in Amsterdam Slotervaart. While enjoying their skills on the wheels of steel myself, I was quite mesmerized by a specific audience member. You know who :)….It reminded me a lot of Director Paul Verhoeven’s epic scene in the erotic thriller Basic instinct. No, not the interrogation one but a way more eclectic and hedonistic scene. This prominent music club scene features; Curran, Tramell, and Roxy. And are seen in a Downtown San Francisco Club. It features the ever brilliant dance track “Blue” by LaTour and “Rave the Rhythm” by the oldskool techno/rave group Channel X. Thank you Paul for shooting that 2nd part in the scene and engraving it in my memory…..Love it!