Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

I really loved this moment a lot, too.  Thor glances over to make sure Loki’s all right and it’s not really a soft or worried look, but it’s not cruel, either.  It’s really actually kind of hard to read and I attribute a lot of that to, “I can’t leave you alone for five minutes without you nearly getting yourself killed, can I?” mixed with, “Stop getting yourself into trouble and/or nearly killed because it just makes me want to rescue you and that’s not a good path for us to go down.” and a bit of, “Are you ready for the rest of this fight, because we’ve got incoming.”

But I love it for the way they don’t have to exchange words over how Thor saved Loki, that it seems almost expected here, that of course Thor would save him.  And then they rise up together and you can see a glimpse of how terrifying they must have been as a team when they were younger.  The giant golden prince with his hammer that could tear through everything and hardly notice you were even there, the darker prince standing just a bit behind him, a shadow who would slither up to you and slit your throat before you knew it.

They must have been unstoppable together and that’s exactly what I think of when they fall right into sync with each other, even over something as small as standing up together.  (SHUT UP, YOU CAN’T TAKE THIS FROM ME, EITHER!!!)

Whenever Loki gets particularly upset or in need of comfort he will turn into a cat and seek affection form people. The only person has figured out that it’s him is Thor. He will take him to his favourite spot and pet him for hours but never mentions it afterwards.

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Hurra! FREAKY CANDY is finished and uploaded for your entertainment!
(I can’t film a new candy video before mid-november, forgive me!)


The first FREAKY CANDY vid is up. Watch me marvel over international sweets and treats, dressed as Teen!Loki from Agent of Asgard! ^__-
I am planning a regular video format on this channel in which I taste strange or freaky Candy/Snacks from all around the world in my Loki costumes, so basically Kid!Loki,Teen!Loki and Movie!Loki tasting candies from everywhere.

Would you guys be interested in that? And if yes, who’s up to sending me exotic candy (or exotic snacks, does not need to be sweet, as long as it’s freaky)?

YOUR favorite freaky candy could be starring my next cosplay-video! 

IF YOU WANT TO SEND CANDY FOR A VIDEO, MAIL ME ON MY FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/fahrlightloki (or to fahrlight@gmx.de) WITH THE TOPIC: CANDY FREAKS
and I will give you an address to send it to! 

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