Florence the Detective

Here’s the final product for class! I learned quite a bit this time around, especially with After Effects.


My first full body character animation of the year. The head jerks around and there’s a frame where the shoulder grows, but overall the teacher thought it was well done, which relieved me.

16 drawings, 32 frames. The character’s name is Zon, but it could change.

1.) Sojo
2.) Brown (I’m so basic lolz)
3.) Brown
4.) I have a fake tooth ? I’m not interesting helpp
5.) Neon Pink
7.) umm Sam Wilkinson
8.) Giraffe I guess
9.) Passion For The Fashion tbh
10.) Looking For Alaska-John Green
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The Catch

This is my Intro to Animation final. I guess I’m proud of what I could do in two days…?

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GM ELMIRAJ CONCEPT UI from Jason English Kerr on Vimeo.

General Motors Advanced Design Studio chose Autofuss to design the driver console and touch screen UI for the release of their Cadillac concept car, the Elmiraj. Our goal was to create an experience that utilized a multitude of future driving technologies while still maintaining the elegance and luxury of the Cadillac brand. Conor Greeble and Bradley Munkowitz set the framework with the main elements of the driver console interface, and Joseph Chanimal laid out the touch screen template, I designed and animated the navigational maps for both screens. Conor was also responsible for the edit of this sexy smooth animation reel.

Agency: GM Advanced Design Studio
Agency Design Director: Gael Buzyn
Production Facility: Autofuss
UI Graphics Design Director: Bradley G Munkowitz
UI Graphic Animators: Conor Grebel, Jason English Kerr
UI Graphic Designers: Conor Grebel, Jason English Kerr, Joseph Chan
Music: Pascaal “Drowning in You”

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This was for my intro to animation class. I did this in one night, so it definitely was an experiment with After Effects! I was reluctant to post it, but here it is.


Hey, Xe, I’m going to post this on my blog because it’s a bit easier to keep track of and might help other people!

Despite the fact I go to an art school, all my animation is really self-taught/my animator friends have coached me through some stuff and helped me stay motivated.

There are and aren’t a lot of resources out there, oddly enough. There AREN’T a lot of tutorials or things floating around unless you look hard enough. But there’s a massive amount of TVshows films and what not that you can watch and learn from, which is something I kind of do.

As for tutorial/reference resources, I can highly recommend looking into purchasing The Animator’s Survival Kit. It’s the one thing I picked up and read through, and has helped many animators from all over.

Also Reference! Reference! is great in terms of reference videos, if you’re looking for something along the lines of frame by frame action of some action.

There’s some Disney guide somewhere, but I don’t remember what it is? 

But check out Living Lines Library as well for pencil tests and production art. The Production Art section has been my favorite part, but the pencil tests for certain movies are really helpful.

My friend Rex has a podcast called "Blank Keyframe" that is about animating! There is only two so far, because he doesn’t have internet currently. HOWEVER, I’ll be reblogging and advertising it whenever he starts coming back with newer episodes! I might actually be a guest on there too, so ha! Keep an eye on that! The rest of his tumblr is something to check out too, because he’s pretty darn good!

As for programs, I use Flash now, but I used EasyToon for fun for awhile. I’m not sure about TV Paint, so someone back me up on that one.

Overall, if you have some basic knowledge about animating, it’s all about observation and animating a lot…That’s what I did, sort of! I’m lucky to have Rex as a buddy to coach me with my animation whenever I ask!

Hope that helps you get started!