Closed RP with johnsconsultingboyfriend

Sebastian didn’t just want a drink, he fucking needed a drink. Jim had turned up at his flat sometime earlier that day and Sebastian had simply assumed he would have a job for the sniper but that was not the case. Jim had simply came over because he was bored and needed ‘amusing’ so he had decided to come and see how <i>ordinary</i> people live.

He ended up staying in Sebastian’s flat for nearly three hours and succeeded in pissing him off so much he had nearly physically threw Jim out. Luckily he was called away by business or something of the sorts but Sebastian was still quietly seething.
It only took him three minutes after Jim left to grab his jacket, make sure he had money, his phone and keys and practically storm to the pub.

Thankfully everyone seemed to sense his mood and no one tried to talk to him, the fact he came across as rather intimidating seemed to help also. Luckily he felt himself calming after a couple or straight vodkas and he was now taking his time and enjoying a strong ale focusing all of his attention on the drink.

Me de motivos para continuar de pé se todos em minha volta já estão no chão…
—  Os pesadelos de Jack William