Hi guys, Lockjaws here. Sorry things have gotten a bit quiet around here, I’ve just been hard at work on Skulldate over the last few days. Along with a few slight aesthetic changes and fine tuning of the combat system, I’ve also working on an optional mission involving Medici Tower, which I think Mc.Rad’s already mentioned. I just finished it today, and I tell ya, it’s a doozy. Expect it to be released pretty soon (hopefully I can get it streamed first though, hint hint)

In the meantime, here’s a video I made partially to show off the new 1280 x 720 resolution, but also just to pay tribute to the amazing questiontheduet RP blog, which is(was) run by our equally amazing Squigly VA Topazius and another VA who goes by automatomik. I’d recommend checking it out, but it hasn’t been updated in months. It’s actually  quite disappointing, because I was very entertained by this blog, and, believe it or not, it was actually one of my biggest inspirations for my writing and characterization.

Thanks, Topazius and automatomik. I really hope you guys come back to RPing some day, and I hope you enjoy this tribute. :)


Sterek AU: The Sheriff thought violin lessons would be a good idea for Stiles. He also thought those violin lessons would be taught by a little old lady and not a male model that his son apparently wants to “climb like a tree”. The sheriff was wrong. So very, very wrong.