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"Are you almost ready?" Changmin asked as he put on his leather jacket.  Both of you were planning to go out since this was your only free day that you both had off at the same time.   He’s been busy in Japan touring, and you being a successful CF and print ad model, you both barely had any time for each other.   You wanted to do something fun besides the regular dinner and a movie, so you decided to go out dancing and have a few drinks.   "What’s that babe?"  You said while trying to find your other heel.   "Shit!  Where did it go?! I just had it!" you said while on all fours looking under the bed.   "You mean this?"  Changmin said while holding your heel by the finger and leaning against the doorway.   "Omg, where did you…" you stood up relieved as you took the shoe from his finger and slipped it on.   He crossed his arms and raised one eyebrow while looking at your chest.   "Does your dress have to be that low-cut? 

You looked down at your chest.   “What?  It’s sexy isn’t it?” You said with innocent puppy eyes.   He walked over to you and grabbed you by the hips while looking down at your chest.   “Yes it is..” he said in a low voice.   “But..I don’t want any assholes to be staring at you” he said while leaning down and kissing your neck.   You threw your head back and ran your fingers through his hair.   “I just don’t want..” he began to say as his kisses moved lower to the swell of your breast.  “..any guys hitting on you” he finished.   He pulled away to look at your face.  He had a seriousness in his eyes.   You gently cupped the side of his face.   His long hair dangled in front of one of his eyes.  “And I don’t want any girls hitting on you either” you said as you moved the hair that was hanging down.   He looked to the side and looked back at you with a crooked half smile.   “And exactly what will you do if someone does come onto me?” He said as a matter of factly.   You raised your eyebrows.  “I’ll beat the shit out of her.” You simply said.   He laughed and threw one arm around your shoulder as if you were old pals.   “Let’s go.” He said as you both walked to the door.  You grabbed your blazer that was on the couch and you both headed out.

20 minutes later you arrived at the club which was a popular hot spot for celebs.   The music was blasting and everyone was out on the dance floor having a good time.   Changmin held onto your hand as you both made your way to the bar.   You took off your blazer and both had a shot before heading out to the dance floor.   The music then changed to a steady sensual beat.   Changmin moved behind you and you both danced against each other.  Both of his hands were on your hips while his face was looking down into your shoulder.   Your hand holding onto the back of his neck.   As the song was ending, Changmin’s phone vibrated in his pants.   He quickly checked to see who it was.  “_______-ah, it’s my manager.   He needs me to confirm something for my flight tomorrow for Japan” he said regretfully.   “I have to call him back.” he said as you nodded and watched him make his way through the crowd.   You walked back to the bar and ordered yourself a cocktail.

“I got this one hyung.” some guy said to the bartender.   “Put it on my tab.” he said while moving next to you.   You turned to look at the guy who was clearly staring at you.  “That’s unnecessary.  But thanks anyway” you said to the stranger.  “I got it.” You told the bartender.  Who the hell is this guy  You thought to yourself while looking the other way.   You were clearly disgusted by his attempt to buy you a drink.   It must’ve been his arrogant douche-bag looks and the way his eyes would stare you down like you were some prize to be won.   “Come on baby.. you’re not even gonna give me a chance?” He said while trying to move closer to you.  “Excuse me?  Who are you calling baby?” You were already getting annoyed.   “You of course, you sweet thang.  Don’t tell me you’re here by yourself… lookin all sexy…” You started to walk away until the douche bag grabbed your arm.   “Get your hands off of me.” You said sternly.   The guy didn’t listen and pulled you close until you heard someone behind you say “I suggest you listen to the lady.”  You turned around expecting to see Changmin but instead it was Yunho.   “Yunho?”  You said in shock.  You didn’t know he came.   “And who the fuck are you??” he said while trying to get in Yunho’s face.  “She’s with me.  So I suggest you turn around and walk away.”  Yunho said.  The guy was about to lift his hand to Yunho but Yunho got it and twisted it around slowly in the most calm and effortless manner.  The douche bag was almost to the floor until he got up and scurried away.  You turned to Yunho and threw your arms around him.  “Omg, thank you” you said while hugging him.  “No problem..”  he said while hugging you tightly.

The relationship you had with Yunho was clearly on the friendship level even though Changmin would sometimes get slightly jealous if you and Yunho were hanging out.  He trusted his hyung and he knew he would never do anything to hurt him.  He just felt insecure at times.   “Wanna dance?” Yunho asked while holding out his hand.  “Sure” you said with a smile.  The music was blasting so loud this time.   Playing was Chris Brown’s “Turn up the Music.”  You whipped your hair left and right while laughing and holding onto Yunho’s hands.  Both of you being goofy and crazy.   “Where did Changmin go?!”  Yunho tried to yell over the music.   “What?!” You yelled back.  “I said… where did Changmin go?!” He yelled again.  “I can’t understand you!” You shouted while laughing.  Yunho then leaned down next to your ear and repeated himself.   People around you were dancing crazy and bumping into you which caused Yunho’s mouth to crash into your neck.  You grabbed a hold of his head so you wouldn’t fall back.   He pulled away slowly and you both started laughing.  Your laughing came to halt when you saw Changmin standing there motionless with anger in his eyes.   He walked up to Yunho and pushed him in the chest.  “How could you?!” Changmin yelled.  Yunho was in disbelief.  “What are you talking about?!” Yunho said back.  You stood there motionless trying to figure out what was going on.   “Changmin… calm down.  Nothing happened!”  You yelled.   He looked at you for a second then back to Yunho.   “You would really think I would take your girlfriend away from you?!  Is that the person you think I am?!  You would really think I would do that to you?!”  Yunho yelled.   He was clearly hurt that Changmin would think he would do such a thing.   Changmin started walking backwards while looking at the both of you who were in shock at the situation.  “Don’t talk to me.”  He said as he turned around and stormed out of the club.   You couldn’t believe what just happened.  You were angry and in a rage.  You wanted nothing but to slap the shit out of Changmin for assuming such absurd things.   He didn’t even give you the chance to explain.

You and Yunho ran out of the club and found Changmin’s car speeding off.   “That bastard!” You yelled into the night air.  Yunho sighed and offered to take you home.  “Oh hell no.  I am going to give him a piece of my mind.  You don’t deserve that Yunho.”  You said as you both walked to Yunho’s car.   The whole drive you both were quiet.   You wanted to save all your energy for Changmin.  You wanted him to know how angry you were for him being so judgmental and assuming nonsense things.   Yunho dropped you off and said he was going to meet up with some friends at a nearby cafe.   “Don’t kill him.”  Yunho said with a weak smile.   He knew he had to be the bigger person and be mature about the situation.  Him being Changmin’s hyung and all, he knew what he had to do.

You went up the elevator and stormed through the hallway and finally stood in front of his door.   Your rang the doorbell repeatedly.  When he didn’t answer you banged loudly on it.   Changmin stood behind the door with his arms crossed.   “SHIM CHANGMIN YOU BETTER OPEN UP YOUR FUCKING DOOR!”  You yelled while pounding loudly.   Changmin gritted his teeth.  Does she really have to be that loud?!” He said to himself.  He finally gave in and opened the door.  You stormed through it pushing your hand against his chest.  “Who the fuck do you think you are?!” you yelled as he stood with his eyebrows crunched.   “HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME AND YUNHO OF DOING SOMETHING THAT WE DIDN’T EVEN DO!” You were so angry you felt like steam was coming out of your ears.   “I CLEARLY saw the both of you on the dance floor!  He was all over you!  And there you were laughing about it!” Changmin said while turning around to walk away.   You quickly walked in front of him to block him.  “Don’t even walk away from me!  Yunho is hurt that you would even think that about him!  Are you not thinking Changmin?!  Why do you have to be so damn jealous all the time?!”  “Me… jealous?!” Changmin yelled back.  He started moving towards you causing you to back into the wall.  Your hands holding onto the wall that was behind you.   You both were breathing hard.  Your chest was rising up and down and Changmin seemed to take notice of it.  He looked down at your chest then at your eyes which were filled with anger.   “I hope you know, when you went to take your call, some douche bag guy tried to hit on me and buy me a drink! I tried to get him to leave me alone but Yunho came and helped me out!  Where were YOU HUH?!” You shouted, still breathing in and out.

Changmin looked into your eyes for a few seconds before smashing his lips against yours.    You tried to push him off.   “What the hell are you doing?!  You’re crazy!”  You yelled while making your way to the door.  But instead, you felt him grab you from behind.  You screamed at the sudden attack.  “I want you right now.” He said through gritted teeth into your ear from behind.  You fell forward onto the nearest table, Changmin was still behind you with his hands on your hips.   You were starting to get turned on by his sudden urgency.  You spread your legs as he begin to lift your skirt up exposing your thong and bare backside.  You moaned as his hands trailed up your thighs.   You were still bent over as he got down and started kissing up your legs.   He slowly removed your thong and began feeling you upwards.  He stood back up and began to rub you from behind causing you to collapse on the table, moaning like crazy.  You heard him remove his jacket and his shirt.  You managed to stand up and turn around.  You grabbed the back of his neck and forcefully kissed him.  Your tongues intertwining and sucking on each other.   You wrapped your legs around his waist as you sat on the table.  He kissed your neck and shoulder, pushing the straps of your dress down exposing your breasts.   You leaned back down on the table as his mouth devoured your chest.  You were panting as his mouth latched onto your breast and began sucking on it.   He then pulled your dress completely off leaving you laying naked on the table.   He stood there looking down at your beautiful goddess like body writhing on the kitchen table, yearning for him to take you over the edge.   He went into the cabinet and pulled out a bottle of honey.   You watched him as he spread it all over your breasts and lower region.    You shivered at the cold contact of the honey on your womanhood.   He put the bottle down and began to lick all over your breasts.  He then made his way to your lower region.   “Changmin..” you panted.  “Put your mouth on me!” You managed to say.   He lowered his head and his tongue made its way in between your folds.  You moaned one loud sultry moan.  Your pussy was engulfed by Changmin’s mouth.  His teeth biting down gently as if he were eating something delicious, which he was.   You sat back up and unbuttoned Changmin’s pants.  His hard shaft wanting to get out.  He pulled his pants off completely.   He turned you around and you bent over the table spreading your legs.  You held onto the edges as he moved closer to you.  His hardness first pressing into your ass.   He shifted and made his way inside of you.  You moaned at the sudden fulfillment.   He fucked you from behind at a steady pace, grunting each time he thrusted.  You leaned helpless on the table, your nipples rubbing against the cold surface of the table.   His hands let go of your hips and cupped your breasts and began to massage them.   You stood up and leaned back against him in pleasure.   One of his hands on your breasts and one holding onto your throat.   “There’s no one but you…” you breathlessly said to Changmin as his hands still held your throat.   The gesture of him holding you like this drove you crazy.   “No one…” Changmin whispered into your ear.   He let go of your throat and you pushed him onto the table.   His whole body completely laid flat on the surface.  You crawled on top of him but turned around so that you were in 69 position.  You lowered yourself onto his face and felt his hot breath against your pussy.   His shaft was inches from your face.  You grabbed a hold of it and licked it up and down before putting it in your mouth and sucking on it.   As you sucked on his member, he licked you and sucked on your clit causing both of you to moan against each other.   He inserted two fingers inside of you and began pumping them in and out of you.  You panted as you felt your orgasm come.  You whimpered against his dick and sucked it even harder.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” an airy moan escaped his lips.   Suddenly you heard the doorbell ring.  You both were too weak to be startled.   “Changmin-ah!” You both heard Yunho’s voice.   “Hyung… come back later!” Changmin yelled.  You turned around so that you were face to face.   “I’m sorry baby…” Changmin said while moving the hair from your eyes.   “You’re the only one for me, Min.  I love you.”  You said while kissing him on the lips.   He picked you up and you both made your way to the bedroom so you could continue what you were doing in the kitchen.  

떠나지 못해 (Sleepless Night): Changmin feat. SHINee

A song written by Changmin.. but was it written for you?

"Noona.. you promised you would come.." Taemin sighed over the phone.

"I know, Minnie.. but work just got—"

"Liar," he interrupted.

"Excuse me?" you laughed, hearing that tone from your younger brother. 

"You haven’t come to any of my performances let alone anywhere near the SM building since you and Changmin-hyung broke up."

Taemin’s bluntness caused you to gasp before biting your bottom lip. After months of trying to forget, just hearing his name said out loud brought the hurt back.

Realizing what he just said, Taemin mentally slapped himself before actually getting slapped by Minho. “Yah! Don’t talk to your noona like that you pabo!”

"Ow! You didn’t have to hit me so hard, hyung.. Mianhae, noona.. I didn’t mean—"

"It’s okay, Taemin," you sighed. You plopped down on the couch and folded your legs underneath you. "I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t the main reason why I haven’t seen you and your members perform. I should be the one apologizing to you guys."

"Everyone misses seeing you come to our performances, noona," Taemin mumbled. You could almost hear him pouting on the other side of the phone. "And we miss your cupcakes~"

"I’m glad you guys missed my baked goods.." you answered sarcastically with a straight tone.

"I said we missed you too!"

"At least you said that first.."

"Noona. please come tomorrow night to M Countdown. It’s our Goodbye Stage before we take off and start our promotions in Japan.."

You turned to your calendar that hung behind your couch. Staring at the date, you couldn’t say no. You did miss your baby brother terribly along with the other boys of SHINee. You never meant to stray away from Taemin and his members, but after ending things with Changmin, you’ve pushed yourself away from the band since Minho was one of his closest friends. Feeling guilty now, saying no was even harder.

"Arasso," you answered softly. 

"Great! Come by two hours early, okay? You have to come during rehearsal or else you won’t be able to get backstage. And that way, we can catch up with you before the show starts."

”_______-noona!” you heard Kibum shout in the background. “Bring us your yummy cupcakes~!!”

"Double chocolate!" came Jonghyun.

"Ani! Red Velvet, ________-ah! Please!" Jinki chipped in.

"You’ll make my favorite, right, noona?" Taemin asked in a cute voice.

"You know I will always make your favorite, Minnie."

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Changmin: Let Me Protect You (requested by anon)

He was so easily fooled, your Changmin. He never questioned why you wore so many bracelets on each arm or why you wore long-sleeved shirts all of the time. You stopped wearing all of the pretty dresses in your closet, but he thought it was just because your style was changing. And it was, but not for the reasons he thought.

In reality, you hated yourself for everything you couldn’t be for him.

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SNAPSHOT: Changmin fanfic (Mature)

It was a relaxing Thursday night.  You were in your dorm all alone, schedules done for the day, nothing planned.   Just you and silence.  The silence was broken when you received a text message from none other than your good friend Changmin.   Well, he was more than a good friend, but nothing official.  You would flirt with each other here and there if you were at the same tv station.   He’d send you mushy text messages, but in a joking way.  

Hey are you awake? It read.  Your heart always skipped a beat when he’d send you random texts.   Yeah, I’m awake.  You sent back.   There was a five minute wait until he sent his next text.  Your heart jumped when you heard your message notification.   Do you think you can come over? I need a subject for my photography portfolio that’s due tomorrow.   I just got back today and I’m desperate. You swallowed hard.   He’s been flying back and forth from Japan because of their tour and yet he still manages to take a photography class just for the fun of it.   You smiled and started to text back.   But before you could start he sent Do you want me to pick you up? Your heart raced but decided it would be better to just go to his place on your own.   You sent him a reply to let him know you were on your way.

As you drove, a million thoughts were running through your head.   You decided to just brush them off and go with the flow.   You finally arrived at his place.   You called him to let him know you were there.   He greeted you at the entrance to his dorm building.   The building was pretty modern and sophisticated.  Much more chic than your dorm.   “Oh annyohaesayo!” you said while walking up the stairs.   He was standing there leaning against the railing with his hands in his pockets.  A big smile came across his face.  “Anyong.” he said cooly.   “You know you don’t have to speak formal with me.” he said with a laugh while opening the door for you.  

You made your way to the elevator and conversed about how his tour was going in Japan.   The whole time while in the elevator you couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous he looked in his white buttoned down collar shirt. .   You finally made your way into his dorm.  You’ve been there before, but this time it felt different.   The ambiance of the room was much more seductive.   There were a few candles lit around the living room and the lights were dimmed.   He had a very modern fireplace going.  You weren’t sure if it was real or if it was an hd image.  “Have a seat” he said.  You sat down and looked around .   You loved how there were high ceilings and a full glass window with the view of the city.   Changmin then returned with a wine bottle and two wine glasses.   He sat on the end chair adjacent to you.   He poured the wine and handed you a glass.  “I hope you don’t mind.”  he said while holding his towards you.  You clinked it with his and took a sip.   You were glad he offered wine because that would be the only thing to calm your nerves. 

“So your photography class.. what concept are we doing?”   You asked him before taking another sip.   He put his glass down and leaned over.  “Well, I want to do simple black and whites with you.  Just around here in the living room.”  His hands became animated while explaining the concept.  “You see, I kinda wanted you to be wearing— I think it’s really— It would be nice if—” he started to jumble on his words.  He shook his head with a side smirk as he noticed how tongue tied he was getting.   “What is it?”  You asked with a smile to make him feel less like an idiot.  “I kinda wanted you to be wearing.. this shirt.”  He looked down at his shirt and then at you to see your reaction.   “Oh..” You said while blinking.  It wasn’t too bad, he wanted you to just wear his shirt.   “See… I find it sexy when a woman wears a man’s work shirt… and nothing else.  I wanna capture that in my photos.”  He said while still looking for your reactions.    “Nothing else..” You said while nodding your head.   “Alright, let’s do it.”  You said with a smile.  “I get it and I like it…” you continued as you both stood up.   “Yeah?”  He said relieved.  He didn’t want you to think he was some pervert just trying to get you naked.

You nodded and stuck your hand out.   “Shirt please.”   He stared at you for a moment and said “Oh..” while unbuttoning it.   You looked away for a second but returned your eyes to him revealing his chest.   His body was perfectly ripped and smooth.   You wanted nothing but to slide your hand down his chest and leave a trail of kisses.   He slid the shirt off and handed it to you.   It was warm.   “The bathroom is down the hall.  If it makes you any comfortable, I won’t wear a top since you’re not wearing any bottoms.”  he said with a chuckle.   When he laughed his shoulders would move up and down.  This was one of the things you liked about him, the way he would laugh.   As if he heard the funniest joke, he’d throw his head back, with a clap, while his shoulders would go up and down.  You smiled as you walked to the bathroom.  

You took off your clothes and folded them neatly by the sink.   You were still in your bra and panties looking at yourself in the mirror.  “Nothing else.”  You breathed in as you began to unclasp your bra.  You took off your panties as well and put on his shirt.   It was kind of loose on you and it draped just enough to cover your backside.   You began to test your movements in the shirt to see if you moved a certain way, something would show.  You raised your arms above your head and the shirt lifted just enough to reveal your pelvis.  You bent over to see if your ass would show, and it did.   “Fuck.” You said while looking in the mirror.  You ran your fingers through your hair and tousled it a bit.   You took out your make up bag and did a smokey look for your eyes.  

“Are you okay?”  You heard Changmin yell as you put the finishing touches.  “Yeah!”  You yelled as you took in a deep breath.  You made your way slowly out of the bathroom and tip toed through the hall.  You peaked around the corner to see Changmin sitting on the rug in front of the fireplace with his back leaned against the couch while adjusting his camera lens.   He heard you and turned around.   You stood there behind the corner peaking out.  “Hey.”  he said while getting to his feet.   He was still shirtless.  His black pants drooped a little low revealing his lean lower body.   His camera was hanging around his neck.   You couldn’t believe how gorgeous he was.  His full head of wavy hair was hanging over his face as he stood there waiting for you to come out.   He should be the one in the pictures you thought as you finally made your way towards him.    As you walked over he didn’t say anything but watch you as you awkwardly stood in front of him.   You ran your fingers through your hair, teasing it a bit to make it a little more volumized.   “Is it okay?” You said with a perched eyebrow.   “Perfect.” He said while staring at you from head to toe.   He was like this for a couple more seconds until he realized he was staring.   “So where do you want to start?” He said as he cleared his throat.   “I don’t know.. you tell me Mr. Photographer” you said with a smirk.  He laughed and pointed you towards the direction of the full length window.   Before you walked over, you downed a glass of wine.  “I’m ready.”  You said as you made your way to the window.  

“Right there.. perfect.” He said while looking through the viewfinder.   He began directing you with certain poses and you willingly did them.   You understood what he was trying to capture which made you move certain ways.   He let you know he was happy with what you were doing by letting out “Yesses!” and “PERFECT’s” and “BEAUTIFUL’s”.   throughout his picture taking.   You then sat sideways on the couch and took pictures which emphasized your legs.   You bent one of your legs exposing all of your thigh and leg.  His shirt no longer covering your bottom half.   Your bent leg was the only thing blocking his view of your womanhood.   “Is this okay?” You asked while leaning back on the armrest of the couch.  You then unbuttoned one of the buttons revealing a little bit of your breast.   He took his eye from the viewfinder and looked at you slowly with fire in his eyes.   “That is… yeah.”  He said while putting his eye behind the camera and snapping away.   You noticed him unconsciously lick his lips.   That turned you on.  You wanted nothing but to have him drop the camera and climb on top of you at that very moment.   You slid your hands down your body and in between your thigh, wishing they were his.   He put his camera down and coughed while turning away.   You had him over the edge.  One more seductive move, and he’d be done with.  

You bit your lip and stood up.   He took a sip of wine before turning back to you.   You looked down at his shirt and unbuttoned it one by one, only stopping halfway right above your bellybutton.   He stood there motionless still holding his camera.   “I was thinking.. we should have a shot of my back while I’m holding your shirt to my chest” you said while turning around and unbuttoning the shirt some more.   “I like that.” he said while getting his camera ready.   His shirt was fully unbuttoned and your first shot was letting it hang off your shoulders with your arms still in the sleeves, covering your backside.   You turned your head to look at him past your shoulder.  He was concentrating, not to miss any perfect shot of you.   You then turned around slowly moving the shirt to cover your chest and front area.  You were completely naked except for the shirt that you were holding against your body.   You only wished it was him you could hold against you.   He took a few shots of you like this before taking the camera off his neck and placing it on the couch.   You stood there as he walked towards you and then around you.   He then grabbed you from behind.  Your bare backside pressing into his chest and lower body.    You still held his shirt against you as he devoured your neck with precious kisses.   You both made your way to the nearest wall and you held your hand against it waiting for his next move.  He was still behind you kissing you all over your back and down your waist, running his hands over your bottom and kissing all over your inner thigh.   You breathed deeply as his lips explored your body.   You then dropped his shirt and turned around to face him.   You looked deep into eachothers eyes.  “Changmin-ah”   You breathed as he scooped you up.  Your legs wrapped around him as he fell back onto the couch.  Your naked body on top of him, legs on either side, straddling him while kissing his face and neck.  He let out soft moans as you ran your hands down his chest and to his pants to unbutton them.   You slid off him onto your knees on the rug and tugged them off.  He sat there leaning back watching you.   As soon as you got them off, you kissed his knee and then made your way to the soft tender part of his inner thigh.   You kissed his inner thigh gently while hovering over his manhood.   He leaned his head back letting out soft moans.   He then lifted you up from the floor back on top of him.   His dick rubbed against you which drove you insane.   You lowered yourself on him and began riding him.  You grinded your hips every which way to find that certain spot.   He held onto your sides while watching you move on top of him.   His eyes were concentrative but you knew he was feeling it too.    You bent your back backwards while his hands supported your waist.   You let out breathy “ahhhhhsss” while one of his hands rubbed your stomach repeatedly as you were bent backwards.   That heightened the sensation in your lower region causing you to orgasm right away.   You sat back up and kissed his lips as you continued riding him.    His orgasm soon followed which let him moan into your mouth.   You held his head to your chest as he took one of your breasts into his mouth.   He sucked on it as if something were coming out.   You moaned repeatedly as he took your other breast into his mouth.   “Ungh…ungh….ungh…ungh…ungh..” you moaned with a certain rhythm as he thrust into you.  You screamed and bent backwards once again after your second orgasm hit.   You both rolled onto the floor and he collapsed next to you.   You were laying on your back and he was next to you with his chest to the floor.   He smiled and chuckled.. “I think the pictures will turn out great.”  You moved the hair that was falling over his eyes.  “It’s my turn to take pictures of you honey..” 

How Far We've Come - Part 1 [Changmin]

gif credit: boks

From DBscenariosSK: This is for anon! Stay tuned for part 2 and 3! 

Three days prior:

You got into Changmin’s car and buried your face into your hands out of frustration. Changmin angrily sat in the driver’s side, making you jump when he slammed the door. You cautiously peeked at him from between your fingers while he violently backed out of the parking lot. His knuckles were white from gripping the steering wheel so tightly as he seethed in his seat. 

You couldn’t believe that yet another date had been ruined. You dreaded the pattern the two of you were falling into in which a thoughtless remark led to misunderstandings and bickering.

More often than not, you had no idea why the two of you were fighting in the first place. You often wondered if it was possible to love and hate someone so much at the same time. Tonight was no different.

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Changmin: Engrish (requested by anon)

The prompt was really cute and I liked writing this ^^ It was when you teach him English. Cute, huh?


“Oppa, repeat after me, araso? Today, I was late for work, so I had to hurry,” you recited in perfect English.

Changmin, with a concentrated expression, tried to make his mouth form the words. “Todeh I wassu lateu por werk so I head teu hulli,” he said carefully and looked at you afterward with a hopeful expression.

You bit your lip in attempt to not laugh at him, but his English really was funny. He managed to say the words, but it sounded as if he had a mouth full of rice. 

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TVXQ Scenario: "Phone call"

This is the second part to the “concert" scenario featuring Changmin ^-^ I really want to write a part 2 ~  Once again, there is Changmin’s POV ^-^ I hope you will like it <3 


You fixed his phone number written on the ball for more than a minute. Was it really his phone number? It didn’t seem real. Should you try calling? But it was late…  And you weren’t even sure if it was his number. Anyway, you were way too shy to call. Seriously, you just didn’t know what to think anymore, so you decided to go to bed. Tomorrow, you would call.


It wasn’t as easy as you thought it would be. It has been already an hour you were on your bed, your cell phone in your hand, wondering if you should call. “What should I do?” You asked yourself, looking at his number in your contact. The view of a contact named Changmin in your cell phone made you giggle. Now, it was the time. You pressed the called button and pressed your cell phone against your ears. It rang one time and your heart skipped a beat. You suddenly hanged up. How could you do this? You didn’t even know what to say. You rolled on your bed, not knowing what to do. It was stupid to call. You wouldn’t do it. It was stupid to think he could be interested in you anyway. You put away your cell phone and sighed. But what if he really was interested in you? You grabbed your cell phone back and pressed the call button once again. This time, you would wait for an answer. Or not. After the second ring, you hanged up. You were so nervous. You let out an irritated scream. Ok this time, you really had to talk to someone. You sat on your bed, pressed the call button and wait. One ring, two ring.

Hello?” It was his voice. Maybe. You weren’t even sure, but you heart was racing in your chest.

“He……Hello I… I am…” You couldn’t do it anymore and you hanged up. Oh my god. What did you just do? “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!” You hit your bed in frustration. Why were you so stupid? You hanged up on Changmin. How could you even do that? Well, you weren’t even sure if it was him. It did sound like his voice, but you couldn’t be sure at 100%. You really had to call again to say sorry. Ok, this time, it was the good one. You called and waited. This time, he answered after the first ring.

 “Hello?” “Hello… I’m… I just called and hum… I’m sorry. And…”

Are you the girl from the concert?” Your heart skipped a beat again. So, it was really Changmin. You nodded before you realize he couldn’t see you.

“Yes, it’s me.” He let out a sighed. “Ah~ I thought you would never call!” You couldn’t answer because you were too shocked. “Oh, I’m Changmin by the way.” He said. It was rather awkward. “I know.” You answered. He laughed a bit.

 “Thanks for calling me.” He said suddenly. You were about to answer when you heard a familiar voice in the background. “Changmin, is that her?” You heard a small “shh” and you tried your best not to laugh. You could totally imagined Changmin’s death stare at Yunho.

“Why did you give me your phone number?” You suddenly asked. He didn’t answer immediately and it made you nervous. You were about to say sorry and hang up when he answered.

I don’t know. I just really liked your smile.” Your cheeks turned red and you had to stop yourself from screaming.  “What is your name?” You told him your name.

So, __________-ah… I know it may be weird but… I really want to know you. Do you want to go out with me someday?” You couldn’t help the big grin that was on your face. “I’d be a pleasure!” “Then, I’ll call you soon!” “I’ll wait for you call!” “Ok, then, good night, see you later” “Bye!” After you hanged up, you realized that your hands were actually shaking. You dropped your cell phone on your bed, get up and screamed. How could this possibly happen?



You didn’t call yesterday. May be it wasn’t a good idea to give you his phone number. May be you didn’t care about him. He didn’t know what to do with his life anymore. He was sitting on the couch in his dorm and Yunho was currently laughing at him being so hopeless.

“You should stop worrying. I’m sure she’ll call. Who wouldn’t call the great Choikang Changmin?”

 “Maybe she’s too shy to call.”

“Yeah, that’s a possibility.”

Thanks for helping me hyung.” He answered sarcastically.  Yunho went to shower while Changmin stayed there not knowing what he should do. He was worried he didn’t give you the ball with his cell phone number or that someone stole the ball from you or that you gave his phone numbers to others fans. Suddenly, he heard his ringtone and his heart skipped a beat. He jumped off the couch and went to get his cell phone he had left on the table. When he arrived there, the phone had stopped ringing. He looked at the number. It was an unknown number. Was it you? He let out a sigh and went back to the couch. A few minutes later, it rang again. Did you give his number to fans? He grabbed the cell phone and answered, but you had already hanged up. It was frustrating. Should he call to know if it was really you? The phone rang again and he looked at the number. It was the same one as the two last calls.

Hello?” He heard a small voice. Was it you? He didn’t know how your voice sounded. Before he could say anything else, you had hanged up. He stared at his cell phone for a second.

What?” Suddenly, the phone rang again and he answered immediately. “Hello?”  

“Hello… I’m… I just called and hum… I’m sorry. And…” ““Are you the girl from the concert?” He asked. He wanted to make sure it was really you.

“Yes, it’s me.” He sighed without even realizing it. He was relieved it was really you. “Ah~ I thought you would never call!” He said without thinking about it too much. It was only the truth though. “Oh, I’m Changmin by the way.” He knew you knew, but he didn’t know what to say. It was a bit awkward. How could he say that you made his heart flutters each time he saw you during the concert? “I know.” He laughed. It did say something stupid, but he really wanted to hear your voice.

Thanks for calling me.” He said when Yunho get out of the bathroom. “Is that her?” He sent him a death stare and “shh” at him. Yunho laughed as he entered his bedroom.  Why did he have to ask now? He would pay for it later.

“Why did you give me your phone number?” You asked suddenly and he felt a bit shy. He didn’t know how to tell you.

I don’t know. I just really liked your smile.” He said after a while. “What is your name?” He asked because he didn’t know it yet. You told him your name and he smiled. It sounds good in his ear. And it fits you perfectly. It was now the time to asked you what he really wanted to know.

So, __________-ah… I know it may be weird but… I really want to know you. Do you want to go out with me someday?” His heart was pounding in his chest. What if you say no? “I’d be a pleasure!” He tried not to scream of happiness. “Then, I’ll call you soon!” “I’ll wait for you call!” “Okay, then, good night, see you later” “Bye!”


 He hanged up and looked at his phone. He was so happy that he screamed a “yes!” out loud. Yunho exited his room. “Stop smiling like an idiot.” He said, laughing. Changmin wasn’t even frustrated for what he did earlier. He only smiled at him and Yunho laughed. “I told you she would call.”

Everything for You [Changmin] Part 6

*Requested Fans don’t seem to be too friendly when their oppa is taken from them.

Everything: every single thing; all.
↪ [22/200 Writing Prompt Challenge]

You weren’t left alone for the next two days. The members knew how much you hated being in hospitals. They graciously took turns during their busy schedules to be with you. However, Changmin spent the least amount of time with you and when he did, he didn’t say much. A lot less than his usual self. You were concerned, but he assure you it was nothing and that he was tired. You trusted him. Why wouldn’t you? The others didn’t really have much of an answer for you either since Changmin hadn’t really spoken up to them as well.

But that didn’t matter.

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Changmin: Break up but you end up with someone else..

* The someone else is an idol ( Kevin Woo )   i’m not gunna go into the massive. Omg it’s so unrealistic thing because it’s happening sorry.

Also I can’t remember if it was for a different Changmin but I did DBSK c:


"Maybe you shouldn’t have been so controlling!" He yelled. 
"Don’t you dare turn this around on me. You’re the one who slept with her!" You screamed back. He squeezed his eyes shut and ran his fingers through his hair as the memories came flooding back.

You had walked in from a night shift to your apartment, which you shared with Changmin. You slipped off your shoes quietly in case he was asleep and wondered over to the bedroom. You pushed the door open lightly and there you saw him with some tarty looking woman, both naked. In your bed. You slammed the door shut and slept on the sofa.

"It was just a mistake!" He protested. You were having none of it.
"No Changmin. No. Buying the wrong brand bread or getting the time wrong is a mistake. What you did was far more than that." You said bluntly as you lifted your suitcase onto the floor before opening a travel bag and beginning to put your toiletries in there.
"I said I was sorry! A million times! I didn’t mean for it to happen. I swear." His eyes were beginning to water You let out a cold laugh and pushed your travel bag onto your shoulder. You turned to him.
"Then why did you let it?" You brushed past him and opened up the front door.
"Don’t go, we can work things out."
"Bye." You closed the door and looked to your right. Kevin stood up from his position where he was leaning on the wall and gave you a smile.
"You left then?" You nodded slowly and glanced back at your door.
"For good." You declared.
"Thanks for letting me stay at yours until I get myself sorted."
"It’s no trouble, you’re my best friend. Of course I’d let you stay. Here - let me take that." He took your suitcase from your hands and lead you down the stairs to the car parked outside.

Changmin peeked through his now shut blinds and saw the two of you load Kevin’s car up and get into it. He tucked his fingers into his palms and slumped on the sofa.

A fair few months passed and you were still at Kevin’s, he insisted you stayed. He said it’d be empty otherwise. You two were having your fortnightly take-away night in.
"I’m back!" He chimed as he came into the living room and joined you on the floor where you were turning the TV on. You smiled and spread the dishes along the floor. You were both enjoying your food  when your phone buzzed for the 5th time today. It was Changmin. He’d been texting you everyday since you left, explaining how sorry he was and it didn’t look like he was giving up any time soon. 
"That’s him isn’t it?" Kevin asked with a mouthful of food.
"Maybe I should give him another chance." Kevin slammed his chopsticks down.
"What are you? Stupid? Don’t do that. He’ll only hurt you again." His voice was raised slightly. You looked at him and tilted your head.
"You never kn-" He kissed you. Just like that You quickly separated and his eyes widened at the shock of what he just done. You had the exact same expression.
"I, um. I-. You wont go back to him will you?" He became very shy all of the sudden. You didn’t take a second to hesitate.
"No." You said softly, he smiled and moved closer to you again, kissing you once more.

Another few months passed and you’d quickly became a permanent resident in his house. You hadn’t told Changmin. You were in the back of the band’s minibus on the way to the show they were due to perform on. You’d arrived via the back and they were busy getting ready. 
"I’m going to go to the toilet."
"Can you get me a bottle of water when you pass them please?" Hoon asked nicely. You nodded and left for the toilets. You were halfway down the corridor when Kevin caught up with you.
"They’ve changed where the toilets are, i’ll take you." He lead you by your hand, as you turned the corner you bumped into someone.
”___-ah..?” It was Changmin. 
"What are you doing here?" He was almost speechless, part of him thought you were back here for him, the other was wondering why on earth you were here in the first place. You went to reply when you saw his eyes slowly drift down to yours and Kevin’s hands. He looked back up at you both, his eyes constantly switching from the both of you. 

"How long?"
"3 Months. I was going to tell you but-" He gave you the same look he had when he told you it was a mistake. 
"Well I hope you two have a good relationship.." He gave you both a slight smile and spun on heels, walking away and didn’t look back. Kevin pulled you into him.
"He’ll get over this soon." He soothed, he knew how bad you felt.
"I hope so." You sighed.
"You’re happy aren’t you, with me?" Kevin lifted your chin slightly, that’s when Changmin looked back. He’d heard his question and waited for the reply. You saw him from the corner of your eye. You nodded.
"I’m happy." He smiled at you, kissing your forehead then your lips.
"I love you." He whispered as you hugged him again.
"I love you too." You closed your eyes as your head was dug into his chest. Changmin bit his lip, holding back the tears. Yunho stood next to him.
"She’s happy. That’s what you wanted right?" He placed a hand on his shoulder.
"Yeah." Changmin agreed quietly. He took one last glance at the two of you before opening the door to the stage entrance and closing it firmly behind him.


TVXQ Scenario: "Study"

The owner of a blog I’m following wasn’t feeling good today :( So, I decided to write a small Changmin scenario for her ♥ It’s a little bit weird since I haven’t really talk to her but anyway. I can’t stand when people feel bad TT </3 Anyway, her blog is amazing anyway, so it’s like a thank you scenario at the same time xD So, I hope she will feel better and well, everyone that doesn’t feel well, I love you all <33


“I can’t do this anymore. I don’t want to. This is all crap.” You swallowed the sob that tried to escape your throat. You stared at your book and sighed. You felt so stupid that you couldn’t even do the simple thing.  You studied so much, yet you felt like you couldn’t remember anything you had studied. You were tired and stressed. All you wanted to do was to relax and have some fun. Unfortunately, you didn’t have time to relax. Exams were coming way too soon to your taste and you had to study or else you would fail.

Suddenly, your cell phone rang and the gorgeous voice of Changmin in Catch Me echoed in your ears. You took your cell phone and read the message that came from your friend. Anger suddenly built in your chest. Why was she always complaining? It was so annoying. She was complaining that studying was too boring yet, she had nothing to do. She knew you had much more stuffs to do than her, yet she texted you to complain. You threw you cell phone on the floor with anger and sighed.

The pressure to do well was getting heavier on your shoulder. You were just tired of it. Not just tired of studying, tired of everything. Your cell phone rang again. Not her again.  This time, it wasn’t a text message. It was a call. You get up, grab your cell phone without checking who it was and answered. “________-ah?”  

It was him. His voice was like a melody in your ear and it was comforting. But why was he calling you. “Changmin-ah?”  

Are you studying? Am I bothering you?” He asked and you could hear worries in his voice.

“No, not at all. I’m happy you called me. Aren’t you busy though?”

Nop. I just finished the press conference for Fly with the gold.

“Oh. That’s great. How did it go?” He didn’t answer and his silence made you worried.

_______-ah, are you okay?” His question surprised you. How did he know only through your voice over the phone?

“I’m okay. Why are you asking?”

I don’t know. Your voice seems… broken. You seem tired. Are you taking the time to eat and sleep well?” You bit your lower lip because you didn’t want to cry. “______-ah? Are you okay?

“No” was all you could answer before you start sobbing. He let you cry over the phone, waiting for you to calm down before saying something. It must be annoying for him, but he patiently waited for you to tell him what wasn’t going right.

I hate studying. I’m bored of it. I don’t even feel like I’m going somewhere. I’m stressed out and all I want to do is relax, but I can’t because exams are coming soon and I must study. I don’t want to. And my friends keep complaining for nothing when they don’t have much study to do. It’s just that… everything seems to go wrong.” You cried over the phone.  

“You should take a break. Even if it’s only a small one you know. It will help you feel better and after, you will be in a better mood to study. You can’t study if you’re in that state. I wish I could have told you to stop studying, but you must do well in your exams to make me proud, right?”  A small laugh escaped his lips. “I know it’s hard and you’re tired. So, do your best ok?”

You erased your tears with your hand. “I will. Thanks for calling Changmin-ah, I already feel better.”

I’m sorry I can’t be here to help you. I will come see you as soon as I get in Korea. Study hard till I come back, okay? I miss you.

“I miss you too.”

I must go now. Hwaiting.

 “Changmin-ah, wait!”


“Thanks. I love you.”

You couldn’t see it, but his smile got bigger. “I love you too.” You hung up. He always called when you need comfort the most.  Now, it was time to take a small break to eat something good for you. After, you would continue to study and do your best.

"I’m leaving you.” Jaejoong said. “You make my heart ache." And Changmin wanted to cry, but his straight face showed seriousness and something like indifference, he replied:
“You’re lying, you have no heart.” Jaejoong muttered:
‘I’m still something fuzzy for you huh?… Sometimes, I’m your salvation, and sometimes, I am your destruction, I can not be your angel because I’m…”

Changmin didn’t want to hear anything else. Prevented Jaejoong kept talking, he pushed his body and scream. “You will say it’s too dangerous for me? But I don’t care if you’re some kind of a fucking demon, you need know that I am someone worse!” Jaejoong smiled for the first time, a sad smile, Changmin felt his soul torn into two parts.

"You have no idea what you’re talking about, high school boy." Jaejoong opened his wings and flew out the window. Changmin went to window to see him flying in the sky full of dark clouds. Wishing he could fly too. Or, as a bad boy that he could be if he could hurt his wings to force Jaejoong to stay with him forever, on firm ground.

“I hate you… I love you”. Changmin muttered angrily, rubbing his hands over his face to wipe the tears that began to flow.

(JaeMin, when Jae is angel/demon and Min normal boy; scenario by Nat)

~I’m glad~

“Oh~ another cutie!” You squealed happily after another cute man walks by pass you.

“Yah! Can you just stop drooling on man?” Smiling, you turn your gaze to the person beside you.

“Why cant I? Its not like I have a boyfriend.” You stick out your tongue to him and keep on drooling when you spotted a hot man this time making Changmin frustrated and walks faster leaving you behind.

You laughed at his childishness. Everybody knew you have crush on this monster eater but maybe he is too dense too realize that you liking him.

“Yah! Wait for me!” You run after him.

Finally after you can pick up his pace, you hold his wrist which making he stop.

“What?!” He snapped at you.

“Why are you angry? Its not you never seen me drooling over man.” You poke his cheeks just to gain another fierce glare.

“Okay okay…I will leave you alone.” You rolls your eyes and started to walks but shocked when you feel your wrist being yanked away by him making your turn around slightly.

Your eyes widen when Changmin crashed his lips on your.

“Don’t look on another man!” He murmurs.

You nodded.

“Just look at me and only me!”  He murmurs again.

You nodded.

“This is my first kiss.” Your murmur while your lips with him are still intact.

“And I’m glad I’m the one who stole it away.”

TVXQ scenario: Hate or Love Part 4

I’m a bit late for Changmin’s birthday, but here’s a new part of Hate or Love!! ^-^ Things are finally getting interesting hehe!

I hope you will love this scenario as much as I do ^^

Oh and warning, this scenario is long ^^;


A small buzzing sound made you jumped on your chair. You lift your head and looked at your phone on your bed. You looked back at your homework and back at your cell phone. Without much hesitation, you left your homework to jump on your bed to take a look at your phone. 

Do you want to meet next week? I got free time next Wednesday! What about going to a karaoke? I remembered you said about wanting to go. ~

You smiled without realizing it. How could you say no when you wanted to see him for weeks now. Max was always really busy, but you were always texting each other a lot. It seems like you were always together. You typed an answer quickly. Of course, you were free for him.  And you were already excited for Wednesday.


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Changmin: A Family Christmas (requested by anon)

Today was Christmas eve. Christmas carols played through the house. The weather outside was cold and snow covered every possible surface. The house was decorated top to bottom, inside and out. The holidays were your favorite time of year.

“Umma!” A little black-haired blur ran into the kitchen and launched itself into your arms. “We’re home, umma!”

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