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Chadar (by smallscreenfilms)

With Love from Obama, a 'Chadar' for Ajmer Sharif

With Love from Obama, a ‘Chadar’ for Ajmer Sharif

Mumbai, April 18 :The 803rd Urs (annual feast) celebrations of the revered saint Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Hasan Chisty of Ajmer, starting Monday, will be momentous affair this year – thanks to US President Barack Obama.

A red coloured, richly embroidered ‘chadar’ (holy cloth) will be offered on Obama’s behalf at the mausoleum of the Garib Nawaz on the inaugural day of the weeklong urs, Haji Syed…

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ve main chadar khad di, baithi darrvaje paava moor

phull khada tere naam da, rakha parda thakee na koi horr

Chadar - Harjit Harman

Take a breath, walk high and capture what’s happening around. The Chadar a ‘veil’ for the snow and ice that covers the river in winter is one of the great adventures of the world. It’s semi frozen surface allows you to communicate between Zanskar valley and Leh during frozen months of winter.

You might find young people walking on safe rock sidewalk but true Zanskari believes to solve puzzle of ice on river and take a shortcut, walk quickly as you walk on highway. Zanskar river is a winter highway for Zanskari for centuries and villagers use winter highway to carried/trading butter, salt and other many commodities with the outside world. It had to be traded in winter, as it was the only time it could travel from the cool summer cellars of their houses to Leh without spoiling. Today, they go back and forth still trading with modern stuffs and sometime in modern gears, but also taking children to school or making visits to the sacred (monasteries) sites around Leh.

Chadar is not just a full scale winter expedition, but a travel into the past, where we enjoy in our ultrahigh-tech winter gears & trek side by side with locals wearing woollen Gonchas (local winter dress) and sounding the ice-snow with their stout poplar staffs to drive away the demons that lurk there. #Chadar #chadartrek #expedition #himalaya #trekking #hiking #ice #winter #withManish #frozen #photography #altitude #adventure #asia #Ladakh #India #India #zangla #Zanskar #lifeinmountains #river

“I bring scarves and shawls with me on travels. At home I never wear them… Maybe it’s something with being a woman but it makes me feel protected. Even when I don’t need to wear it, I bring it with me. This off-white shawl - we call them chadar, is something I always bring.”

(from Lahore, traveling in Kathmandu)

Does this excite you enough? If not thn you are not adventure lover. A tricky #walk on #frozen river #Zanskar during #winter months. #adventure is know as #Chadar-Trek. Want to experience ? Let’s go .. #Chadar #moment #mountains #river #Thinline #zangla #indus #India #ice #snow #frozen #ladakh #instagram #instaphoto #craziness