I don't have a lot of followers, but I'd like to tell you about my night.

It was the torch ceremony at my church tonight. This is some extravagantly beautiful ceremony where the departing seniors pass their “flame” to an underclassman who’s growth & relationship with God has inspired them.
I cried because it was sad to see all the seniors that would be leaving.
I cried because we sang the song “With Everything”, and it just pushed me back to our retreat in Gatlinburg, and the power of God’s love that filled us there. I always cry in the presence of God, I can’t contain my emotions. Some laugh, scream, dance, shout, cry -it’s wonderful (:
I cried because my friend Chad passed me his torch & I was not expecting it, and it just gave me butterflies because I have always looked to this kid and thought that he had the most beautiful way with God and leadership and everything. Ugh, it would be like if your role model personally told you that he thought so highly of you and all you could do. I just cried. It was wonderful and I feel so inspired and loved. <3

I urge you, if you have not experienced God’s love, to do so.
It’s the most freeing, peaceful feeling in all of the universe -to feel nothing but the weight of grace. Nothing else matters but your praises to Him.

good night, goodnight. <3