buncha doodads. Tejo stuff mostly

I’m getting a much better feel for her gestures now, and a place story-wise. She’s out during the Beryl Wars, when Rox is still lead Prism-hunter tactician in PANTHEON. Tejo’s aligned with the rogue barons (aka guys that went buddy-buddy with chalkurite shards and serve Prisms (aka the god-like chalkus that have kept the world in lock-down with no way out with the connecting federation worlds…for like, i guess a couple centuries). In few words, she’s a baddie…in a way, or at least she’ll be trying to tear out Rox’s throat and her companions’ as well 

Rox’s got a bit of a timeless design, since she’s the character-bridge connecting the Beryl event which takes place…like way over half a century before Pint’s timeline starts. huray cryo-sleep! 

also, um, Baron test with the fantastic-AJ–that without her permission i made an anova au with her…just test. sorry

SINCE they’re still in development, Barons are kinda sectioned into during and post-Beryl Wars. First Lineage barons were started out as a protype supersoldier program that would be able to fight chalkurites head-on, since they were made to be radiation-resistant and wield echo. Their lifespan didn’t exceed 10 years tbh, but they were so hideously powerful that it meant little–of course a bunch of them would go douche-mode and ally with the Prisms and initiated the first pro-chalkurite shogunates, kind of, specializing in spreading the chalkurite plague. Still debatable, but I’m thinking the presence of Shards (masked chalku like pint, floyd, etc) became most apparent at this point, also the formal creation of UNNAMED-GUILD that began managing Shards as bodyguards for certain barons. 

STORY STUFF HAPPENS, and beryl barons are hunted down. A new regime of barons starts out, now called Federation barons, and work under the reformed unnamedguild, and frontier central government. In few words, not working for the ‘bad guys’ anymore. They will control chalkurites however, and that’s when Shards start taking this…kind of, Cold War role in that the more a baron had under their command, the more likely was that no nation would fuck with them and instead ally to be under their protection. 

Barons at that time weren’t as resilient as the federation barons. to contrast a beryl baron, say AU lady there–first and foremost, they’re all tar-infected. They will all succumb to hemorrhage, because their bodies literally overflood with tar. From how the mechanics of tar (tentatively calling it 'noir’) have been developing (THANKYOU TURBO YOU’RE THE BEST) I’m thinking beryl barons would have to avoid sunlight or other sources of electromagnetic radiation in excess because they will cook themselves from the inside out (check blackbody) but also possibly freeze to death if they don’t get a healthy income of it. Probably had to get a bunch of arterial ports so they could vent contaminated blood from time to time to slow down their contamination.  Also breathers, and personal flashlights for not freezing. Overall, very fragile, but simultaneously OP’d out because they’re espers, and VERY powerful ones at that (esper = echo user) 

federation barons don’t share any of their weaknesses..well except for the fact that they have 'noir’ (tar) in their bodies, but this is strictly regulated and they don’t risk the temperature changes. Bree is one for example. The noir only serves the purpose for her to detect other echo sources, and in a way, 'understand’ Pint when he’s radiating in full form. (i’ll tackle noir-speech later)  She, like other barons aren’t espers though–and since the practice was outlawed, well, they better stick that way.   They’re very dangerous however, both for their inhuman endurance and enhanced bodies, so confronting one is the equivalent of trying to baby-punch bruce lee and win 

OVERALL, VERY ROUGH CONCEPT. these guys are crazy recent

—one last thing about barons though. 9 out of 10 are chicks. part of the baron training involves serious endurance, and moreover a high pain-threshold. it certainly is just as, or way more painful than childbirth–boys aren’t exactly built to withstand that