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The New Pornographers - “War On The East Coast”

Let us celebrate of the release of Brill Bruisers, the new record from The New Pornographers (touring again with Neko Case and Dan Bejar!?). A.C. Newman and co. have really outdone themselves this time – the New Pornos vibe and top-notch songwriting have not changed one bit, but rather, have evolved slightly. For this track in particular, it’s refreshing to hear both the classic sprightly rock from the New Pornos and the unmistakeable Dan Bejar/Destroyer lyricism together once again, following in the tradition of “Testament to Youth in Verse” and “Myriad Harbour.” The only difference is flourishing synth, adding yet another musically fascinating element to the polished pop that this group has been putting out for more than a decade.


Zach crying in the DR about Frankie

And I was just like, crying in the DR. It sucks. But it gets better on the outside. Donny’s brother doesn’t have arms. And I’m like, okay, my left ear’s been ringing 24/7, but you know, [gestures to arms] I’m lucky. You know what I mean? And that makes it better. It’s mind over matter.
—  Zach talking about his broken eardrum (while sounding like an amazing person) 1:53 am August 21
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OMG This is the best Zankie video out to date, includes scenes from up til 7/16. Just amazing, so heartfelt, and most likely painfully accurate.


Frankie inches toward Cody.
Zach: “Hey, don’t get too close to him!”

3:48am Cams 3/4