Yeah I remember the days before whiteboards. The days when chalkboards ruled. And it was AWESOME!

I guess this post should really be titled I Remember Classrooms Before Whiteboards since many older schools still use chalkboards or what we used to call them, blackboards. But I do remember when every class room had at least one huge chalkboard that spanned the front of the classroom. Used to convey the daily curriculum, the chalkboard was the focal point of the class. Today’s newer schools are using smart boards and/or white boards rather than traditional chalk.  I’ll never forget taking my oldest child to school and being shocked to walk into the class and seeing a mass of white boards had replaced chalk. I don’t know why I was so shocked since some of my college classes had whiteboards. I guess the almighty chalkboard is just something that I paired with elementary school. Oh the fun these kids will miss.  Gone are the days of having to clean the erasers as punishment. Yeah, I was no angel and had my fair share of mischief and got this chore more than a few times. However, for me cleaning the erasers was super fun. Many kids hated it but I really enjoyed getting to go outside and bang erasers against the brick wall of the school. It sounds mundane but it gave one a break from the classroom teachings and I made it fun and by draw designs with the eraser dust. Ha! Today’s kids will never experience the old dreaded circle either and not because they have no chalkboard but this type of punishment just wouldn’t be allowed today. For those of you who don’t know what I’m referring to here goes. The cirlcle is where the teacher draws a circle on the board just high enough for you to have to stand on your tippy-toes to reach and then you place your nose inside the circle and stand there with nose pressed against the board for all to see. Public humiliation at its finest.

All silliness aside I loved having chalkboards in the class because there was always that chance I could get to write on it. Yes. I drew funny faces on my teachers board. Yes I would sign my name in the corner just because I loved the feel of the chalk in my hands and yes I got called out a lot for messing with the teaches chalk. This explains who I am today. I am a lover of all things chalk. I LOVE making pretty works of art with it and get excited over a challenge with this medium. The best part for me now is never being told to put the chalk down and go take a seat.

So tell me did you have a chalkboard in the classroom?

Made a new chalk mural at @stedwardsu Munday Library! I’m getting faster and learning more each time, and challenging myself to create more intricate and thought-requiring processes. This a quote from Shelby Foote, a notable American historian. Foote did all his writing by hand with an old-fashioned dipped pen, disdaining the typewriter. #type #typography #typeverthing #handmadetype #chalk #chalklettering #handlettering #lettering #library

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I bought a ton of frames and new pretty things to display photos all around our house this weekend. Later tonight our gallery wall will officially be complete and this pretty chalk lettering will be hung next to photos of family and friends. Slowly making this space a little less house and a little more home. 💕 #lettering #homedecor #lesshousemorehome #chalkboard #chalklettering #homesweethome #typography #vscocam #vscogood