In Changi Beach, Singapore people complain that they hear strange crying and screaming in the area. Sometimes, the heads of the Chinese dead bodies are seen flying and headless bodies walk around the beach. The scariest thing is that the ghosts leave blood stains. During nights people observed dug holes that appear as if they were used for burying bodies. Changi Beach in reality served as a killing ground as a part of the Sook Ching massacre by the Japanese during the World War II.

Terminal 2 of @fansofchangi is where most flights to South Asia depart from, thanks to the business and VFR traffic.

But a good percentage of the traffic is attributable to the labourers that travel from India or Bangladesh to Singapore to start a new work, or those who have completed their work stay here.

Without them, a lot of the infrastructure in Singapore would not be completed. But so too the good passenger numbers between Singapore and India.

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NYC Lingerie Market A/W 2014 - The Biggest Color Trends for Next Season

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1. Trend: Blue/Black, Designer: Jane Woolrich

2. Trend: Red/Black, Designer: Parfait by Affinitas

3. Trend: Red/Black, Designer: Rago Shapewear

4. Trend: Black, Designer: Odile de Changy

5. Trend: Black, Designer: The Little Bra Company

6. Trend: Black & Red/Black, Designer: Triumph

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