Interview with the Iceman

Kimi: My father spent a lot of nights not sleeping, he worked a lot and he managed to get a loan from the banks. For sure, there has been some critical moments for my family, it was hard for them. When you’re young you don’t really understand how things are going on, how to find the money to buy food, or try to make us racing. I am really grateful to my parents for this, and also the people that helped us when we were kids. Luckily everything was okay. 

Champion 17/18 (Complete--Epilogue Pending)

Fenris, a runaway slave and fugitive, steals the identity of a knight and finds himself locked into a kingdom-wide competition for the title of “Champion”, half the royal coffers, and the hand of the heir to the throne. Meanwhile Audrianna, Queen Leandra Amell’s oldest daughter, has a promise to keep to her sister; and she’s not going to let a silly competition stop her.

Total Words: 61,563
Total Chapters: 17 (plus pending epilogue)
Pairings: Fenris x F!Hawke, some implied Bethany x Anders.

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"That’s one hell of a truth, Goose,” Fenris mimicked. “I’m not sure how I’ll ever top that.”

Rees snorted. She scratched underneath the one remaining shoulder plate then underneath the dried blood on her cheeks. The smell of horse shit and hay still lived happily in her pores and the layer of sweat still on her skin made her feel greasy. She’d never felt more at home on the cold palace floors. A circle of guards surrounded them with their swords pointed to where she and Fenris sat. Hawke ignored them and leaned back until she fell over, the cold floor feeling great on her back after an intense fight. Fenris scowled at her and pointedly did not follow suit.

"Oh, come on. You have to admit it was an excellent end to that horrid contest." she said. She frowned thoughtfully at the high ceilings. "Though I suppose I have to marry myself now."

"I doubt that will be allowed."

That’s your issue with this whole situation?”

"One of many, your majesty.”

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Warrior Culture : USMC

America’s premier fighting force. The mission of the Marine Corps Rifle Squad is to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy, by fire and maneuver, or repel the enemy assault by fire and close combat. It is something the USMC has proven it excels at. Sharing its tradition of excellence as warfighters with enemies near and far since its inception in 1775.

Finally drew something that is actually polished! Also, this is the first fan art I’ve done in several years, and it’s of my League of Legends main champion, Ahri! I suck at her, but I enjoy playing her. 

Details are probably inaccurate because I was following various references, but if I kept trying to fix those details, I may have never finished her lol. 

Adobe Photoshop CS6 with Wacom Intuos 3 medium tablet