I first found out about Chad’s pedals while doing a tour last spring with the boys in Transit. Torre their guitarist was using one of the first Loud/Louder pedals and after hearing him use it night after night I knew I had to get one.  I often would find myself hitting my older boos pedal and wishing there was another one connected to it for more volume. Well, this is that pedal. Recently I had Chad build me both a Loud/Louder and his new overdrive pedal the Old Ironsides to use on the new PBC record. The pedals are fantastic, handmade, and extremely well built. They have already made it to my pedalboard for the next tour and I can’t wait to use them. I asked Chad if he would be down to do a quick interview for the blog and he was totally on board. He’s a great dude and makes some great pedals, you enjoy the read.

I think we should first start this off with you telling us a little about yourself. What was the starting point with you when first getting into music?

Lets see, I would have to say it all started with Nirvana. That’s the first thing music related that totally got to me. Perhaps I was just another angsty and confused teenager ha. Either way, it struck a nerve and really stuck. It opened the floodgates to the pixies, sonic youth, and I guess “alternative” music at the time, or whatever they called it back then.

How old were you when you started playing guitar? What [who] influenced you to pick one up and learn how to play?

I’m pretty sure I  was 11 or 12.  Because of my Nirvana obsession, I was enthralled by the electric guitar. It was this sort of magical and mythical thing that i knew I had to be a part of. It was around Christmas time of 7th grade and I was at BJ’s food shopping with my mother. It’s a big wholesale store, so they have electronics and toys and shit. For whatever reason they had these cheap strat copies for sale with little amps. I was staring at it thinking how impossible it must be to learn how to play the thing. Apparently, a friend of my dads saw me drooling over this electric guitar and told him about it.  Guess what I got for Christmas that year? I sucked at it, and sort of hated it. I think my cat knocked it over and the input jack broke at some point. Luckily, someone showed me how to read tabs and the rest was history. Nirvana songs were only a couple of chords so I picked it up fairly quickly. Kurt Cobain was my biggest influence back then. I wanted to be him, but alive!

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Episode 2 - Chadderbox Effects
  • Episode 2 - Chadderbox Effects
  • Crossed Wires: The Gear Talk Podcast

On this weeks episode Kris and I sat down with Chad Boudreau of Chadderbox Effects. A boutique pedal company out of Boston, MA. In this episode we discussed what he has been working on for this year, his pedals the Loud / Louder boost and Old Ironsides overdrive, compressor pedals and how they’re used, the state of the boutique industry, and much more. For more information you can visit chadderboxeffects.com and you can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram (@chadderboxeffects).

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