(Sorry if I make your dash ugly!)

“Are you wearing a mask?”
“When are you getting your face fixed?”
“Look at that girl! She looks so weird…”

These are the three most common reactions to my appearance.

My name is Kali, I am 18, I am a Korean-American, and I… look different.

I was born with a medical condition that (clearly) affects my face. Essentially my lymphatic system can’t properly circulate fluid so the excess fluid builds up in my face. It is difficult to remove because the tumor-like masses can interfere with my nervous and circulatory systems. Sure, I’ve had many, many surgeries done, but there is very little chance I will ever look “normal”.

They say to never judge a book by its cover. I always tried to live by that mantra. I went to a summer math program when I was 14 and was assigned a roommate. The moment I walked into the dorm room, she spoke to one of our counselors and requested a roommate change.

I never cried so hard in my life.

A book is more than its cover. I’m a Starbucks addict. I play three instruments. I write poetry. And you wouldn’t know that by looking at my face.

A person in more than his or her face. I’ve struggled to fit in at college for this reason- that people still feel hesitant to talk to me because of my appearance. They say rude things behind my back. I had grown up with the same people from elementary school through high school, so people were used to me. I hoped people would learn to accept me in college, but I haven’t found that yet.

You can’t exactly tell Stanford students that they’re stupid, can you?

I guess the reason I’m posting this is to introduce myself, and to tell my story. I don’t want to be an inspiration. I’m not a hero. I’ve simply learned to accept myself.

Someday I hope others here do, too.

My name is Kali, I am 18, I am a Korean-American, and I… am more than my appearance.

Music Challenge

Only using SONG TITLES from one band/artist, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people. Try not to repeat song titles.

Band/Artist I chose:

Bring Me the Horizon

1.) Describe yourself: Anti-vist
2.) How do you feel: Crucify Me
3.) Describe where you currently live: Home Sweet Hole
4.) If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Hospital for Souls
5.) Your favorite method of transportation: Sleepwalking
6.) Your best friend is: Chelsea Smile
7.) You and your best friend are: Crooked Young
8.) What is the weather like: Chasing Rainbows 
9.) Your favorite time of day: Black & Blue (like the night, idk this was a hard one)
10.) If your life was a TV show, the title would be: Suicide Season
11.) What is life to you: Blessed With a Curse
12.) Your relationship: Liquor & Love Lost
13.) Your fear: The Sadness Will Never End

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Thank you for challenging me bookish-introvert! My apologies because I just got out of the shower so I’m looking a tad bit rough but I couldn’t derp around all day taking selfies cause I have a huge paper that I have to write. The first 2 photos I’m balancing all my LOTR collection, and then the last 2 I added 2 HP books. So I can balance a grand total of 6 books!!!! My god I did not know how hard it would be to take a selfie while doing this.

I challenge mychemicalbooks booktown j-k-reading life-of-a-swiftie-fangirl bibliophilecats bookworm-crohnie and whoever else would like to do this!


I was tagged by the beautiful Dora adorkable215 (Thank you!♥) for this selfie thing, but yea I take selfies so i can make fun of myself when I’m older but yesssssss here they are *laughs* BTW I’d like to tag : helloniall fvckinnarry niallharold harryniips harrysbestbanana andddddd tandyhorhol letsdothetruckershitch Love you guys :)

30 Days Clamp Challenge

~04. Favorite male character - Subaru Sumeragi~

I don’t even know where to begin listing the reasons why he’s the most gorgeous manga chara to me ever- ..but since it could easily end up in a whole novel about praisings ‘n eternal emotional monologues, I’ll try hard to keep it short like this for once— Subaru is perfect. The way he deals with all kind of stuff, with his obligations, with hard or happy situations (whereas he certainly lacks the latter orz), I think it’s amazing how adaptable he is. Also giving everything ‘n everyone his symphathy, maybe often too much of it so he would suffer along. Still, even though it might mentally hurt him to feel others feelings, pain or joy, as well and being affected so easily, to me this is a strength that I respect so much, plus you can’t find this kind of personality a lot anymore. (To be clear though, it’s not even only about the compassion, Subarus personality is very complex, with all kinds of own habits, characteristics and kinks. It’s definitely all of it summed up what makes me love him so much. ) Anyway, ofc he kinda changed during the happenings of X, but you can still see the core of his kind and soft heart deep down most likely remained the same, although he’s broken and lost his.. sweetness within it. (lemme cry some rivers bTW)
WElllLL, as you can see, it’s mainly his personality I’ve fallen for since the very beginning, sweet and calm, with an explosion of feelings ‘n deep longlasting thoughts inside all the time, a lot of ppl would probably say he’s just too complicated as chara, maybe even meaningless, but stfu, he’s my hero ‘n will forever be. ♥ Let’s not even start with his bondings to other charas like his twin, Seiishiro, Kamui or anyone, ‘cause his affectionate way of dealing with each relationship is definitely my fav point about him, right next to this beautiful personality of his~~~ by the way, I must add Subarus looks as well omg, it cannot be left out ‘cause he’s so obviously shining ‘n pretty through ‘n through, isn’t he. That ToBaby/TRC/Xend hair is just so cute, and his face has like the perfect features and expressions all the way~ ‘n personally I love green eyes the most, so here we go. ♥


These are the photos I’ve chosen for the challenge that alexxandriaxx tagged me in! The third one is blocked a bit my my hand and my boyfriend’s curls (oops). Sorry if this was intended to be a selfie challenge, most of them are off guard pictures my friends have taken. I am tagging:


Gravity Falls Challenge Day 2- Least Favorite Character

This Psychic Republican Child

Bill Cipher serves as the series enigmatic charming villain with the power to manipulate the weak minds of gravity falls inhabitants. So does this marshmallow apparently?  Lil Gideon seems like steven universe’s evil twin, occasionally effeminate chubby little magic kids that pretty much everyone in town loves, which makes for a relatively un-intimidating and annoying villain to spend so much time on in a series filled with mad science monsters, mythical beasts, and conniving demons.