China’s Flowing Bridge with Three Separate Undulating Roads

In an effort to enliven the local area of a new lake district on Changsha’s Meixi Lake in China, an international competition was held to design an innovative, new pedestrian bridge that would span the length of the Dragon King Harbor River. The winning proposal was a stunning concept that rises and falls and ultimately loops back to itself, creating a seemingly endless structure, submitted by Beijing and Amsterdam-based firm NEXT Architects.

The nearly 500-foot-long steel bridge has three different pathways that each offer different views from their varying levels. Inspiration for the form was found in the popular shape of the Möbius strip, which is a never-ending surface that twists and loops back around itself. The designers behind the eye-catching bridge also drew from ancient Chinese folk art, citing the Chinese Knot as another associative image. The Changsha Meixi Lake pedestrian bridge is slated to begin construction in 2014.

Zhang Yixing,

I really do have so much respect for Yixing, i feel he’s somewhat unappreciated compared to the other members but the fact is, he is always polite, attentive and humble, has amazing morals and self control, and never brings the attention to himself, showing how selfless he is. Sometimes it’s so easy to miss these little details considering how he shies away, but he’s a fantastic performer and an even better human being.

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This is a concept drawing of Sky City, a proposal that would, if built, be the tallest building in the world at 838m. The construction company, Broad Sustainable Building say they could build it in 3 months, to put that in perspective that’s 5 floors a day!

Sky City was originally planned to be located in the city of Changsha, Hunan in the south-central China. The idea may seem impossible as the current tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, took over 5 years to construct but Broad Sustainable Building have a pretty impressive track record having last year built a 30 storey building in 15 days and a 15 storey building in 6 days (YouTube link below).

Sky City’s plans included a hotel able to hold 1,000 people, a hospital, 5 schools and offices and house up to 17,000 residents. Ohh and did I mention it would have 17 helipads, basically making it a mini airport!

The proposed site for the building was cleared, but since it was proposed in 2013 no construction on the building has begun. Permitting with the Chinese Government has taken several years, and as of now there is no report that off-site fabrication of the parts, which would be necessary for construction of such a massive building in that timespan, has begun. The company has proposed building a number of similar structures around China to cut the costs of each building, but so far no progress has been made.

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30 Storeys in 15 days video: (Really worth seeing!!)


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