Tom Hiddleston + Shakespeare

Does it scare you to do Shakespeare ?

No. I mean yes ! But it makes me… it keeps me sharp, it’s my great passion actually. And I think it’s the greatest challenge for an actor, and the greatest reward because what you have to do is you have to… learn the words and adjust them and absorb them so you know them inside-out and because the words are so wise, I always feel like I’m more opened, I’m a more compassionate person for the doing of it. It’s sort of like… I just feel a bit more alive when I’m doing Shakespeare. It’s hard to put your finger on it but it’s very, very fulfilling.

The challenge extends beyond lawmaking to norm-setting. The coalition of parents, faith leaders, educators, businesspeople and others in Washington who are uniting behind background checks do so in the name of a core social norm: responsibility. All our American rights — and particularly Second Amendment rights — come with responsibilities.
The responsibility, for instance, to minimize the danger inherently created by the circulation of weapons that can kill en masse. The responsibility to foster a culture of safety, especially for our youth.
When middle-aged “open-carry” activists walk into Kroger with semi-automatic rifles slung over their shoulders, they aren’t exercising their rights with an ethic of responsibility. They’re trying to intimidate their way to respect and esteem. They’re acting out, demanding attention and rejecting curbs on their desires. That’s not being a citizen. It’s being a toddler.

"This is a state of grace/ This is the worthwhile fight/ Love is a ruthless game/ Unless you play it good and right." Taylor Swift Art Challenge - State of Grace

I had so many of you ask me for State of Grace + Percabeth, so here it is!


1D edit challenge | 1 Harry Edit

↳ Harry Styles

Even though a lot of crazy things are going on around us, I honestly don’t think it’s been that hard to stay down to earth. I look around me and I can see how people could get carried away, because if you lived completely in the fame bubble you could end up thinking you’re the greatest thing ever. I almost feel a bit sorry for people whose lives get completely taken over by it, because I can see how hard it would be to stay grounded.

I think you just need to take a step back from it every now and again, remind yourself of what it is you’re involved in as a whole and get it in perspective. It’s a very cool job, but it doesn’t make me any better than anybody else.


GET TO KNOW ME MEME → favourite divas [3/10] » Nikki Bella

"I want to be Divas Champion again. All the girls say it but I want it more than them, and I want to have the longest reign of all time. I want Triple H and Mr. McMahon to put me in situations that challenge me. I want to be scared when I’m walking out into Gorilla, because that feeling helps you deliver a five-star performance and helps you grow as a person. I want to be scared of what the fans will think of me before I walk out."

Don’t let anyone make you do things you don’t want to do. Don’t allow anyone to take what’s yours. Don’t allow anyone to lie to you. If you don’t believe something then question it, challenge it. Don’t let anyone take your hard earned money. Don’t allow anyone to profit off of you. Become independent. Grow your own food. Don’t pay your taxes. Fuck this strong federal government.

libra’s greatest challenge is finding a plateau of peace in a world of chaos. instinct, intuition, communication and diplomacy are universal tools utilized by libras, and they are required to find a 50/50 balance between living within the mind and amongst company

How a Mysterious Body Part Called Fascia Is Challenging Medicine

Fascia is a web of fibrous tissue that permeates the body, but is it really the "Cinderella Tissue" that new age therapists, Rolfers, and yoga instructors suggest? The fascial system is still a medical mystery. But that could soon change, thanks to an unlikely alliance between researchers and alternative therapists.

In October, 2007, more than 100 scientists from around the world convened in Boston, Massachusetts to discuss the latest research on fascia, an enigmatic, gauze-like matrix of connective tissue that envelopes the muscles, surrounds the nerves and swathes the organs in a body-wide-web of fibrous collagen. But the researchers had some unlikely company. Also in attendance, and outnumbering researchers 5:1, was a throng of complementary- and alternative-medicine practitioners with a mutual interest in fascia. United by their fascination with this medically neglected tissue, the two camps comprised the attendees of the first-ever International Fascia Research Congress.

Science's coverage of that first congress indicates that practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine (aka “CAM”) signed up for the meeting in droves. The researchers, however, had required some convincing. Therapies defined by the National Institutes of Health as “complementary,” “alternative,” or “integrative,” are characterized, in large part, by a lack of scientific evidence in support of their effectiveness. More distasteful, still, to many scientists, is how readily such therapies expose themselves to untestable spiritual and metaphysical interpretations. For many researchers, to associate with alternative practitioners is to not only grant outlandish theories credibility by association, but to risk sullying one’s own scientific reputation.

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Been thinking on the difference between decompression and relaxation.  I stand by the idea that both are just fine and even important, but my ratios (and probably most people’s) are way off lately.

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A Worthy Hunter [NC-17, 22,500 word count]

(au, fluff, crossover, creature!cas, spells, dreams, languages, fairy tale, danger and sacrifice, bottom!cas)
recced by flyingcatstiel

All Castiel had ever known was the tragedy of a war his grandfather had started long before he was born. He never meant to end it the way he did, but there was no undoing what he’d done. A witch’s curse would see to it that he spent the rest of his days miserable and alone. If he ever wanted to be a man again, he needed to earn the love and loyalty of a true warrior. But how was he supposed to do that when he was nothing but a beast?
Or: a destiel Beauty and the Beast au based on the Disney movie with elements from the original tale.

Hear You Me [NC-17, 82,800 word count]

(au, angst, deaf, mute, self harm, mechanic!dean, librarian!cas, reserved!cas, virgin!cas, coming out, slow building romance, bottom!dean, bottom!cas, !samjess, !dcbb)
recced by kyrie101

Castiel is a college graduate stuck in two dead-end, part-time jobs. Oh, and he’s Deaf…which to his oldest brother Michael makes him something to constantly fret over. It’s not Castiel’s fault that he doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life, right? Not like it’s Michael’s business anyways.

Enter Dean Winchester. A chance encounter with the man has the power to change Castiel’s life - and in the end, maybe, just maybe, it will help him finally understand and accept who he is and what he’s meant to do.

It Takes Two to Tango [T, 24,900 word count]

(au, angst, naive!cas, reserved!cas, athlete!cas, athlete!dean, suicidal, love hate, slow building romance, asexual!cas, !dcbb)
recced by kyrie101

Dean’s been sailing small boats for a long time, basically his entire life. He lives and breathes it, even at this crappy little place. It’s nothing like where he used to be, but that’s alright. He could definitely use a little less of the fast-paced intensity that he’s used to. So what if no one here actually knows what they’re doing, or the boats needed replacement five years ago? But all good things must end, and this slams to a screeching halt when the new guy shows up. He’s another one of those pretentious rich kids (I mean, who else would be named Castiel Fitzroy?), trained at the best place on the East Coast, and absolutely hates Dean with a passion. Which would normally be fine, except it takes two people to sail a boat, and guess who Dean’s new partner is?
That’s right. The new guy. This is going to be a long summer…

Too Wise to Woo [NC-17, 25,500 word count]

(au, angst, fluff, teacher!dean, teacher!cas, protective!dean, jealous!dean, college, calthazar, bottom!cas, hurt comfort, love/hate, crossover, noncon)
recced by anon

Doctoral candidate Castiel Milton is strung tight with stress upon attempting to complete and defend his dissertation at Stanford University. When his roommate, Sam, invites his brother, Dr. Dean Winchester, appallingly handsome mechanical engineering professor, to stay with them, Cas finds that they can’t stand each other.

Enter undergraduate students and mischief-making BFFs, Charlie Bradbury and Alex Carter, who think Professor Milton and Dr. Winchester would get along splendidly, and make it their project to ensure this ship sails by the end of the semester.

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Before every show I go to, I always pray that God would use me to be a light, encouragement, and blessing while I am there, in whatever way that looks. Two nights ago, I took my friend Olivia with me to a show and we prayed together before for opportunities.

God answered in some really awesome ways.

During one of the band’s set, the guitarist began sharing a message and asked a question, “What is most important to you? What are you most concerned about?” He prefaced that question with asking them to just consider it, not answer out loud. Of course someone mockingly shouted, “Getting laid!” He ignored it, but the same person kept it up, so he called them out on it. “So what you’re saying is that what you’re most proud of is getting personal pleasure out of a woman’s body who is not your wife?”

He called it out on what it really was and challenged that in a way that just leveled with the fact that we are all selfish and sinful (a part of the gospel a lot of people leave out, which his essential to recognizing our need for repentance and forgiveness). The rest of what he had to say was solid. He lovingly shared the truth with everyone in that place. I’m sure some people don’t want to hear the gospel at a show, they just want the music, but I’m so thankful some bands are bold enough to share what needs to be heard the most.

After that band’s set, a guy came up to me and my friend and asked us, “Are you guys feelin’ the vibe here?” while pointing at the stage. We asked what he meant, although I had a feeling I knew already.

"All that Jesus crap and ‘God loves you’ stuff," he said scoffingly. We both said, "Yeah." He looked surprised. "Really?"

"Yeah, Jesus is my God and I worship Him. He is real to me and He’s changed my life," I told him. He turned and began to walk away, assuming he’d just offended us by what he’d said, I guess. I caught him and said, "Hey wait man, we can have a conversation about this. You are allowed to have different convictions than me. I want to listen to what you have to say and hear you out." So he took two steps back and stood with us. We had a really good conversation and talked through some things. Olivia and I listened and asked a lot of questions throughout to understand where he was coming from.

I found out, crazily enough, he was the guy who yelled out “Gettin’ laid” to the guitarist. He said it was a joke, but regardless, didn’t believe anything about God. I was able to share the truth of what it’s about, what’s real about God and the gospel, and testify briefly to how Jesus has changed my life. I was able to tell him, “No matter what you believe about God, He loves you as you are right now, He accepts you, and He will always love you. He is real.”

It may have been the first time he’s heard those words or had a conversation with authentic Christ followers.

Olivia and I probably wouldn’t have gone up to the random dude who yelled that, but we didn’t know it was him, and God actually brought him to us. And he honestly probably listened to us and was wiling to have a conversation with us because we were two girls, but it’s cool that God used us as girls and placed us there that night at that show together.

I was just floored by the opportunity and how the Holy Spirit works. First, that the guitarist was obedient to speak a challenging message about sin, selfishness, God, love, and what Jesus did for us on the cross- and that second, Olivia and I didn’t have to go seeking out opportunities; God brought the exact person He wanted us to speak to and have a conversation with to us.

After the show, we got to go up to the guitarist and speak to him about it and how God basically followed-up, and we got to pray for him, too.

Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 3:5-9,

"What after all, is Apollos? And what is Paul? Only servants, through whom you came to believe—as the Lord has assigned to each His task. I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. The one who plants and the one who waters have one purpose, and they will each be rewarded according to their own labor. For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.”

What is the guitarist? What is Olivia? What is Breanna? We’re just serving God with whatever He puts in front of us; it’s all because of Him we even have the chance. We simply got to join in with what God was doing. We each had a part; the guitarist ‘planting a seed’ (the Word; Luke 8:11) and us coming after to ‘water’ it; but God ultimately is the one who makes things grow; if there is fruit out of our obedience to what God gave us to do, it’s because of His Holy Spirit at work. It’s in His hands.

I’m not sharing this because me or Olivia or the guitarist are great, but to show how awesome it is the way the Holy Spirit works and orchestrates everything happening so one person can hear God’s love for them.

Olivia and I were just available and present for God to use. We came there to be used to love on others and speak life if we got a chance. God answered those prayers and gave us an opportunity. We just got to see what He would do in it, and genuinely I love knowing that God loved that guy so much that He had us there to tell him and talk to him about the real Jesus and His love for him.