yongeez asked:

"aish, this oppa. he teases and bullies me yet shows his affection like this. when will he choose a side to stay on?" the answer, m'dear chaerinah, is i never will choose a side and iunno if i ever could, ehe~

I think we’ve been hanging out too much, because now you’re reading my mind and saying things before I can, aish. Or were you mocking me? ㅜㅜ You don’t have to choose a side, just let me continue assuming that you bully me ‘cause you love me. Even if you refuse to admit it.


yongeez asked:

yah, chaerinah, what sorta chocolate do you like? and cookies... or sweets, generally? i like cupcakes but i don't like frostin. or sometimes i like a bit of frostin... yenno, if we ever have a sleepover sorta thing, i'ma make you crepes for breakfast.

Regular milk chocolate… white chocolate, too. I like cookies with M&M’s in them! And, um… gummy bears. How could you eat cupcakes without the frosting? I can understand if it’s too sweet, ‘cause some of them are like that, but you can get ones that aren’t as strong. Wah, you’d really do that? You should lemme help.