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He has non platonic things with Frankie on his icloud. He saw they said they were gonna post a pic of him and Frankie and he freaked before he saw it and said "Oh that's a good one".

It’s possible.  I just think since that guy leaked photos that were all the most invasive and intimidating he could find, which would show people that he had all of Zach’s photos and could post anything he wouldn’t want out there, and everything he posted was as compromising as he could find, I really feel like THOSE were the most compromising things he could find.  Just Zach giving a seductive Beiber face, Zach making selfie faces that turned out not as cool as intended, Zach posing with Ariana after his makeup was smeared and his wig was off and his color contacts were out but they both looked totally photogenic anyway even then, Zach sitting in a room with something on the table that could have been anyone’s with his eyes not fully open for the photo, Zach lying in bed but just totally ordinary and chilling.  Those were the worst the dude could find. 

I feel like the dude would have posted something that exposed anything, even a more clear shot of pot smoking paraphernalia or anything at all he could find that was embarrassing or exposing, before he got to like the 8th photo released or something, you know?  Once he’s found and every photo he releases gets instantly reported by hundreds of people so they’re taken down in minutes, and he knows the FBI has his IP address (yes that’s how it works, the FBI is where you report hacking and they have the procedures in place for obtaining the criminal’s IP address and contacting the local law enforcement there) he wouldn’t be able to post any of the “better” photos he was holding for later or something.  A hacker who is smart enough to know how to hack into multiple accounts is smart enough to know that. 

So I bet Zach doesn’t save certain photos to any online storage place or online account of any sort.  Or he really doesn’t take photos of himself in compromising positions of any sort.  If he does pot where it’s legal or kisses someone, maybe he doesn’t need the photographic memory because he’s living the moment. 

Of course he’d be nervous about what the guy was going to post next anyway no matter what, though.  Wouldn’t you be?  Especially if you took photos of celebrities at a private party?  What if Ariana hadn’t looked gorgeous in that photo?  What if the guy leaked one that had her not smiling yet and Zach forgot to delete that one because it wasn’t the best shot?  There are all kinds of reasons he’d be nervous, even just because of the CREEPY invasiveness of it.  No matter how basic and posed and G-rated and nothing but cute all of your photos are, if someone else had them and was threatening to post them, you’d be nervous.  Also, you’d be worried they’d photoshop something and you’d be in a position of having to SWEAR that’s not what the original photo looks like!!!!

By the time you prove to the world that some photoshopped thing is fake (like the dude made it look like you and Big Sean were tastelessly joking around like you were humping a pumpkin or something), that fake image has already been seen and laughed at by millions of people.   I’d be nervous as fuck if anyone was leaking all my cloud photos, and there is NOTHING on there that I wouldn’t post publicly myself. 


Zach took a trip to the pet groomers! Now he be walking around like his butt don’t stink! But it does! All the female alley cats been scratching on our door to audition to be in his kitty harem! But he be all like, “Pshhhh I ain’t got no time for dat”




Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta

If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late for Drake. You might be sick of seeing things about Kendrick but I bet you aren’t sick of hearing him. To Pimp A Butterfly just doesn’t let up; I didn’t even need to wait for the first pop for the funk to be within me. If west coast rap was still prevalent this album is exactly where it would/should be. Kendrick’s form of narrative rap just keeps evolving and he’s able to pack more exposition into every song even after dropping the skits. His mastery of characters continues to expand making Nicki Minaj’s split personalities look more like a mental disorder than a lyrical skill. Damn, just listening to his tracks has me calling out other rappers.King Kunta” is the smoothest funkiest west coast sugar track on the album and it’s just one of the many songs I can’t stop listening to.


Morning, bitches
Have a stellar day from me, my microscopic nipples, and the enormous zit next to my lip.
Love, Zach