A frame is not the only way to encase an artwork for display. More artists are experimenting with plastic resins or glass to create their pieces. The resin preserves the work, more so than a wooden frame would do. The results are often similar to prehistoric sap with various objects from leaves to bugs, found within them.

If it wasn’t for plastic resin, some of artist Peter Alexander’s works would not even exist, as his piece “Cloud Box” (1966) consisted of “introducing water vapor to the liquid resin during the casting process” which created the cloud within. The artist was actually able to ‘catch’ a cloud, or technically, create a cloud and trap it forever, thanks to the resin.

Another artist who tampers with their resin to create unique pieces is Michal Macku, who in 1989 began working with ‘gellage’, his own invention of combining collage elements and gelatin. Working with gelatin prints, the artist is able to reshape his photographs, “changing their relationships and endowing them with new meanings during the transfer”. He then combines this process with state-of-the-art technology to great his large scale glass gellages, which trap his images in a 3D setting, rather than flat like a photograph.

Roni Horn’s “Well and Truly” (2009-2010) plays with illusion, where the work at first seems like a container holding water, but inspecting the piece reveals the work’s true medium; a solid cylinder of glass. The artist emanates the characteristic of water, its changeability, by allowing air to come into contact with the top of the glass as it sets in its mold, creating a smooth gloss. The artist undermines “all certainty about [the piece’s] solid or liquid nature” changing the physical experience of the viewer.

Changing physical materiality is also present in Kirsten Baskett’s pieces, such as “Autonoma”. Baskett etches delicate images onto fine Japanese kozo paper, later encasing them in clear resin, and the once “fragile paper becomes indestructible and untouchable”. The artist sees her pieces as frozen in time, permanently available to view, but never to experience the true materiality of the object captured within.

-Anna Paluch

You are...

Aries- The initiator, the warrior, the baby, the fast paced, the clumsy footsteps, the blunt, the protector, the first, the empiricist, the adventurer. 

Taurus- The Sensuous, The loyal, the clairessence, the nostalgic, the steadfast, the consistent, the determined, the creative, the subtly authoritative, the internalized. 

Gemini- The trickster, the changeable, the twins, the doppelganger, the nonsensical, the curious, the witty, the intellectual, the trouble maker, the sociable. 

Cancer- The retrospective, the nurturer, the unstable, the lunar, the sensitive, the intuitive, the protector, the compassionate, the devoted, the homely. 

Leo- The theatrical, the ego, the benevolent, the loyal, the self critical, the truthful, the royal, the generous, the cheerful, the expressive.

Virgo- The internalized, the analytical, the helpful, the caring, the server, the compulsive, the attentive to detail, the worrier, the thoughtful, the dedicated.

Libra- The charmer, the socialite, the undecided, the balanced, the graceful, the diplomat, the intellectual, the creative, the romantic, the easy going.

Scorpio- The private, the paranoid, the oracle, the passionate, the tenacious, the investigator, the isolated, the committed, the omniscient, the obsessive. 

Sagittarius- The philosopher, the comic, the optimistic, the nomad, the wanderer, the free spirit, the freedom fighter, the restless, the blunt, the truth finder. 

Capricorn- The climber, the determined, the practical, the hard working, the provider, the organised, the internalized, the realistic, the clockwork, the composed. 

Aquarius- The eccentric, the futuristic, the humanitarian, the alien, the intellectual, the independent, the impartial, the objective, the electric, the detached.  

Pisces- The Clairvoyant, the believer, the empathetic, the hippy, the malleable, the artistic, the escapist, the stoner, the pacifist, the understanding. 


Court Presentation Ensemble, ca. 1888

Gown comes with 3 bodices, detachable sleeves, ribbons, bows, pleated chiffon trim, and detachable train.

Designed by Charles Frederick Worth

via The Met


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so this is my first theme and it’s heavily inspired by hentaist, probably my fav theme maker! it’s simple as hell but I wanted to make my own so I could tweak it to just how I wanted it, and I decided since these type of minimalist themes are hot rn I would release this for others to maybe use!

the base code is from animecharacter! if you find any problems message me bc I want everything to be perf

main features:

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