I’m still working on my M&G report from what Jared and Jensen had to say to my question to them, but this is the part I keep replaying in my head over and over again, from Jensen’s M&G:

According to Jensen, Jared’s talent has grown increasingly since season one, and with that Sam has become a much more complex character because, in his opinion,Gilmore Girls wasn’t challenging him as an artist. He was twenty-two years old, and he was sill trying to figure out who he wanted to be as a man, and still trying to figure out what this job was that he was hired for and how to do it properly.

Jensen, even being four years older than him, was still trying to figure it out as well. Neither of them went to drama or theatre school, so this has all been things they’ve been learning on the job. Jensen has been able to watch him grow as an actor and in doing so his character has become so complex and nuanced. That’s one of the real treats he’s had over the past ten years – watching both the character of Sam grow and also the relationship Sam has with Jensen’s character Dean, and how much more intricate and layered that has become.



My mom in Kansas took pictures of/with the Impala now own by fans. It was the exact Impala used in “Bloodlines” (S9Ep20) set in Chicago. The fans stayed at my mom’s hotel while there for business (aka Supernatural Documentary). I am so proud of my mom for doing this yet so jealous! Follow proud owner & fan @/StefanyReneT on Twitter!

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"What did you say?" One Shot

Title: What did you say?

Author: notanniex

Original Imagine Link: Imagine being fluent in multiple languages and flipping through all of them while talking with Sam and Dean, just to confuse them and to entertain yourself with the looks on their faces.

Warnings: there is a little bit of swearing, some non-english sentences but that is to be expected by a fic about multiple languages

Word Count: 957

A/N: I saw this Imagine and I couldn’t help but make something out of it ‘cause I’m Dutch myself.  All the languages I’ve used in this one shot are languages I’ve learned myself and besides ASL are all languages I’ve learned in school, but you don’t know every word in those languages so I still used google translate for some parts of the fic because I wasn’t entirely sure how to write it so I’m sorry if I made a mistake by the translation.

Languages used in this fic are English (duh), Dutch, German, French and ASL.


“Okay I’ve got nothing” you say, while pushing the book before you away.

You, Dean, and Sam and found a case in South-Kansas, where men were found dead in the woods with scratch marks all over them and without blood so you and the boys decided to look into it. 

”Yeah I’ve got zero too, nothing in dad’s journal, best thing I’ve got is some catpire.” Dean responds while laying his father’s journal on the bunkers library table.

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