theerunawayss asked:


Yellow: When you get older, where would you want to live?
umm it sounds crazy, but i’d really like to live in the small town i live in now, but besides that somewhere in southern california! :)

(rating your 1D blog that i should have been following already)

i love your posts! but i’m not a big fan of the theme, but that’s just me.

theerunawayss asked:

have you ever cried over the boys? if you go to rate my blog please go to niallers-snapbackss. Thats the one im the most active on, but i jjust cant swap it with my personal so yeaeh. haha


YES ALL OF THE TIME. I am usually most emotional after a new video or seeing them win awards on TV or something…but everytime i hear torn…my heart melts. Also July 23 2010 anniversaries kill my soul. Not gunna lie.

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