1 ĸιll тнe clown (x)

2 вlacĸ rιver ĸιller (x)

3 υnтιl we вleed (x)

4 ѕpace вoυnd (x)

5 нerмιт тнe ғrog (x)

6 lιvιng dead (x)

7 yoυ’re crazy (x)

8 мonѕтer (x)

9 anιмal (x)

10 нere ιn yoυr arмѕ (x)

11 нere wιтнoυт yoυ (x)

12 no. 5 (x)

13 ĸιм (x)

14 geт away wιтн мυrder (x)

15 нaтe мe (x)

16 dance wιтн тнe devιl (x)

17 мy мedιcιne (x)

18 мaĸe мe wanna dιe (x)

19 a lιттle pιece oғ нeaven (x)

20 laѕт reѕorт (x)


art: aromatic-chameowmile (x)

putting this playlist together: lexie (x) & emily (x)

(if requested, we can and will do playlists for other pairings)

How to be nepeta leijon, a Nep rp guide! :33 (and a bunch of pixels too)

(If you want to tell me something and my url changed, just go to!)

Ampurra’s RP guide is really useful too! You should check it out.



Nepeta’s prefix is obviously this

:33 <

~basic quirk~

- Nepeta types in all lower case except for EMPHASIS.

- Words with 2 or more e’s become 33. ex. “s33” and “s333333333”

- When stretching out a word like ”s333333333” she multiplies the e by 9, this is a reference to a cat’s 9 lives.

- Nepeta doesn’t use apostrophes with names. ex. “tavroses”& “daves”  instead of Tavros’s & Dave’s                                                                      

- She does use apostrophes with chat handles. ex. “aa’s”

- Nepeta doesn’t capitalize abbreviations like “aa” or “bs”. she only capitalizes “RP”.

-Nepeta doesn’t say “I’ll” or “I’m”. she says ” i will” and “i am”.

-She says “ok” instead of “okay”

-Nepeta doesn’t use periods. She does use exclamation points, commas, and question marks.

-She usually multiplies question marks and exclamation points by 3 or 4. When she was fangirling with Meulin, she uses 9 exclamation points.

- She usually stops her line when she ends a sentence

AC: :33 < i s33 right through your stupid act, who are you trying to kid!
AC: :33 < look how you go out of your way to use words that have x’s in them so that you can use your silly purrcent signs
AC: :33 < or use these absurd words that you can shoehorn a ‘100’ into, even if its not strictly replacing ‘loo’!!!
AC: :33 < you are so transpurrent

There are some exceptions:

:33 < oops
:33 < sorry :((


:33 < s33! what the hell??? 

- She never has said meowbeasts, she just says cats.

-Nepeta uses “heh” and “h33” for laughing. She usually says “heheh” instead of “h33h33”

~Cat smilies~

Nepeta Uses emotes at the end of her sentences frequently too:

:33 < i have b33n purrcrastinating :((
:33 < i can smell a guy who likes to play games from so fur away with this nose, you have no idea X33  

They’re just smilies but with “33” instead of “)”

~Roleplaying as roleplaying~

Nepeta roleplays as an anthro version of her lusus. Basically, this is her fursona. Nepeta didn’t roleplar as much after her lusus died.

The character she roleplays as is a mother with very cute cubs! She also lives in a cave, so she could have a similar enviroment to nepeta.

When roleplaying,  nepeta describes things in asterisks and can be quite descriptive. For example she says:

:33 < *ac twitches her friendly whiskers at ct*

instead of just:

:33 < *ac twitches her whiskers*

Nepeta can make mistakes when her RP partner does something sudden. ex. (When terezi stole one of her cubs.)

:33 < dont you dare!
:33 < i mean
:33 < *ac shouts dont you dare!*
:33 < *indignantly*

Also, when RPing face to face, she refers to herself as Nepeta instead of AC!

"She thinks that when roleplaying, you don’t always have to announce who you’re roleplaying as in every line, and that you don’t always have to point out that it’s pretend."- Tumblr user Ampurra

While RPing Terezi’s judicial stuff, Nepeta RPs and “The pouncellor”.

~Nepeta roleplaying as Equius~

during “Equius: Seek the highbl00d” nepeta and equius roleplay as eachother.

When RPing as Equius, Nepeta talks in all caps and in third person as “STRONG EQUIUS” or “HULKING BRUTE”. She also points out Equius’s RP mistakes IC. Her prefix as Equius is “:33 < D —>” and she still replaces “ee” with “33”. Ex.



Nepeta says cat puns frequently, but she doesn’t use like 50 per sentence. She also doesn’t use really silly sounding ones (or atleast when she does she mentions afterwards it was a bit too much.) In serious conversations she stops using catpuns.

Also ver/vor was never replaced by “fur” 

Nepeta once said “pawbserves” instead of “observes” but that was in a fanfiction by calliope and it sounds really dumb.

Nepeta also says “purrmise” instead of “purromise” so she would probably say “purrbably” and “purrty” too.

also, nepeta has never said “meowrail” or “karkitty”. Meowrail is kinda cute but “karkitty” has become a bit annoying to me and alot of roleplayers. 

Nepeta has also never said “mew” instead of “you” just…don’t do that.

list of pun words (Tell me if I missed one.):

  • fur 
  • paw
  • purr
  • meow
  • claw
  • lick
  • yiff (She once said “beautyifful” I’m serious.)
  • mew (rare, and never a substitute for “You”.
  • hiss
  • cat
  • mouse
  • hiss

When it comes to catpun nicknames, she only uses them at people she’s angry about (like Vriska and Eridan!) or she uses REALLY subtle ones (Karkat becomes Karcat.)

The only nicknames in canon are Karcat, Ampurra, and Friska/Vriskers.

-Extra things-

While on Alternia, she was in search of the fountain of cute!                           Nepeta doesn’t care about blood classes, She says it doesn’t matter to her and shouldn’t matter to anyone else.                                                                   As mentioned before, she stops punning and roleplaying in serious conversations.                                                                                             As mentioned by Terezi, Nepeta doesn’t need her claws to hunt. She sometimes just does it with her bare hands.                                               Besides shipping, she also likes tea and drawing comics/storyboards.


DAVE - Nepeta calls dave “the akwete purrmusk with the black glasses” which is his joke fursona. She mentions that she thinks he’s cute, but she thinks that all of the humans are cute.

JADE - Jade is Nepeta’s favorite human, But Nepeta couldn’t talk to her much because Jade thought she was trolling her. Nepeta said this was pretty frustrating, but if they had the chance they probably would’ve gotten along well. 

ROSE - Nepeta’s only actual shown interaction with a human. Nepeta feels like she bothers Rose alot. She mostly talked to rose so she could talk to Jaspers.

TEREZI - Nepeta was Terezi’s first choice as a team mate in SGRUB and in Alterniabound they both have a little time where they’re roleplaying and being nerds.

KARKAT - Nepeta has an unrequited flush crush on Karkat. She never really got up the guts to tell him before she died.  Please note that she isn’t obsessive or clingy or some giggly blushing fangirl around him.  She never tried to pursue him, she never made a move at him, she just had a pretty obvious crush on him.

Apparently, she had no idea that he knew about her crush.

Karkat seems to be angered by her roleplaying, but acts normally when she isn’t. In “[S] Roxy: Sleepwalk” Dersite!Nepeta can be seen with a happy God Tier!Karkat on LOLCAT, which could be seen as evidence that the two could get along well if given the chance. 

EQUIUS - Nepeta and Equius are close moirails. They do argue sometimes, but no relationships perfect. Nepeta feels like if she didn’t pacify equius, who would? Everyone has an important job to do.

Note:Nepeta didn’t meet Equius in person until they started playing sgrub, they actually lived quite far away from each other.

TAVROS - Nepeta gets along with well with tavros, but there’s not much more to say about them than that.

ARADIA - Nepeta was Aradia’s server player for a while and Nepeta promised to not tell anyone about Aradia’s death. This means they are on good terms

VRISKA - Nepeta stated that she was scared of Vriska, mostly because of what happened during FLARPing.

ERIDAN - Nepeta dislikes Eridan, she thinks he’s creepy and never put him on her shipping wall.

GAMZEE - Nepeta most likely viewed Gamzee as harmless, since she didn’t believe he went on a rampage.

JASPERS - Nepeta says Jaspers reminds her of Pounce. Jaspers told Nepeta that there is still hope for things after you die (red romance being an example.)

POUNCE DE LEON - Nepeta’s lusus, Nepeta thinks Pounce is the cutest and possibly bestest cat she’s ever seen.

Note:Alot of people think pounce is male, but she’s actually female.

MEULIN - Nepeta and Meulin mostly fangirled together, so not much to say.


A helpful guide  that talks about mischaracterizations.

A bunch of helpful links.

^Nepeta’s drawing style

^seating arrangement on the meteor

Daedric (troll) alphabet ^

STATICS of icon masterposts (these are statics of other blogs. Even though these are pages of my blog, these weren’t made by me and could have links to other people’s stuff.):

masterpost 1

masterpost 2

masterpost 3

masterpost 4

masterpost 5

If you find more icons or make a masterpost please tell me!


feastings pixel sets.

Feastings edit of god tier Nepeta and other god tiers.

Feastings edit of pirate Nepeta.

Feastings edits of Fefetasprite and friends!

A BUNCH of shipping sprites.

Dancestor shipping sprites.

Shipping sprites for even more characters.

Moispritmesis icon.

NOTP sprites.

Leprechaun sprites.

Misc shipping sprites.

^ By asymmetricjester on tumblr.

^By deleted blogs.

^by cairovercoat on Tumblr.


^By 666bot on tumblr.

^By Nepurin on tumblr.

^ By gardenofsugarandeden on Tumblr.

^by 3o2 on Deviantart

^by mint421 on Deviantart

^By Uri-Loves-Cookies on Deviantart

^Unknown, canon/edited maybe.

^By tearzahs on deviantart.

^By solarsign on deviantart.

^ By stareatnight on tumblr.

:33 < speaking of tea 
:33 < i am going to go brew myself a nice mug of chameowmile, brb! 
:33 < anyone want? :oo

So we get to walk around as Kanaya. Not as good of a music as Terezi, though. Well, aboslutely nobody is here, where could they all be? Wait, is the poignancy from the Tinkerbull stemming from him or Tavros being alive? Either way, I don’t think they are. Aww, and we can’t get in the horn pile? You know, the one that “has hard metal edges, is lumpy as hell, and you can’t move without it honking”? I’m so disappointed. And apparently, it’s for the blown up Aradia, who somehow managed to become less dead during that explosion. Wow, Kanaya is sure following Terezi’s dragon plush politics a lot. Wow, we don’t have different examinations for different people. How lazy. Yeah, let’s have everyone missing, untouched Faygo, milk, and chameowmille tea. That’s surely not a sign of anything wrong.

Aww, Karkat is feeling sorry for what he did to Terezi. Maybe he’ll make it up sometime soon. I mean, they aren’t going to die. No seriously, Karkat and Terezi are like the main trolls, they aren’t going to die forever. And Kanaya’s plan is only going to leave her gone for a few minutes. I can’t imagine how that’s tempting fate. And we won’t get to see Mr. White Text here. Well, maybe because there’s no way to highlight the text. So, let’s be Karkat. Well, he’s certainly very open to how Sollux is dealing with this. Aww, and the two of them are so nice as to insist on Karkat taking a nap, that’s not going to end badly. And apparently, I can’t leave as Karkat, so on to talking about how much he loves the password system. And by how much, I mean none at all. Oh wait, now maybe that’s what he felt bad about annoying Terezi. Well, let’s be Kanaya and leave and oh wait suddenly Eridan.

Wow, Sollux is so happy to see him. And Eridan is returning the favor. And apparently, this is all because of stupid romance. See, I knew it was bad. How could Feferi say that? Because it’s true? And he’s still planning on going to fight Jack. Yeah, that’s great; how well has that turned out before? Especially if the only thing is that he now has a glowing wand, totally even footing. Oh good, he realises how much a chance he has. WAIT WHAT? He’s going to JOIN Jack? WHAT? Come on, not all hope is lost, you’re forgetting one thing: Jack’s the antagonist, and they never win. And such a harsh penalty from Feferi, no more fish puns. Oh boy, we get a fight! And Well, it’s lasers versus science magic and nope that’s where it cuts out. Which is going to win?

Ouch, that really looked like it hurt. At least Hussie helpfully provided us with a sound effect so that we know he’s not dead. I mean, if my favorite troll died once and for all, that’d be terrible. And I know for a fact that that is never going to happen. He’s like half died seventeen times, and his aliveness probably has an imaginary component, or something like that. And Feferi is really angry about that. What’s Eridan going to do now, shoot her? Oh my god he shot her. That looks a bit less survivable, though. So now there are ten, although Aradia’s off elsewhere. So now, are we getting science versus fashion? Oh look, there’s the spikeball. I almost forgot about that. Not that it matters now, because there is no longer a spikeball. And out comes the chainsaw and wow that was a long battle. Nine. You know, maybe we could go for longer than ten panels between deaths? No? Okay.

Also forgetting, Karkat was in the room the whole time and saw every last bit of that. So, now he’s in here, commanding a very impressive nobody else. Honestly, why are you still questioning? You saw it with your own two eyes. Oh my, there was nobody talking. Oh wait, just someone in white. So he wasn’t talked to at all? Such a relief. Actually, I think this counts. You know, because it’s addressed to him. “Don’t turn your back on the body”? What does that even mean? There’s many bodies behind him, can he turn his eyes on one of them but not the other? No, actually, everyone is there. And there’s also a message from Gamzee. That’s going to cheer us up.

And he starts with just random honking. Nice to see that he’s still helpful. Wait, that’s being weird. He’s not dOiNg HiS sTuPiD cApItAlIsAtIoN thing. And doesn’t seem stoned at all. And he’s laughing at Eridan’s murderous antics? Yeah, that’s totally not good. Wait, he’s the highest? So he’s finally into caring about the blood castes. Oh joy. So what’s he going to do now, boss everyone? Or… murder everyone. You know, can we go back to before [S] Wake, where everything was a lot less dead?

anonymous asked:

hey there!! i hope you feel better soon!! listen to some nice beats, prepare or ask someone to make you tea or coffee or any other beverage of your preference!! <3

:33 < *ac thinks some chameowmile would definitely help calm her down*

:’33 < *unfurtunately they dont have any…*

:oo < *um, but thats ok!! she adds hastily making sure mx anonymous knows they arent upset about it!!!!*