WOW!!!!! ZACH Stepped UP!!!!! He STEPPED The Heck UP!

That man figured out and DID the absolute best possible thing to promote the best possible image and quell any negativity out there. 


(If he has any problems with his family, the worst possible thing that makes it far worse is having any public and fan involvement in it and having invasive questions and rumors and harassment going rampant, like it has been for the past few weeks.  Harassing the real people involved or even just constantly bombarding them directly with questions makes it MUCH worse.)  

No matter what the situation, fan rumors and harassment does nothing but harm.  So how do you stop that?  

You tell your parents to stop tweeting.  I think he did that.  

Then you… DO exactly what he DID with that Q&A!  Speak for yourself and do it with humor and honesty and framing your dialogue your way and TAKING CONTROL of the narrative.  

He stepped up BIG TIME.  He TOOK CARE OF IT.  

I’ve never seen that prolific of a Q&A from any celebrity on twitter before.

He kicked ass. 

I am beyond impressed.  

Whatever this show is he hinted at, I have every faith that he’s going to kick ass at that, too. 


Zach crying in the DR about Frankie

And I was just like, crying in the DR. It sucks. But it gets better on the outside. Donny’s brother doesn’t have arms. And I’m like, okay, my left ear’s been ringing 24/7, but you know, [gestures to arms] I’m lucky. You know what I mean? And that makes it better. It’s mind over matter.
—  Zach talking about his broken eardrum (while sounding like an amazing person) 1:53 am August 21
Derrick on Zach's eviction
  • Derrick:Before the TV went live, he gave all of us hugs, and was like, "Love of y'all, do not hug me when I'm leaving, do not give me a hug." He's like, "But I like all you guys, I love all y'all. Give me all hugs, I can't wait to hang out with y'all."
  • Nicole:Did he shout out his family? I'm just curious.
  • Derrick:Think he did, I think he did shout out his family.
  • Frankie:And his instagram.
  • Derrick:And his instagram again, ranceypants, you know.
  • Derrick:He's like, "I hate everyone here" ... Like I said, he got up on the table and before she even finished he was throwing froot loops at us and got off the table, and walked out and dumped the bag of froot loops before he walked out. Didn't hug any of us.
  • Nicole:That's awesome.
  • Derrick:And that was his character. And he lived up to it 'til the last moment.

The only good thing that came out of Zach being evicted was this freaking hell of an exit he made. Yes…those are Froot Loops he’s throwing.


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