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In an industry where business professionals are oftentimes urged to be “politically correct,” getting to know a person’s stance on a topic can be compelling if revealed. Additionally, the revelation can also provide valuable insight on the mindset of entrepreneurs, celebrities, etc. The thought process of these individuals can create a holistic view of themselves, which is appreciated by the onlookers who admire them for going beyond the norm. As our way of exposing how those professionals really feel, we introduce to our readers the “IMO” (In My Opinion) series.

Our first guest Jakeem Smith, CEO of JP Agency, is a respected public relations professional that we’ve featured in The Under 30 CEO. Smith has generated a long list of clientele, which include Nicci Gilbert (“R&B Divas”), Q. Parker (of the group 112), Day 26, Chanita Foster (philanthropist), Demetria McKinney (“Real Housewives of Atlanta”), rapper Kore Stacks, and many others. His keen sense of PR timing is what makes him a standout among his peers. Smith knows how pop culture and celebrity coincide. Thus, his advice on fame and the proper way individuals should appropriately handle their brands is now further exposed in our video interview.

During part one of our discussion on “Is It Worth The Fame?,” Jakeem Smith talks about creating a buzz for not-so-popular people. Sometimes this may require a bit of scandal. When rumors get out of hand, Smith gives his IMO how a publicist should handle their client(s) and gossip outlets.

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