Derrick on Zach's eviction
  • Derrick:Before the TV went live, he gave all of us hugs, and was like, "Love of y'all, do not hug me when I'm leaving, do not give me a hug." He's like, "But I like all you guys, I love all y'all. Give me all hugs, I can't wait to hang out with y'all."
  • Nicole:Did he shout out his family? I'm just curious.
  • Derrick:Think he did, I think he did shout out his family.
  • Frankie:And his instagram.
  • Derrick:And his instagram again, ranceypants, you know.
  • Derrick:He's like, "I hate everyone here" ... Like I said, he got up on the table and before she even finished he was throwing froot loops at us and got off the table, and walked out and dumped the bag of froot loops before he walked out. Didn't hug any of us.
  • Nicole:That's awesome.
  • Derrick:And that was his character. And he lived up to it 'til the last moment.


When Zach came down, he was immediately attacked by many people who loved him. His mom was among those, and she cleared a path to him. Little by little, people peeled away and let her in. She grabbed him and hugged him for dear life, and he returned the grip. They hugged and held and held and hugged for a good five, I kid you not, minutes. So many others were clamoring to meet him and take his photo. When the hug ended, he was teary-eyed and happy to talk to people and pose. Many, many flashes went off, and he looked like “Zach” in all of them. He was a sweet guy, answering questions, signing autographs (including B’s books), and just being nice. His mom stood on the periphery and watched it all. She commented to me that it was so surreal to see that happening. I said it was weird that they go into the house normal people and come out “stars” to the fans of the show. Even if it’s temporary, they are truly stars when they walk out to their fans.
Just got home from Rock of Ages and this is one huge thing I can't stop thinking about:

I think it’s not an insignificant thing that Zach sat there in the front row center, during the scene with two very masculine dudebro men realizing that they are in love with each other, singing “I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore” RIGHT. In. Front. Of. Him.  Like RIGHT in front of him, he was the very closest person to them most of the scene. 

And behind him, he heard a crowd of New Yorkers approving of this, thunderously.

The moment that it was hinted that they were realizing they might be in love with each other, the crowd whooped and screamed and cheered.  The moment that it became obvious that they were in love with each other, the crowd went nuts with their screams and cheers of approval.  The moment that they actually admitted that they were in love with each other, the crowd went bananas.  Every moment after that, the crowd voiced their absolute approval and celebration of this in the most ecstatic, thunderously loud way possible.  

What he must have felt?

Maybe like… New York City is the place where.  You know? 


The SWEET Life of Zach and Cody <3

Back when they were bros.. before cody started hanging out with Christine.