[150530] Seventeen Twitter Update

[Orig.]  [17’s 디노] 선배님들께서 하셨던 촬영을 저희 세븐틴이 하고 있어요~ 무엇일까요? 유후~ 아낀다 안무 가르쳐드릴게요 Let’s Dance!!

[Trans.]  [17’s Dino] We, Seventeen are filming something that sunbaenims did ~ what could it be? Yoohoo~ i will teach you Adore U choreography. Let’s Dance!!

trans cr: @uygnim

Who has the worst sleeping habit?

Hansol: /points at Seungkwan. I choose him. 

Joshua: I would choose Seungkwan. 

Hansol: Seriously, if I wake him up, he would be “I want more jelly beans” or “Oh no, please don’t eat me.” something like that. 

Joshua: Also Chan, if you sleep next to him, he always needs to hug something. 

Hansol: He like stays there like a stone.

Joshua: He doesn’t wake up. He doesn’t wake up. 

Hansol: He body is awake but his mental is still asleep.  

Joshua: And when his alarm goes off in the morning, he never turns it off. We have to turn it off for him and when we try to wake up he doesn’t wake up.


I am beach ready baby



*at first*

You bet I’d like to go to the beach


How many times is she going to want to go the damn beach


I have bad memories of the beach sooo…

*cue flash back*


oh my god your beauty gave me a heart attack 



want some yoghurt






I think I’ll enjoy this trip to the beach


So what if your  ipanema girl


^gifs aren’t mine credit goes to owners^

~Love Minihyun  ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

my friend tundra-tiger and i have been sharing ideas about a crossover au with her oc teri as a kidnapped priest and my oc chandra as a wandering mercenary who helps him get home. trying to stay under the radar when teri has a very obvious identifying mark on his face is tough stuff, and the language barrier doesn’t help much either

(im using chan to practice my hindi, but im a first year n00b so there’s probably a bunch of mistakes and not much personality to his speech unfortunately…)