Film stills don’t get much better than this. Mifune (L) and Seiji Miyaguchi ® in “Seven Samurai” (1954). 

After “Ikiru,” Kurosawa and his screenwriting team - Shinobu Hashimoto and Hideo Oguni -  wanted to make a film exploring a day in the life of a samurai, but the idea was too vague. Looking over the enormous amount research material compiled, Kurosawa found a tidbit about a group of samurai who came together to protect a village from bandits.

The team sat down to explore the idea and ended up writing a 500 page script. 


Chambara is a unique first person deathmatch game where the whole world is only viewed in two colors, with no shadows, shading or lighting effects to highlight the players.  This means that the players blend in with the background (as long as they’re the matching colour) able to hide in plain sight and ambush other players.

The binary color system of Chambara is a fantastic concept, that makes your positioning in 3D space critical, as you can effectively be invisible from one angle, but vulnerable from another.  The game features split-screen play for up to 4 players, which works wonderfully, especially with players sneaking a peek at other players screens, trying to figure out where they are.  It’s like a very stylish game of hide and seek where you don’t have to hide behind objects - you can hide right in front of them.

Download the Prototype, Free (Win, Mac & Linux. Development build will be updated weekly)