chamberlian said:

Where are you from, originally, and where are your parents from? Because you sound like a Vermonter, but you speak of redwoods.

I live in Vermont but only recently, so I’m no Vermonter.  I come originally from a small settlement in the redwoods in San Mateo County, California.  My father is of California-Okie extraction, and I think my grandfather on the other side may be too, but my mom is from Oregon and she’s half Minnesota-Swede and half… Arkie or something I forget exactly where my grandfather is from, but I think he also came to California and then north to Oregon.  But redwoods are my own personal point of origin and the most sacred location for me on the planet — a particular area of the redwoods too, not just all redwoods.  I lived there for the first couple years of my life and then also the first few years of my adult life, with lots of visits back in between, but it made an indelible impression on my soul that I can’t describe the depth or the intensity of.

People sometimes say in some pictures that my dad looks like an old Vermonter but he’s 100% Okie/Arkie (the people who migrated to California, most famously portrayed in the book the Grapes of Wrath).  Here’s some of what he wrote about the Okie migration.  ”Okie” is a word that was applied both to people from Oklahoma and also Arkansas and neighboring states, so my family is both from Oklahoma and the Ozark region of Arkansas, on three sides in that general vicinity at least.  The Swedes are the only outliers.

I generally say I’m part Swedish and part Southern and grew up in California.  That covers everything relevant.  And it feels more honest than trying to chop up all the Southerners into whatever countries they came from originally.

chamberlian said:

That was a really partisan answer you just gave about Palestine. Could you have at least tried for objectivity?

This site is called Jewish Politics and I state off the bat on my site that I am massively pro-Israel

And the person specifically asked me. Seeing my blog they would have known about my political opinion on the matter.

P.S. that was not an answer I gave about “Palestine” it was an explanation I gave as to why Palestinians are anti-Semitic.

As for the concept of “Palestine” there was no objectivity needed, the subject of the area known as such was factual and historical.

chamberlian said:

If I am a panromantic who feels little or no primary sexual attraction, but does have primary and secondary sexual desire, and some little secondary sexual attraction, who is pleasantly amused by the idea of sex and makes mock sexual advances on people, to what sexuality label would you ascribe me?

If you feel no primary sexual attraction, then you’re ace! Congrats!




From looking at work from artists such as Janne parviaine and Dean Chamberlian i have become interested with the techniques and methods used to create light painting prints. here are my attempts to light paint.