Top 10 Wanted Playable Races in Star Wars the Old Republic (Part i)

(Left is Male and Right is Female)

  1. Togruta: You see this species a lot in game (especially as a Republic player)
  2. Devaronian: Like the Togruta, you see this species a lot (though only male) so I could see them being a great playable race. Plus the species has incredible gender dimorphism which is pretty cool.
  3. Yuuzhan Vong: These species are crazy cool (and creepy) looking and I could see them having LOADS of creation options.
  4. Nautolan: Another commonly seen species that could look great as a playable species.
  5. Chagrian: You see a lot of males of this species in game - but no females. Still they are pretty cool looking.

More in Part II

At least three hours and two computer restarts later, I’ve finally finished editing this picture of Ashara Zavros into my own Togruta character, Mirho Keiroda. 

Now, please make Togruta playable, so I can haVE THIS CHARACTER IN GAME!!!!!!!

(I’d make one for my Chagrian girl and my Nautolan girl, but there aren’t any bt4 Nautolan ladies in game, and there aren’t any Chagrian ladies in the first place. Thanks, swtor.)