So I was reading through John’s blog and..? He changed his profile picture BACK? So that he wouldn’t be confused with Sherlock? Is this implying that his previous profile picture was of both him and Sherlock??? Because nothing screams ‘boyfriends’ like having Sherlock in his profile picture with him. But seriously does someone have an explanation for this? Because I feel like I missed something.


Why is this video privated? Has it always been privated?

i love imagining john in university

  • going to pubs with mike and eyeing up cute boys
  • hanging up james bond posters all over his room
  • blasting his favorite songs as he cleans the flat
  • staying up til 2am preparing for exams
  • eating too many packets of instant noodles
  • snogging the cute bloke from english class at a party
  • not getting up til noon on the weekends
  • letting his hair grow out a bit since his mom’s not there to bug him to cut it

talk to me about john drinking bc he misses sherlock too much 

john taking a glass of wine with him to the bathtub 

john buying wine more frequently bc he plans to try something with sherlock every night, he doesn’t do it, but he buys the wine anyway  

john waking up in the middle of the night and going downstairs to find sherlock asleep in the couch, he covers him up with a blanket and caresses his face, then going back to bed but not being able to sleep 

john starting to sleep on the couch because he can only fall asleep if sherlock’s around him, and he can’t ask him to go upstairs with him, not yet

john going to the pub with lestrade and getting wasted, he tells lestrade everything he feels for sherlock, he tells him that he’s desperate that he wants to go home and kiss sherlock’s stupidly gorgeous lips and take him to bed. later lestrade takes john home, helping him up to the living room and giving him to sherlock’s care. john’s a mess…he makes no sense, he’s laughing and crying and can’t let go of sherlock, he falls to the floor, bringing sherlock with him and lies his head on sherlock’s shoulder, kissing his neck softly, until he turns his head around to finally kiss his mouth