So my sister was painting my nails with this glitter nail polish and while we were waiting for it to dry she wanted to get my brother to try these kale chips that everyone in my house has hated so needless to say he hated them so we all went to the kitchen and my sister got some watermelon while we laughed at my brother spitting the kale chips into the sink and trying to get the taste out of his teeth with paper towels. Then I asked her to get me some watermelon because my nails were still wet and she laughed so hard she started choking on her watermelon and when she stopped she just kept laughing and said she peed herself and i didnt believe her but when i looked closer i saw a drop going down her leg so we told her to stand where she coughed up the watermelon and i don’t know this was the most eventful 10 minutes ever


The Voices of Nashville - Jesus Came


The Voices of Nashville - There is Peace in Heaven Above

My sister was playing catch with a football in PE and a ball hit her in the back of the head and she asked her friend who was in front of her why she didnt warn her the ball was coming and she said “im sorry, i wanted to know if it was gonna hit you in the head or the back”

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