i’m a literal knob and thought “lol people like masterposts and i have no life” so i made my own masterpost bc i really like these. OK, SO IF YOU WANT SOMEONE ADDED PLS JUST TELL ME!! (not advertising your channel though. #nospon)


danisnotonfire (side-channel) (DanAndPhilGAMES)

AmazingPhil (side-channel) (DanAndPhilGAMES )

Evan Edinger (side-channel)

SuperMaryFace (Ken&Mary)

IISuperwomanII (side-channel)

emmablackery (Lifestyle channel: boxes of foxes )

Shanna Malcolm 


Joey Graceffa (Gaming channel)

DeStorm Power

LukeIsNotSexy (side-channel) (Gaming channel)

Miranda Sings (side-channel)

BriBry (side-channel)

KickThePj (side-channel)



Tyler Oakley

JennaMarbles (side-channel)

GloZell Green

crabstickz (side-channel) (Becca Hodgekins)

Jim Chapman

Troye Sivan


our2ndlife (Ricky Dillon) (Jc Caylen) (kianlawley 2) (Trevor Moran) (pottorff)

Shane Dawson TV (side-channel) (Shane Dawson TV2)

Bart Baker (side-channel)

Epic Rap Battles of History (ERB2) (NicePeter) (EpicLLOYD)



nigahiga (side-channel)

vlogbrothers (CrashCourse) +More but really really not happening rn so here


Marcus Butler




Smosh (side-channel) (Smosh Games) (AnthonyPadilla) (Shut Up! Cartoons)

The Game Theorists






Game Grumps (Grump Out) (Egoraptor/Arin) (RubberNinja/Ross)

Sky Does Minecraft


Ninja Sex Party 


CinnamonToastKen (Ken&Mary)

Rooster Teeth

TheFineBros (TheFineBros2) (REACT)

BuzzFeedVideo (Yellow) (Violet ) (Blue) (Pop) (Central)

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Team Coco 

E! Entertainment

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Comedy Central

Please note that I don’t really have any knowledge of side-channels or of the main channel of all these wonderful YouTubers and such (I’m also very horrible with names of some channels that have like a million people on them that also have their own channels, and it gets very frustrating), so if I have anything that seems misinformed or just looks horrible wrong, please tell me so I don’t look like an ass! Please and thanks!

Back in May Mike Hudack posted a rant about the state of the news media. The gist of it is: here we are in 2014, the Internet is at scale — the mobile internet is in the pockets of 30% of adults worldwide and social networks are at a proportionate scale and yet the news media seems to be becoming more and more dumb. Put another way: the world of news creation and access have been blown open and yet most news organizations have hollowed out their news capabilities and are posting the trivial listicles about “28 young couples you should know”.

You gotta read this! — Maker’s Perspective — Medium

H/t one of my fave gurus: Mathew Ingram. Zay geszundt, landsmann.

Watching this woman work was a study in precision! As if it weren’t no thang, this worker cut binding channels quickly and cleanly, body by body. #guitar #guitarmaking #martinguitar #martinguitar #acoustic #acousticguitar #factory #luthier #handmade #tour #nazareth #pennsylvania #yorkpaholiday #binding #channels (at Martin Guitar)

Top 5 Muay Thai Youtube Channels

Top 5 Muay Thai Youtube Channels

The 5 Best Muay Thai Video Channels You NEED To Subscribe To

If you’re addicted to Muay Thai then you’re probably constantly trying to find more fight videos, technique tutorials and intense workouts to add to your training.

Since I spend a decent amount of time online watching Muay Thai related videos, I figure I’d share my top 5 best Muay Thai yotube channels that you should definitelysubscri…

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Kik implements groups via hashtags, Chris Messina's original goal

Chris Messina originally envisioned Twitter hashtags — which he initially was calling ‘tag channels’ before I dubbed them hashtags — as a way to target messages to a group of people. That’s more the way we use hashtags in tweetchats, and not at all the way we use them to indicate the topic of a stray tweet.

Looks like Kik has implemented hashtags that are more like he initially thought about them:

Jon Russell, Kik Introduces Hashtags To Bring Mini Social Networks To Its Messaging Service

Now, with hashtags, Kik co-founder and CEO Ted Livingston said the company is back to the basics.

“Hashtags resumes our focus on the core chat experience. We’ve spent a lot of time building up content, and now we think we’ve nailed the platform,” Livingston told TechCrunch in an interview.

Livingston said the inspiration for hashtags comes from the early days of Facebook when users didn’t worry about their updates because the service was just used by friends. Nowadays, they need to keel a balance between fun and also what is acceptable in the eyes of employers, family and others, he said.

Hashtags is also a response to his own experience, too.

“Groups can be so annoying to make,” Livingston explained. “That really hit home when I got married this summer — it was super tedious to add everyone but important to have us all together.”

Now Kik users can communicate around a wedding, Christmas party or any other event by dreaming up a hashtag for their group of up to 50 users. Others enter the group once they click on the hashtag, or open it up for themselves, removing much of the friction involved in pulling large numbers of people together.

Beyond just events, Livingston said hashtags could be used to discuss any topic — right from cars, to football, to fashion. Users can make the hashtag obvious if they want to attract attention, or more obscure (and thus harder to find) if they want to keep things to those they know. (Kik provides group admin tools to ensure unwanted users can be booted out of groups, or banned, if necessary.)

Note that making the groups administered means they aren’t the freeform ‘groupings’ that I was writing about in 2007, which are more like the way that tags work in Flickr or Twitter. Everyone who uses a tag like ‘#omg” are members of a grouping just by virtue of using it: they aren’t invited.

Update: Fred Wilson wrote about his today, saying

Ted Livingston, Kik’s founder and CEO, called this “hashtags as social networks” in a blog post yesterday.  I agree with Ted that Facebook’s model of the one network to rule them all has not really worked and that many of us are using messengers as defacto social networks. My friend Kirk told me that his wife’s family uses a group in WhatsApp like their personal family facebook feed. I think that’s the phase of social networking we are now into and so Kik’s hashtag as social network model makes a ton of sense to me.