*excuse my shitty photo* So in celebration of Hyoyeon's and I (last week) birthday and over the years I've spent as kpopismylover > yeonsica > jessicajuns on this website I'd like to thank you guys so I made a follow forever to thank you guys for being awesome, if i missed anyone i'm so sorry but ily and yeah THANKS MAN!

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My CL draw is gone!

I was drawing and painting CL, to then hang on the wall together with my Bom draw and other two…i usual, i was drawing at the cafe, then this man that is a regular client, started to talk about the importance of the signature in all my work,…it was ok at first, but then it became a bit annoying as the dude was reapeating everything, over and over again, i wanted to smoke, i wanted to draw alone but he kep babling about it…ugh, and in the end he “stole” my CL, it was looking pretty good actually, better than anything i had done…


He said that in two weeks he would bring it and i would see what he did, wtf, he’s not a weirdo, but definitly a bit inconvinient, i think he was a bit drunk aswell…whatever….I WANT MY CL BACK!!

He wanted to take a logo i was doing aswell, but i didnt allow him cause it was a serius work…i told him no a thousand times, that it wasnt finished, but he didnt gave my CL back, ugh…now i have to do a new one, ugh it was fucking perfecct, i was in the middle of it and it gave me a big headache…ugh

DAMN !!!! No #words dat #legs #omo IM DYING someone call the #ambulance #cl #so #damn #sexy #dope #chaelin #chaerin #chaerina #badgal #baddestfemale #girlfriendzlesbiancrush #saranghae #2ne1 #taiwan #aon #aonconcert #gzb #gzblife #gogogo #gorgeous #perfect #person #prayforsouthkorea #igot21bigbrothatomeyouaintbigbrothaaa #IWANTHERRR #iamthebest #notbadmeaningbadbutbadmeaninggood