Chesshur/Alice (flash)



It started as a joke. Alice bought the feather wand to tease the cat about the fangirls having brought various cat toys with them to the shows. Chesshur had stared at her when she presented it to him, his electric blue eyes flashing dangerously before he vanished into thin air. Alice had felt guilty the rest of the day.

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Chesshur/Alice (Drabble/Request)


Washing Machine.


Alice was rather fond of Chesshur.

It was an odd sort of fondness, one that had grown from a simple liking to something quite a bit different. She liked to be around him, to watch his expressions as he discovered something new and excited.

The mundane world was very different from Underland, and, in the same way that he had taken twisted enjoyment out of her reactions at seeing new things in Underland; she took the same enjoyment while watching him.

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My Elven Name

B E T H A N   Ë R I V É R A   F A Y

is my Soul Name

Post Eclipse, this week has bought me deep into Union with my Soul. I feel guided to start using my Soul name that was shared to me through Spirit. Ërivéra Fay is my Elven name, which means Ërivéra : ‘E-River-ah,’ meaning Elven river. The eternal river that flows through all Creation.The immortal stream of Life. The cosmic ocean that flows for Infinity. I feel this is my Soul essence and my Elven origin has always shown me the symbol of the River and Ivy being the symbols of immortal ever-lasting Life! 

The day post the Equinox I felt guided to visit one of my favourite places on Earth - Glastonbury - the Heart of Avalon! I love this sacred site dearly, my Soul is encoded within this land. Water plays a special part within the depths of Glastonbury Tor and surrounding landscape. This is the Spring of Challice Well. Which is also known as the Holy Grail of waters, fountain of youth and Chalice Water of immortality! Water is Life, the infinite flowing water of the cosmos is the essence of all Creation.

The White Water Spring at Glastonbury Tor is the most sacred place I have ever met. The White Goddess moves through out this Spring, over flowing her Infinite Creative life-force through the Waterfalls of this sacred space. The White Spring is protected by the Faery realms and has magical healing properties. The mineral deposit of this Spring is Calcite, which has a pure white energy. I feel like Avalon is the realm of the White Goddess. The Isles of Avalon suggest the importance of Water in the protection and incubation of a Magical realm between the veils. Water holds memory and transfers information and Light. Water is the conductor of All Life.

After my Initiation of the Equinox/Eclipse gateway I crowned myself with this Beautiful Elven IVY crown made from Silver. The energy beholds the Silver energy of Starlight and the White purity of Spirit. I created sacred ceremony at the Holy thorn tree in the Avalon orchard, I crowned myself the Elven Queen: Betha Ërivéra Fay, Daughter of Avalon in Starlight, In Service of the White Goddess and Faery realms. 

The second part of my name refers to my embodiment as an Enchantress of Creation and Service to the Faery realms. The Queen of Fay, is a BEing who dances with the Faeries in-between the veils of this world and other dimensions. The Faeries are Earth Angels and assist in protection, proserving and co-creating Nature in all her forms. The Fae are magical beings devoted to keeping the balance and equilibrium of Nature. I feel very aligned with these realms as my biggest honour and Joy on Earth is to BE with Nature and connect to all the flowers, plants and trees. Playing within there magical essences and healing properties that reflect the principles of Creation. All nature is Divine and works within the Whole, each plant being embodying an aspect of Life. When we embody Nature, we become more like Nature. We are Creation.

I felt such an honour to Crown myself : Bethan Ërivéra Fay at the Avalon Orchard. The Apple tree acts as a portal to other worlds and unifies the multi-dimensional aspects of the Universe. I felt like all the Light beings were watching and assisting me in this honouring of my Elven Self. The Divine Being of who I truly AM. Ërivéra Fay is more then just a name but an encodement of my Soul, my Divine Blueprint, the Divine signature that carries the Light of my Soul’s journey. This energetic code, carries the Sound of my Soul. My Soul Song is the harmony of Ërivéra Fay, this is the Light of how I was created through my Unique Soul Spark. 

I anointed my skin with the Avalon dew of this Holy thorn tree, I felt such a sacred magical energy flood my entire presence.

Blackthorn is a Tree of Magic, unifying the Yin/Yang aspects of Light and Dark. The White flowers are the first to blossom in Spring and Black berries the last to form in Autumn. The energy of Blackthorn has often been related to the Goddess Morrigan and  Morgana Le Fay, who is the Goddess of Magic, Sex and Birth ! Morgan Le Fay, Enchantress and High High priestess of Avalon! The energy of the five pointed star is embodied within the Blackthorn aswel as the Apple. The five pointed star carries wisdom and the Union of the five elements, the five directions of Magic. 

I felt such a doorway open as I embodied this sacred ceremony of crowning myself the Elven Being that I AM. The Elven race are the wise ones from the Stars, the Eldar. The eternal ones of immortality and youth. This is the Source origin of my Soul and the Star heritage that is encoded in my Being. My Elven name embodies the very core essence of my Soul as my Creation Self. My Elven crown symbolises the Silver Ivy of Immortality and Elven Starlight that my Soul is always connected to through all eternity. I AM remembering the Infinite Life of my Being. By bringing into form, the physical symbols of our Soul encodements, we merge our physical life with our Higher dimensional aspects. This is the integration of the Divine New Human. My birth name Bethan, is just as connected to my Soul energy as the name originates from the word Beth/Birch, the tree of New Beginnings, New Birth and Wayshower of the New. This is my Divine purpose to assemble hear on Earth. I feel so honoured and greatfull to be in form on this planet and carry out the sacred purpose on my magical journey. We all have a Divine purpose and Unique principle to Serve in Creation. The process of Divine remembrance is to awaken to this very act and Live it, day by day in everything we create.

The heart of Avalon is my Soul land, when I returned home I was shown a vision of ‘Avalon in Starlight’ this is the sacred realms of my Self. The magical and mystical realms that exist in-between worlds, the realm of the White Goddess, a magical place of Unicorns, Faeries and Dragons. A world where anything is possible! For me, this is what the New Earth looks like and the energy of Glastonbury Tor crystallizes the frequency of Avalon within its presence. The veils are very thin, especially on these powerful Eclipse portals. We are being invited to enter the inner realms of our Cosmic Self, who knows no boundaries. I carry the Ray of Elven Starlight and I AM a Gatekeeper of Avalon. Meaning I assist in strengthening the bonds between this world and other worlds. The Apple tree is perfect and this is why the Avalon orchard is such a potent place of Magic. Avalon means Apple in Old English. The Ancient wisdom can be felt by just soaking up the energy of this landscape. I feel like I AM home when I AM in Avalon.

The Tor, acts as a powerful Stargate, a temple of Light! Many gateways can be accessed and celestial encodement’s received. I AM so greatfull that my Soul navigated back to this land which I know so well. A grand cosmic cycle has ended and another begun. There is this feeling of Endings and Beginnings at the same time and a Grand Cycle coming to completion. Ancient wisdom of the Soul is being Retrieve in order to connect to the grander Divine purpose that our Over-Soul is orchestrating. This is what I feel when I connect to my Elven essence and my Elven Ivy crown reminds me of my Starlight origin and what I AM bringing through on this Earth plane.

Ignite and LIGHT UP the Fires of our Soul, as we Rejoice within the Freedom of our Spirit. We are coming into Unity with all elements in Creation. The purity of Fire, transforms any material yet to be transformed. The Fire of our Heart shines on like the Eternal Flames of Life, forever burning within the Cosmos, deep in the darkness of space, deep in the centre of our Sol. 


Earth Goddess

Ignite the Flames within Me,

My Elven Starlight shines through Me,

In Unity and Eternity



Ërivéra Fay